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ICC Day 7: Thuita Mwangi tells the court Muthaura is a compassionate man

Posted by African Press International on September 28, 2011


Foreign affairs Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi gave his evidence yesterday in support of Mr Muthaura.

Before he could start, the defence wanted to hand over files that was to be referred to during the examination of the witness. The Judges were unwilling to accept the files and that resulted in a heavy discussion lasting for about 30 minutes from 14.30 to 15.00. The Judges were unhappy that the thirty minutes was used on solving the issue.

The court had to adjourn the proceedings to go and deliberate whether to accept the introduction of the files. On resuming the proceedings they gave a go ahead after having gone through the files.

On the start of his evidence the witness told the court that he was a Kikuyu, married to a Kalenjin who has given him 2 children so far. While giving evidence Mr Mwangi was asked what he thinks of Ambassador Muthaura. Without hesitation, he told the court that Ambassador Muthaura is a man of unquestionable integrity, humble and compassionate.

The defence wanted to know if the suspect was a kind of man who could stand up in a corner during a meeting and shout something and the witness answered in the negative. The question arose due to the prosecution’s claim that Muthaura had shouted in a meeting where the youth from Muingiki attended at the Nairobi Members Club, to plan the attacks in Naivasha. Muthaura has denied that such a meting took place.

The case continues today from 14.30pm with the same witness for twenty minutes before Mr Uhuru Kenyatta’s case starts approximately 15.00 in the afternoon.



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