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Kenya: ODM party Nomination marred with protest and violence as Tension remains high

Posted by African Press International on January 18, 2013

  • By Maurice Alal, API Kenya

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party nominations have been marred with chaos and malpractices forcing some of the aspirants from various Counties in Nyanza region to defect to other parties.

The aspirant claimed that the party primaries were not conducted in a free, fair and transparent way saying some of their rivals were being favored with National Election Board officials.

A move that NEB Chairman Franklin Bett opposed saying that only those who won fairly and announced by the Returning Officers of various polling stations will receive the certificates.

Bett also revealed that ODM was satisfied with results from 44 Counties that were conducted yesterday. James Orengo won the senate, Nicholas Gumbo (MP) Rarieda, Gideon Ochanda (MP) Bondo, Ali Hassan Joho (Governor) tickets among others.

In Kisumu Central Constituency, Kisumu County an ODM aspirant Abdul Qadir Ahmed who claimed to have won the exercise in 17 polling stations out of 26 had defected to Ford Kenya party which is an affiliate of Coalition for Reforms and Democratic (CORD) after his rival Ken Obura was declared the winner.

“ODM is a party that I respect and have worked for it since 2007. It has forced me to heed to my supporters demand to move to another party to contest for the seat come March 4, 2013,” Abdul said.

Most of the aspirants from Kisumu Central said that Obura was third in the nomination adding that Prime Minister (PM) Raila Odinga risk losing Majority in Parliament especially from ODM side if malpractice is not well addressed in a decorum manner.

In Karachuonyo Constituency of Homabay County, nomination process was marred by wide spread violence, massive bribery of voters, voter intimidation and manipulation of the exercise contrary to the rules and regulations governing the elections process.

This fuelled violence in the constituency forcing Returning Officer to declare outgoing MP Eng James Rege as the winner despite being fourth in the exercise.

Two Parliamentary aspirants, Former Standard Journalist Anderson Ojwang and MP Hon. Dr. Adhu Awiti said that Rege and Adipo Okuome had goons hirelings who threatened and manipulated the exercise.

“The so called election of Eng Rege is a fiasco and a theater of absurdity and was done against the rules and regulations of the election and is not representative of the voice and choice of the people of Karachuonyo Constituency,” the duo claimed.

They revealed that manipulation of the results sporadic violence broke out in various parts of the constituencies in Nyanza Region to protest the broad daylight robbery of democracy and choice to elect their own leaders.

Following chaos and malpractices in the region, it was evident that the results did not reflect the free will and choice of Nyanza people disfranchising majority of the voters.

“We the undersigned condemn in the strongest means possible the blatant and arrogant manipulation of the election in favor of few candidates calling upon the ODM National Election Board (NEB) to nullify and conduct a fresh nomination,” say Migori County aspirants.

In Siaya County, home to the PM was also not spared with chaos and manipulation of the nomination exercise with section of youths being hired and ferried to cause violence.

However, some of the hired goons were arrested before they accomplished their mission as some literally fled the full force of the law to the nearby bushes.

But in Kisii and Nyamira Counties the exercise went on smoothly as voters did exercise their democratic rights to elect leaders of the choice with Chris Obure going an oppose for the Governor and former Law Society of Kenya Chairman Okongo Omogeni won ODM tickets.

Other seats such as County assemblies and Women representatives were also contest in a credible manner. END

Primaries: Latest results for various Counties
Here are latest nomination results for Governor, Senate and MP candidates for various parties:


Bondo MP (ODM)- Gideon Ochanda
Bungoma Governor(ODM)-Alfred Khangati
Bungoma Governor (New Ford Kenya) – Kenneth Lusaka
Bungoma Senate(Ford Kenya) – Moses Wetangula
Bungoma Senate (UDF)-Mukhisa Kituyi
Bungoma Senate (New Ford Kenya)- Musikari Kombo
Kakamega Governor(ODM)-Wycliff Oparanya
Kakamega Governor(UDF)-Paul Olando
Kakamega Senate (UDF)-Bonny Khalwale
Kakamega Senate (ODM)-Prof Shianyisa Khasiani

Uasin Gishu Governor (ODM) Margaret Kamar
Uasin Gishu Senate (ODM) Paul Birech
Uasin Gishu Women Representative (ODM) Moira Jepkor

