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ICC Day 4: Ocampo, stop persecuting Kenyan leaders, you have no reliable evidence/witnesses

Posted by African Press International on September 5, 2011

By Korir, Chief editor, API

The three suspects have undergone unnecessary suffering being dragged into the mud and humiliated through use of unreliable anonymous witnesses, people who must have been enticed to come forward and be lined up as prosecution witnesses in disregard of the truth.

The court must stand tall and uphold the standard that promotes truth and to disallow Ocampo’s anonymous witnesses from lying, and destroying the three suspect’s lives Hon Ruto, Hon Kosgey and Mr Sang, who seemingly according to the evidence already on the table will be vindicated if the court wants to serve justice for all.

It came out clearly in court today that the same witnesses are contradicting themselves in their statements to the prosecution. Katwa was presenting his client’s case when he played video clips that shows the whereabouts of Hon Ruto. This was necessary to ensure that the court understands that Mr Sang, Katwa’s client was nowhere near Ruto on the days claimed by the prosecution. The videos clearly shows the dates and many people including Raila Odinga and other ODM leaders in meetings with Ruto. And yet, according to the anonymous witnesses Ruto was supposed to he hosting Sang and distributing weapons in his home in Sigoi.

The court should not confirm the charges against the three on falsehood if the court wants to earn respect from the all Nations of the world.

It is becoming clearer and clearer as the proceedings continue that Mr Ocampo does not have a legitimate case. As many have observed in the past, the prosecution team have erred in accepting to be lured into a trap by their witnesses who are supposedly interested in getting money and enjoying new lifestyle in the western capitals in  exchange for their false cooked statements.

Kenya National Human Rights Commission, with Hassan Omar as the lead man, and Human Rights Watch is to blame for coaching witnesses to lie. This cannot be disputed. Some of those who were paid, and asked to lie after being coached, have broken ranks with the two institutions saying they do not want to be used is destroying other people’s lives.

To our understanding after following the presentation by the prosecution of their case, where they depend on anonymous witnesses, Ruto was implicated in efforts to block him from advancing his intentions to become the next president of Kenya come 2012 Presidential elections.



2 Responses to “ICC Day 4: Ocampo, stop persecuting Kenyan leaders, you have no reliable evidence/witnesses”

  1. kerembemet said

    Even an Idiot would have a hard time believing the rubbish gleaned from the Waki & Omar Hassan (all cooked up for some unknown sinister reason) report by Ocampo and his team. If they had done their homework the case against Ruto, Kosgey & Sang would have collapsed eons ago!
    Ocampo is wasting his, and everyone’s time.

    Mti Moja-Uasin Gishu


  2. Those video clips are ok, and they are not doctored or manufactured, I agree. But they are not of 24 hr duration, are they? They don’t show what Rutto and others were doing when they were not attending rallies along with Raila and other leaders.

    Thosands lost lives and tens of thousands were uprooted from homes. That’s why those suspected to be masterminds are in the Hague.

    As everyone knows the acceptable evidence bar at the ICC is very high. Concrete evidence and not circumstantial evidence is that the judges look for. So wait for their virdict before passing judgements.


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