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ICC Day 8 case 2: Uhuru Kenyatta disables Chief prosecutor Ocampo when he testified in court

Posted by African Press International on September 29, 2011

By Korir with contribution by Nathaniel J.

Uhuru Kenyatta disabled Chief prosecutor Ocampo when he gave his testimony in-chief. At the start of his evidence in-chief, Uhuru Kenyatta carefully began to disarm the prosecutor in slow motion. He later decided to disable him completely leaving him in disarray.

He told the court that he has never been a mungiki member and cannot see why the prosecution wants him to be part of a criminal organization.

After Uhuru testified, Kenya’s case nr 2, if justice is practised by the ICC Judges, will not be confirmed. It is now evident that there is no evidence at all linking Uhuru Kenyatta to any crimes against humanity.

The prosecution tried their best, but it did not work at all. They sat there after cross-examination and one could tell that Ocampo and his group were very disturbed – seemingly now coming to the realisation that their case is falling apart.

Following the demolition of Ocampo’s testimony by Ms. Higgins yesterday, Uhuru completed the job by demonstrating that there have never been meetings involving himself with the Mungiki or with Michuki and Muthaura on dates mentioned by various witnesses. That destroys the basic premise upon which Ocampo’s entire case  relied on.

In particular, counsel Kay for Uhuru was able to demonstrate the implausibility of Mungiki at State House, Citi Hoppa buses driving in and out of the heavily secured facility, or President Kibaki, who Ocampo has declared innocent, permitting such underhand dealings to take place in what is his official residence. 

Ocampo led the prosecution’s team and he had to resort to consultation with his juniors when he got stuck while cross-examining Uhuru.



uhuru kenyatta, chief prosecutor, crimes against humanity, criminal organization, and cross-examination.



13 Responses to “ICC Day 8 case 2: Uhuru Kenyatta disables Chief prosecutor Ocampo when he testified in court”

  1. Anonymous said

    ocampo is in a free fall


  2. Anonymous said

    Mmmm…..amazing ..its healthy 2have hopes ,,it gives a reason 2live 4 tomorrow. Its 2early 2judge. I believe occampo is using a drip-drop style of unleashing evidence . Real showers are yet 2come.


  3. John said

    I belive that ocampo now understands that mr kenyatta was a peace maker God bless kenya


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