Turbo MP (ODM)- David Songok Langat
Kesses MP (ODM)- Elkana K Kemei
Soy MP (ODM) Moses K Keter,
Ainabkoi MP (ODM) Moses Toroitich Tanui
Kapseret MP (ODM) John Kipkoech
Moiben MP (ODM) Andrew Kiprop Tobosei
Mbeere South MP (TNA) – Mutava Musyimi
Kakamega Governor (New Ford Kenya) – Soita Shitanda
Machakos Senate (Wiper)-Johnstone Muthama
Kilifi County Governor (ODM) – Amason Kingi
Kilifi County Senator (ODM) – Steward Madzayo
Kilifi County MP (ODM) – Gideon Mungaro
Laikipia County Governor (UDF) – Nderitu Mureithi

Samburu County Senator (ODM) – Simon Lesirma
Samburu County Senator (URP)-Sammy Leshore
Samburu County Senator (TNA) – Paul Leringato
Samburu Governor (ODM) – Michael Lolworikoi
Samburu Governor (URP)-Kasaine Lenelkulal
Samburu Governor (TNA)-Stephen Lekupe
Samburu County Women Rep (ODM) – Pauline Lenguris
Samburu County Women Rep (URP) -Silvana Ndarama
Samburu County Women Rep (TNA) – Maison Leshoomo

West Pokot Senate (URP) – Samuel Poghisio
West Pokot Senate (Kanu)-John Lonyangapuo
West Pokot Senate (ODM)-Julius Murgor
Eldama Ravine MP (URP) – Moses Lesonnet
Baringo North MP (URP)-William Cheptumo
Baringo Central MP (URP)- Sammy Mwaita
Baringo Governor (URP) – Benjamin Cheboi
Baringo Governor (Kanu) – Stanley Kiptis
Baringo Senate (Kanu) – Gideon Moi
Baringo Senate (URP)-Rev Jackson Kosgey
Rongo MP (ODM) – Dalmas Otieno

Nairobi governor (ODM) – Dr Evans Kidero
Nairobi governor (FPK) – Philip Kisia
Mombasa governor (ODM) – Hassan Joho
Mombasa senate (ODM) – Ramadhan Kajembe
Makueni senate (Wiper)-Mutula Kilonzo
Kitui Governor (Narc) – Kiema Kilonzo
Kitui senate (Wiper) – David Musila
Kitui senate (Narc) – Charity Ngilu
Machakos governor – Dr Alfred Mutua
Siaya senate (ODM) – James Orengo
Nandi senate (ODM) – Henry Kosgey
Taita taveta senate (TNA) – Naomi Shaban
Aldai MP (ODM) – Sally Kosgei
Uasin Gishu governor (ODM) – Margaret Kamar
Meru senate (ODM) – Gitobu Imanyara
Kwale senate (URP) – Chirau Ali Mwakwere
Kisii senate (TNA) – Prof Sam Ongeri
Ruaraka MP (ODM) – Tom Kajwang
Machakos Town MP (Wiper) – Albanus Mutisya
Masinga MP (Wiper) – Joseph Mathuki
Emgwen MP (URP) – Alex Kosgey
Rarieda MP (ODM) -Nicholas Gumbo,

( NOTE)- This is note the full list of nominees as exercise continues


Tme: 18.38 Kenya Time



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Hostages from Norway, Japan, US, Britain and France held in Algerian by terrorists

Posted by African Press International on January 18, 2013

Hostages taken on Wednesday morning: Al Qaeda commander Mokhtar Belmokhtar (below) is said to be the man behind the attack
Algerian troops have stormed a gas facility in the east of the Algeria trying to free the 20 foreign workers being held hostage by Islamist militants.

The kidnappers who attacked and occupied the complex at In Amenas on Wednesday, are said to be heeding orders from Mokhtar Belmokhtar (photo).

The Hostages are from Norway, Japan, US, Britain and France

Algerian Interior Minister Daho Ould Kabila has told the media that the militants wanted to leave the country with the hostages and that forced the government to storm the facility, but with little success as yet, because some innocent civilians were killed during the storming of the facility.

The minister says his government has rejected all negotiations with the group holding the hostages.

