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ICC Day 9 case 2: Uhuru Kenyatta’s witness nr 2, the Kikuyu MP says he held meetings with two mungiki men at Jacaranda hotel, Nairobi

Posted by African Press International on October 1, 2011


ICC-Hague, Friday 30th September: Seeking to exonerate Hon Uhuru Kenyatta from any connection to Mungiki, the Member of Parliament Kikuyu Constituency Hon. Luis Nguraya tolld the ICC on Friday 30th of September that, as far as he knew, Mr Kenyatta did not have any connection with the Mungiki. However, he confirmed that Mungiki had requested him to facilitate a meeting with Mr Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the MP, the mungiki wanted to extort money from rich people, including Mr Kenyatta. He met with them at the Jacaranda Hotel belonging to Mr Njenga Karume.

The same men from mungiki later becam the prosecution’s witnesses. The defence lawyers told the court that the two men had tried to get money from them unsuccessfully. The defence realised that the two had other intentions other than being truthful in becoming witnesses in Uhuru’s case.

On being ignored by the defence, the two men turned to the prosecution and it seems they were successful in selling their testimonies, now that they are the witnesses the prosecution is relying on. Ocampo’s case is crumbling because he has used witnesses that are not credible and all of them are anonymous.

The case adjourned until monday. The hearing resumes at 09.30am in the with Mr Hussein Ali’s defence team taking the floor followed by the defence. The hearing is expected to end on the 5th of October with closing arguments from the defence and the prosecution.



uhuru kenyatta, defence lawyers, jacaranda hotel, member of parliament, and defence team.



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