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ICC Day 3 case 2: Muthaura’s counsel, Mr Khan starts tearing into the prosecution’s evidence

Posted by African Press International on September 23, 2011


After two and a half days of prosecution presentation with details on the case against Uhuru Kenyatta, Francis Muthaura and Hussein Ali, the prosecution gave way to the defence. at 18.15pm.

Mr Khan defending Muthaura took the stand for 46 minutes and started tearing into the prosecution’s evidence, before the court was adjourned until tomorrow Saturday 09.30am when he will continue his presention.

Drama is expected in the court tomorrow, because Mr Khan is ready and is in a combative mood.

Mr Khan told the court that the prosecution’s witnesses have no truth in them and the statements given to the prosecution is full of lies.

There was no Mungiki meetings in State House Nairobi as alleged by one of the witnesses, Khan said while referring to a letter written to the court by President Kibaki to confirm the same. He also showed a video clip of a meeting held in State House where Kibaki was speaking with the youth leaders who were to help him in his campaign. These are the same leaders the prosecution wants to baptise as Mungiki who went around killing innocent people. The prosecution seems to have taken a decision to use anything available, even anonymous witnesses who are lying, in their efforts to get the charges confirmed against Uhuru Kenyatta, Francis Muthaura and Hussein Ali.

He immediately told the court that the case has no foundation in truth because the prosecution has done no thorough investigation. He told the court that the prosecution’s case is flawed.

Khan accused the prosecution for wishing away the truth, telling the court that it was his client who actually took the initiative for the formation of the Waki Commission of Inquiry. Such a man would not have don so if he was part of the crimes committed during the post-election violence.

I can say without any doubt in my mind that my client is a man of integrity, Mr Khan told the court.

He will continue his defence tomorrow (Saturday) before calling witnesses on Monday.



uhuru kenyatta, president kibaki, combative mood, election violence, and mr khan.



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