Mr Kabila says the kidnappers are Algerian and operating under orders from Mokhtar Belmokhtar, of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). It is reported that Belmokhtar set up his own armed group last year after falling out with other Al Qaeda leaders.

While the government says there are 20 hostages, the militants claim they have 41 foreigners.

It is reported that the Algerian Nationals who were working in the facility have been freed by the hostage takers.


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Are the millions of solutions produced by physicians really helping with anti-aging?

Posted by African Press International on January 18, 2013

  • Deciding on What Anti-Aging Treatment is Best For You

By Mike James, Lancaster, PA USA

Everyone wishes to look more youthful. There are literally millions of solutions produced by physicians, shamans, trainers and health gurus who guarantee to reverse the signs of aging. While a few of these can be helpful, there are more dramatic, contemporary solutions that have been supported by science as well as thousands of clients that are shown in top 10 methods to beat aging. A few of the solutions have to be heavily researched and considered before using the treatment. By researching, you can see the possible adverse effects along with other risks of the treatment. Prior to starting any anti-aging therapy you should also get in touch with a doctor to make sure your body is a good candidate for the treatment. Allergic reactions, skin problems and previous procedures (medical or cosmetic) should be considered prior to picking an anti-aging solution.

Dramatic, contemporary solutions that have been supported by science as well as thousands of clients that are shown in top 10 methods to beat aging

  1.  Glutathione (Master molecule)
  2. Facelift (Common procedure)
  3. Sleep (Go to bed and get a rest)
  4. The Golden Rule (Treat your body as you would like it to treat you)
  5. Exercise (Get on moving)
  6. Healthy diet (Eat enriching foods)
  7. Sunlight (Too much of a good thing?)
  8. Hormones (Reduce the load)
  9. Stress (Reduce the load)
  10. Indulge (At least abit.. Chocolate, Red wines, Sex…)

Glutathione is a fantastic treatment that has actually been medically shown to reverse the signs of aging. This anti-oxidant normally occurs in every cell within the body. The compound is known to sustain the elasticity of skin, which is what keeps the appearance of younger skin, and can also help you look more renewed. Glutathione is also known to fight cancer due to the fact that it will battle uncommon cells that could become cancerous. Glutathione stops naturally occurring in the skin after the age of 35. By purchasing patches (about $ 80 a pack), keeping youthful-looking skin is as simple as putting a patch on your arm. Prior to using Glutathione patches, however, you must consult your doctor to guarantee you are not at risk of cancer or any other illness.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide with a gamma peptide linkage between the amine group of cysteine (which is attached by normal peptide linkage to a glycine) and the carboxyl group of theglutamate side-chain. It is an antioxidant, preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen speciessuch as free radicals and peroxides.[2] Thiol groups are reducing agents, existing at a concentration of approximately 5 mM in animal cells. Glutathione reduces disulfide bonds formed within cytoplasmic proteins to cysteines by serving as an electron donor. In the process, glutathione is converted to its oxidized form glutathione disulfide (GSSG), also called L-(-)-glutathione. Once oxidized, glutathione can be reduced back by glutathione reductase, using NADPH as an electron donor. The ratio of reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione within cells is often used as a measure of cellular toxicity. (source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

If glutathione is not a possible option, using traditional diet and exercise may be the right option. While the changes in your look are not as radical or immediate as that of glutathione, it will be beneficial for overall wellness along with your appearance. Many vegetables and fruits contain naturally taking place anti-oxidants to make you look more vibrant as well as help your body continue to be healthy. Green spinach, for example, is known to contain a high amount of iron. Iron is good for the blood and could help with circulation. By having good circulation, your skin will appear healthier and you will often appear even more refreshed and alert.

Simply having a healthy diet plans and a routine exercise schedule could not be enough, though. Plastic surgery is an additional choice but there are several risks you need to think about. Without going to the right doctor you can have severe scarring, excess fluid and risk getting an infection. Cosmetic surgery is wonderful for those who require a drastic change. Many who have actually recently lost a significant amount of weight or have recently required medical surgery and would like to reduce scar tissue are the best candidates for plastic surgeries.

By weighing your options and looking into all the feasible options for anti-aging options, you could discover the right therapy for your body and your budget. Though some might not be as dramatic as others, they are often just as useful, if not even more, than those that are more pricey or extreme.



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