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Posted by African Press International on December 14, 2012 Clinical officers on strike in Kenya Clinical officers on strike in Kenya

The clinical officers in Kenya have today downed their tools and joined nurses in the ongoing nationwide strike after the government failed to address their demands.

This has left patients with no option but to stay at home or look for private health facilities especially those who can afford.

This comes barely three weeks when nurses in Kenya embarked on nationwide strike demanding better working conditions in their respective public and private health facilities

In Kisumu City, the Union of Kisumu Clinical Officer (UKCO) acting Chairman Erick Ondieki said they have been forced to down their tools following the expiry of a 14 days notice to government to address their demands.

Ondieki said this is to press the government through the Ministry of Medical Services to listen to the demands and have their union issued with its registration certificates immediately.

He said the demands included salary increment, immediate stop of illegal deduction made to Kenya Union of domestic, hotels, educational institutions and hospitals and allied workers as well as local government workers.

The clinical officers said the Union of Kenya Clinical Officers must be registered to fight for the rights of the clinicians saying other unions have failed to address their plight. Clinical officers on strike in Kenya Clinical officers on strike in Kenya

According to Ondieki all the clinical officers on internship should be paid a monthly allowance of note less than Ksh. 30,000 for their sustainability.

The UKCO also wants the government to employ 5,000 clinical officers in addition to absorbing all those who are on contract vowing to continue with the strike till their demands will be addressed.

“We therefore demand our constitutional rights as enshrined in our current constitution,” the clinicians said.

They further demand that all clinical officers due for promotion be promoted immediately as stipulated in the constitution claiming of being neglected by the government for a long time.

“We also wish to let the public know that clinical officers are a special cadre with special needs who do not subscribe to the needs of domestic workers or tea girls in hotels,” they claimed.

However, the nurses strike has also entered third week with patients suffering in most of the hospitals especially the poor who cannot afford private facilities bills.

The nurses have vowed to continue with the strike until the government will adhere to their demands of salary increment, registration of their union and promotion of nurses who have qualified.






  1. How much do clinical officers in interns earn by now?


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