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Police brutality in South Africa causes painful death

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2013

The pictures that don’t lie! Taxi driver did’nt assault cops. He did not grab a gun. It took five cops to pin him down.
NEW VIDEO footage showing four cops and what appears to be a plain-clothes officer dragging taxi driver Mido Macia
(in red shirt) to the police van.
By nomzamo ngcobo
A SECOND video emerged yesterday which casts even more doubt on the police version of how taxi driver Mido Macia fell victim to killer cops.
The 27-year-old Mozambican was dragged behind a cop van for 500m on Tuesday and died in police cells. The police action was captured on video and shocked Mzansi and the world on Daily Sun’s Facebook page.
At first cops said Macia was put into the van, when the video clearly showed he was dragged behind it. In a statement yesterday, national spokesman for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), Moses Dlamini, claimed Mido grabbed a gun and assaulted a police constable who accused him of obstructing traffic.
The new video, handed to Daily Sun by a schoolboy yesterday, clearly shows Mido arguing loudly with the cop, apparently over the return of his driving licence.
But at no point does he assault the officer. And he does not grab the constable’s gun!
In fact, a witness to the shocking event told Daily Sun: “The man never took the gun from the cop. He was asking him for his driving licence back.
“What cops are claiming about a gun is a lie.”
According to Dlamini, back-up was summoned to the scene where a constable was “struggling to put a suspect in the police van”.
But the video shows it took four uniformed cops, plus a fifth man, probably a plain clothes officer, to drag the struggling Mido to the police van.
Cops have still not explained how Mido died in Daveyton police cells within hours of being dragged down the street.
Instead they opened an assault docket against the dead man!
Fredah Ncuku, a family friend, said they made a statement at the Daveyton cop shop on Wednesday but have not heard from them, as promised.
“We reported the case at the Benoni Police Station instead,” she said.
Taxi owner Mathews Mokone, who employed Mido in January, said he had lost a good driver. “People like him are very scarce and hard to find. No one will ever replace him.”
He said the cops arrived at his house on Wednesday morning and told him his taxi was at the police station. They told him to come to the station, where the station commander told him Mido had died.
“He said Emido was resisting arrest and took a gun from a cop. He said Emido had a head injury but he didn’t know what had injured him,” said Mokone.
Taxi driver Search Malia said he saw Mido’s body at the mortuary: “His body was swollen and he had several scratches.”
Mido’s landlord, Badanisile Ngwenya, said she always left her daughters to stay in the house when Mido was there.
“I knew they were safe with him,” she said.
Brigadier Phuti Setati, spokesman for Commissioner General Riah Phiyega confirmed that the matter was reported to the IPID.
He said the acting Gauteng Provincial Commissioner,
Major-General Phumzo Gela, has been instructed to institute internal investigations into the incident and provide feedback as a matter of urgency.
Isaac Mangena, the South African Human Rights Commission spokesman, asked the IPID to ensure that those responsible were brought to book.
Police brutality cannot be tolerated under any circumstances,” he said.
Rev Theunis Botha, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, said they warned against powers given to the police under Bheki Cele who said they must shoot to kill. “The chickens have come home to roost,” said Botha.
) No arrests have been made.
) President Jacob Zuma released a statement yesterday: “Members of the SA police service are required to operate within the confines of the law in executing their duties.
“The visuals of the incident are horrific, disturbing and unacceptable.
“No human being should be treated in that manner.”How the world reacted
News channels Sky News, CNN and BBC all picked up the tragic story. And once again the world is asking questions about Mzansi cops.
The Daily Mail in the UK ran the headline “Handcuffed to a police van and dragged away to his death”.
The Guardian went with “Man dragged by police van dies”. The Independent, The Telegraph and The Mirror all echoed their disbelief.
Newspapers in America were equally horrified. The Washington Post ran with screen grabs of Daily Sun’s video while bringing up comparisons to Mzansi’s Marikana tragedy in August last year.
Social networks went crazy. Prize-winning journalist for The New York Times, Serge ­Kovaleski, tweeted that the event was “horrendous” while celebrities and casual tweeters expressed their outrage.
Foreigners unfamiliar with local languages thought people in the video were cheering for the cops, but were corrected by others that people in the crowd were
screaming for ­police to let Mido Macia go.



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