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Kenya: Donkey meat business hits Naivasha town

Posted by African Press International on September 25, 2012

By MAURICE ALAL, reporting from Kisumu. Kenya Maurice Alal.API reporter Kisumu.Kenya Maurice Alal.API reporter Kisumu.Kenya

The residents of Naivasha town and its vicinity now leave in fear
following the drastic increase of unscrupulous traders who have turned donkey meat into man’s delicacy.

It emerged that this is not the first time donkey meat is being sold to the resident without their knowledge. However the residents have blamed members of the public health officers for failing to curb the booming business despite being informed over the matter.

This is said to have led to increase in theft of donkeys in the area
which are being slaughtered and their meat carted to unknown butchers within the region.

It is also reported that the residents found three carcasses of donkeys yesterday which was slaughtered in the wee hours and meat suspected to have been carted to various butchers within Naivasha town.

According to the Naivasha District Veterinary Officer (DVO), Dr. Peterson Njiru the slaughtering of donkeys is rampant in the region saying that many cases of stolen donkey have been reported to his office and assured the residents for a quick action.

Dr Njiru said that over 40 donkeys have been stolen in a span of one month with some being slaughtered and meat circulated to the area residents who buy without their knowledge.

The vet also revealed that the donkey meat business is on the booming in the region thereby exposing the residents to various diseases urging them to be vigilant and report any suspicious cases.

“Since the time immemorial donkeys have been known as beast of burden but some unscrupulous dealers have turned them into delicacy,” Dr Njiru said adding that those involved will be brought to book.

This has prompted the government to form a task force composed of the Kenya Wildlife Services, Department of Public Health and police with a mandate to investigate the increase theft of donkeys in Naivasha County, Rift Valley region.

The vet further stated that the government will start immediate meat inspection in the region to satisfy the kind of meat being sold to the resident.

Dr. Njiru said that those traders who will be found operating illegal butchers will be arrested and face stern action in a bid to curb such business that is a threat to human beings.

“The task-force team will also inspect the conditions of the butcher rooms and areas where meat business activities are carried out to ensure cleanliness is adhered to,” he said.


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Posted by African Press International on September 25, 2012

By Dickens Wasonga. dickens.wasonga. API Reporter. Kenya dickens.wasonga. API Reporter. Kenya

The sugar industry players want Parliament to speed up the passing of sugar Amendment bill 2011 to empower the Sugar Arbitration Tribunal to carry out its functions.

Farmers and millers have blamed weak legal framework to the persistent fights among cane millers in Western Kenya sugar belts.

The Sugar Arbitration Tribunal whose members include; Gregory Mutai (chairman), George Ayugi and Oddah Nafula O’wakhwabi as members are tasked with the responsibility of resolving the disputes.

Speaking in Kisumu last week after a stakeholders’ meeting , Ayugi pointed out that the board was toothless in implementing its decisions due to defective Sugar Act under which it operates.

He disclosed that further amendments proposed include setting up of a trustee to act as an industry regulator for the sugar industry and help in developing policies to help develop the interests of various stakeholders in the industry.

“The amendment bill could change all that as it gives the tribunal powers to
enforce its rulings and decisions, this according to millers and farmers could be the key to restoring sanity in the industry that has already lost millions as a result of cane theft and damage to machinery,” he

The bill went through the second reading in Parliament last month and
according to Ministry of Agriculture officials it should come up of debate before the end of the month.

West Kenya sugar company boss George Sagala said with more powers, the board can effectively control the disorder in the sugar industry and resolve
disputes among parties amicably.

“We are therefore calling for the tribunal to be given jurisdiction over the players in the sector so that its decisions respected and adhered to by all parties,” Sagala said during the tribunal’s strategic plan launch at Kisumu’s Imperial hotel.

Currently, the tribunal holds week-long sittings in each of the zones every
fortnight, handling over 2,000 cases in the various zones.

Mutai said the passing of the amendment would make the tribunal effectively conduct its duties.

He called on the sugar players to uphold their rulings to restore order in the sugar industry.

“We are calling on the Ministry of Agriculture and the Attorney General to
urgently gazette the rulings made so that parties can access them and adhere to them,” he added.

Last month, Ayugi faulted Kenya Sugar Board for issuing operating licenses
to new sugar factories with little input on cane development.

According to the Sugar Act of 2001, operators wishing to start milling operations are required to have the capacity both in infrastructure, personnel and raw materials in order to be granted a milling license.



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International Criminal Court Open Day: Interactive presentation of the Courtroom attracts more visitors

Posted by African Press International on September 25, 2012

650 persons visited the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Sunday, 23 September 2012, when it opened its doors for The Hague International Day. Visitors engaged with speakers representing the Judges, the Prosecution, the Defence, the Legal Representatives of Victims, and the Registry during an interactive session held in the ICC Courtroom in The Hague (Netherlands).

ICC staff in Courtroom I presenting information about the Court, including speakers representing the Judges, the Prosecution, the Defence, the Legal Representatives of Victims, and the Registry © ICC-CPI

“The Hague International Day offered an excellent opportunity for us to interact with people from and around our host city and to raise awareness of the International Criminal Court”, said ICC President Judge Sang-Hyun Song. “The ICC is an integral part of The Hague’s landscape of international organisations, and we value our good relationship with the city of The Hague and its inhabitants. I hope that many of Sunday’s visitors will continue engaging in matters of international justice, for instance by coming to watch some of our trials, which are open to the public”, he added.

650 men, women and children of different ages and nationalities, including Dutch nationals and members of the international community based in The Hague, had the opportunity to participate in a one-hour presentation in the ICC public gallery. Questions from visitors focused on the various aspects of the Court’s work, including its mandate, structure and ongoing cases.

The Hague International Day was organised by the Municipality of The Hague – the Court’s host city – and gave the public the opportunity to learn more about the functioning and aims of the various international institutions and non-governmental organisations based in the city. The Hague has been hosting the ICC since 2002. There are approximately 131 international organisations in The Hague, employing around 14,000 people.

The ICC is the first permanent, treaty-based, international criminal court established to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community, namely war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.


source ICC

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