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At the ICC Day 4: Kenya’s Presidential Candidate Hon. William Ruto speaks to Journalists after today’s proceedings

Posted by African Press International on September 5, 2011

By Korir, Chief editor API

The wind was blowing strongly outside the ICC court when the proceedings adjourned at 19.45 until tomorrow. Hon Ruto comes out of the court only to be ambushed by waiting journalists who are eager to hear what he thinks about today’s proceedings. Unfortunately the wind was very strong almost blowing away the journalists and their cameras.

Although the wind was so strong and the camera sound may not be good , Hon Ruto was kind enough not to neglect the waiting journalist. He spoke to them about the day’s proceedings.

We can say it was a good day again for the defence. The court was addressed by Hon Henry Kosgey’s defence team. The defence led by Counsel Oraro poked holes on the prosecution’s evidence.

Oraro Poking holes on Ocampo!

When he completed his presentation, it left no doubt that Kosgey may finally have no case to answer. If the court is taking justice seriously as we want to believe, Kosgey will be a free man when the judges decide on the confirmation of charges.

Hon. Kosgey leaving the court. His lawyer Oraro addresses media

Counsel Katwa representing Joshua Sang started his presentation at 18.20pm Holand time and continued until the court adjourned for the day. The opening of his presentation is also going in the same direction as the presentation in the case of Kosgey.

Mr Sang leaving court with his lawyer, Mr Katwa. None address media

Witnesses against Sang are also anonymous and unreliable. Counsel Katwa will continue with his presentation tomorrow when the court resumes at 14.30pm European time (Hague). Kenya is one hour ahead that means the Kenyans can watch the proceedings from 15.30pm.



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