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Lawyer Orly Taitz defeated: The American people say they are ready for another 4 years with President Obama

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2012

This issue of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is becoming a headache now. We have heard about it, we are hearing about it and we will continue to hear about it.

Yesterday, on September 6, Barack Obama accepted his nomination for the U.S. President, seeking a second term in office.

At the same time, the controversial US lawyer Orly Taitz, a dire critic of the president went to, a publication read by millions in business community around the world, and had his interview published.

Taitz explains in detail elections fraud and forgery of Social security Card, Selective Service Card and Birth Certificate used by the President and current Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama.  Why is he too occupied with Obama’s Social Security Card, and other Cards etc…

What is Orly up to? This now seems to be bordering on racism.

It is time the American people unite and allow Obama a second term in office, – after all it is only 4 years, thereafter, they can get one other who they do not doubt where he or she was born. The important thing is not where one comes from but that the delivery of services reaches the needy.

Romney is not the right person for America. He will not serve all the American people equally. This is a fact.

Lawyer Orly Taitz and his idea of getting rid of Obama is defeated, because the American people say they are ready for another 4 years with the President.


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