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Kenya: Varsity girls fear a protruding stomach due to pregnany than HIV/AIDS

Posted by African Press International on May 5, 2012

Grace Adhiambo Reporting from Kakamega-Kenya

‘I can’t stand the embarrassment. People will be looking at me and making faces or even laugh out loudly. I don’t think I can take that,’  says Lavenda Atieno, a disaster management student at Masinde Muliro University.

This clearly indicates that most campus girls fear pregnancy than contracting any sexually transmitted disease or Aids.Why should they think that pregnancy should be a big deal as compared to contracting the deadly disease. Research shows that 80% of girls in various Universities opt for ways of preventing pregnancies.
Mercy Omondi, a 2nd year English Literature student at Masinde Muliro University said that majority of her friends are scared of getting pregnant.’ They claim that pregnancy cannot be hidden as the belly will protrude after a few months while it will not be indicated on their foreheads that they are ailing,’she says. Grace with girls at Masinde Muliro University Grace with girls at Masinde Muliro University

This is absurd. How can a University student reasoning be so shallow? I fail to understand why most girls fear pregnancy. Mercy goes on to say that most mothers warn their daughters that they are not ready for grandchildren and that is why they try so hard not to be victims of unwanted pregnancies.Out of curiosity I asked her how her friends manage to do this and she said there are various ways of birth control. She started by saying that fertility of both parties makes no birth control method 100% effective and therefore the best method is abstinence. Telling a youth to abstain is way out of the question. Gone are the days when people abstained until marriage. She goes on to say that people who are not in a long-term relationship prefer barrier methods.

This means anything that will block sperm from reaching the uterus. The female & male condoms, gels, sponges and creams are examples of barriers used. The other method used for birth control is the withdrawal method.This is having unprotected sex and pulling out before ejaculation. Have we ever stopped to ask ourselves how unsafe this is. What happens if he forgets or delays to come out? Grace (right) explains to Girls on the importance of protecting oneself from the deadly disease Hiv-Aids Grace (right) explains to Girls on the importance of protecting oneself from the deadly disease Hiv-Aids

Why do we expose ourselves to such kind of risks yet we are young people with bright futures?It is not worth it. Quite a number of ladies also believe in safe days as a method of birth control.This is believed to be ten days after menstruation. ‘I really don’t know if this method is effective or not,’ said the English literature student.
Josephine Wafula* (not her real name), a media student at Maseno University said she considers safe days to be effective as she has counted on it a number of times. ‘I personally believe in safe days has it has always been effective. I really can’t stand being pregnant because I don’t want to have a baby in campus. I would not love to be the talk of campus and people back at home,’ she says. Grace going through notes on HIV-AIDS with Girls at Masinde Muliro University Grace going through notes on HIV-AIDS with Girls at Masinde Muliro University

Josephine and others like her really need counselling. It is time they realised that pregnancy is not a big deal like they see it.

You can get pregnant,give birth and continue with your studies unlike the STI’s and HIV that will ruin your future.

It is time parents told their girls the importance of abstaining or using condoms. As young girls we still have a bright future ahead and that should be our source of motivation.



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  1. dan nakitare said

    those visitors they wanted to test the jubile gvt powers


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