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Uhuru Kenyatta handshaking with Korir at the ICC in the Hague

Posted by African Press International on October 7, 2011

By Korir

Hon Uhuru Kenyatta appeared before the ICC to face confirmation of charges hearing alongside Mr Francis Muthaura and General Hussein Ali between the 21st September and 5th of October 2011.

African Press International: Hon Uhuru Kenyatta handshaking with Mr Sammy Korir at the ICC stairs in the Hague - also on the photo is Counsel for General Hussein Ali Mr Kennedy Ogeto (between Korir and Uhuru). Mr Francis Muthaura's son partly hidden behind Hon. Uhuru, Mr Francis Muthaura and on the right - a security officer holding Muthaura's hand

Mr Kenyatta was the only one to give direct evidence availing himself to cross-examination by the prosecutor. Many experts feared that Mr Kenyatta would be agitated by questions fired by the prosecution. To the surprise of many, he  managed himself brilliantly forcing the Chief Prosecutor to dive down and seek help from his juniors before continuing with his cross-examination.

While at the ICC, Korir took time to meet Mr Kenyatta, wishing him well during the proceedings.

The prosecution had a very weak case to begin with. Their case was further weakened because they chose to rely on anonymous witnesses, people characterised by the defence as lies and untrustworthy, because some of them became extotionist before the confirmation of charges hearings began.

The witnesses that the prosecutor has relied on are people who have been provided with luxurious apartments and money. These witnesses have seemingly provided written statements in exchange for relocation in Western European countries and the USA. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that their evidence hold any water because they may have given evidence simply to get favours from the prosecution.

If they had been brought to give evidence in the court, the defence would have opportunity to cross-examine them and test their credibility.

Kenyans will now have to wait for about 90 days to know the fate of the six suspects, all of whom have argued their cases well in their efforts to prove their innocence.

The prosecutor will have sleepless nights for the 90 days it will take the Judges to decide, because he still wants to see that case approved for a full trial.

Hopefully, justice will be done to all affected.





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