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Fidel Odinga’s customary marriage: Is it possible that she was used as a gadget for votes and now is not needed any more?, Asks Rose Ikirima

Posted by African Press International on November 26, 2011

By api

A commentary by Rose Ikirima raises a number of reasonable questions that should be weighed before making any conclusions. She is reacting to the article on Fidel’s application to divorce his wife after only 4 years in union.

 Rose kagwiria ikirima
Submitted on 2011/11/26 at 09:46 30

I think it’s not fair to judge Raila on the basis of his sons short comings. Fidel is over 18 years and therefore has the right to making his own decision. Only Fidel and his wife can tell what happens behind the curtains. There is no parent who is happy to see the family of his child collapse. There are a few questions we need to ask ourselves
1. Why did a senior family like this do a customary marriage yet the father is close to bishop Wanjiru who could have advised him on christian marriage? Was it a trial marriage? .

2. Is it possible that Fidiel’s wife was one of those opportunistic ladies who force themselves into marriage because of property and the man has realized he did the wrong thing?

3. Is it possible that there was  mpango wa kando (a woman by the side – secret affair) and the guy is being forced by the other woman to divorce quickly so that she can take over?

4. Is it possible that she was used as a gadget for votes and now is not needed any more?
Only Fidel and his wife can answer these questions, however, his father can answer question 4
Thank You
Rose Ikirima

Check out the contents of the story on Fidel Odinga and his demand for devorce proceedings that Rose is reacting to, raising the questions above.



fidel odinga, bishop wanjiru, customary marriage, trial marriage, and christian marriage.

2 Responses to “Fidel Odinga’s customary marriage: Is it possible that she was used as a gadget for votes and now is not needed any more?, Asks Rose Ikirima”

  1. Anonymous said

    marriage is not a bed of roses


  2. Mohan Mathew said

    Why should anyone drag Raila into this issue between two adults, despite that they are his son and daughter-in-law? I know why. It’s fashionable for a section of Kenyans to hold Raila responsible for, say, even for their drunken neighbor beating up his wife and kids.

    Allow Fidel and veronica to consider a separation, or a reunion. The votes for Raila will be cast in his favour irrespective of the disagreements they have between them.

    It’s naked ethnocentrism to maintain that Raila contrived a plan to get more Meru votes thru’ this marriage.That is so because, if Raila were so callous, he would plead with Fidel to put the plan to divorce her on hold until after the 2012 election so that he could bag more votes on that account.

    There are suggestions that Fidel plans to marry another woman, something which can’t be ascertained now. May be it’s true. May be it isn’t.Others have maintained that Veronica may have been unfaithful that can’t be proved or disproved either. here are people who suspect she was just a gold digger. None of the above can or can’t be solved immediately..

    For Gods sake, nd in the name of fairness, adon’t drag Raila into this unless you have some personal enmity towards him. Leave him and the young couple alone. Let the court pass a verdict on Fidel’s divorce/separation suit. Let’s us keep tribes also out of this issue, too.


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