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CNN’s Anderson Cooper declares he is Gay! More CNN presenters to come out of the closet?

Posted by African Press International on July 8, 2012 CNN presenter Anderson Cooper says he is Gay CNN presenter Anderson Cooper says he is Gay

Famous CNN presenter is a shocker! CNN viewers have just been treated to a shock by Anderson Cooper (photo). Hiding in the closet for so long, waiting until viewers like him and consider him a role model, then come out of the closet declaring – I am Gay is being selfish!

Viewers who admire presenters will have different reactions to this. The man is a good presenter, but why has he waited all this long to come out of the closet? Why wait until people start admiring your personality and then come out to shock them? Well, these are endless questions some people will be asking themselves.

Being Gay is not a crime. However, it lingers in human minds as to why God choose to tell this world that he made man and woman and joined them to become one. Now some people want man and man to be joined together like Anderson is saying he is Gay.

Well, we know there are many gay people out there hiding in the closet.

After Anderson’s revelation, It is possible that there are many other CNN presenters and also other working for other channels that are Gay. If that is so, they should come out now, following Anderson’s example so that viewers are not treated to shock later – better now once and for all.


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