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ICC Day 2: Ocampo’s case against William Samoei Ruto is slowly crumbling

Posted by African Press International on September 2, 2011

By Korir, Chief editor API

September 2/2011,Hague: Today was Ruto’s happy day in court because the prosecution’s case has shown signs that it is starting to crumble.

The prosecution dwelt on statements that leaves no doubt as to allow to be characterised as innuendos and lies received from desperate witnesses in exchange for cash and exciting lifestyles in Western Capitals.

To those who know the Kalenjins and the way they operate humbly, will find today’s proceedings best suited to be used in a fantasy movie.

The problem here is the fact that Ruto and his co-suspects, Henry Kosgey and Joshua Sang are dealing with the “european ears and eyes” that may easily be swayed and made to believe the unbelievable. One fact that cannot be disputed by those who follow the case closely with the ability to analyse the evidence presented by the prosecution  is simply to reach a conclusion that the prosecution is trying to award Mr Ruto a medal for “organisational skills to plan murder.” If the evidence as was presented to the court by the prosecution on Ruto’s  organisational skills to plan and execute murder were only meant as fiction, then a medal award is suitable.

All parties in court agree that many Kenyans lost their lives in 2007/2008 post-election violence. However, the prosecution, by using written statements from 8 witnesses who did not appear in person, denied the defence their rightful opportunity to cross-examine them. The prosecution team seems to think they were well prepared to come and punch Ruto to the ground, but as it turned out, as the day progressed in court, it became evident that Ruto’s team gave heavier blows to the prosecution.

From today’s proceedings where Ocampo’s team avoided calling any live witnesses, it is clear that he does not see the serious damage that confirmation of charges will do to the lives of the suspects and their families, especially if such confirmation of charges goes through due to the prosecution’s negligence to do the right thing.

A jovial Ruto (Below) leaving the court after his counsel punctured the prosecution’s evidence.

Mr Hooper for Ruto told the court that some witnesses have already revealed that they were paid to nail Mr Ruto.

In a thunder-like voice, Mr Hooper told the court that Kenya was not another Somalia. Kenya, he said, is a sophisticated country operating sophisticated mechanism – asking the court ” where are telephone or radio transcripts telling us about my client’s operations, if any.

Angered by the prosecution’s methods whereby they have not brought to the court even one exonerating statement, the lawyer told the court that the prosecutor had not done his job because he has a duty to present to the court both sides of the story, not only incriminating statements.

Stressing the fact that this is the first case where the prosecutor himself initiated the ongoing process, one that has not been referred to this court by any UN organ, Ruto’s lawyer told the court that the prosecution was presenting a narrow and one-sided case about the situation in Kenya.

The lawyer posed questions to the court; Who are the military men the prosecution is talking about – the 3 names we have been given?, who are the elders and others as? Why are we not getting specifics so that we are able to defend our clients?

He told the court that Mr Ruto was active in telling the population of Kenya to stop the spontaneous violence. He did not tell them to kill anybody as insinuated by the prosecution’s anonymous witnesses.

The lawyer reminded the court that after Ruto’s presentation yesterday, people must be asking themselves ‘ Did the prosecution get it right this time?, adding that there is deep emotions in this case.

The counsel told the court that if the confirmation of charges were to go through, the trial will be in the future. This will put Ruto’s presidential ambitions on hold – adding ,  it is better to stop a bad case now.

The court was also reminded that the case was lacking specificity, and at the same time the counsel informed the court that the Prime Minister Raila Odinga was quoted in the media (Hooper reading an article on Raila to the court)saying, the violence was as a result of election rigging, it was a revolution and was spontaneous, not organised. He also told the court that others have said Raila was the perpetrator’s commander, (Hooper holding a hierarchy chart he had on his right hand), and continued – others have also said Raila financed some activities. Mr Hooper, however, was quick to tell the court that he was not trying to put the blame on Raila.

Mr Hooper stressed the need for the prosecution to bring the case high over the fence and present believable evidence, instead of doing a shady job and relying on anonymous witnesses that he (the prosecutor) has denied the defence and the court to cross-examine for the benefit of the clients who are facing serious charges. Their rights must be respected, Mr Hooper said, and the only way to do that is for the prosecution to give the defence the necessary information so that we are able to conclusively argue the points on behalf of our clients; he concluded.

The case continues tomorrow



10 Responses to “ICC Day 2: Ocampo’s case against William Samoei Ruto is slowly crumbling”

  1. We pray that those who think that you will be persecuted whill shall one day kneel before you.


  2. Anonymous said



  3. Iriaget ab Awendo said

    And though shalt know the truth and the truth will set u free…finally the falsehoods and heresay is tested on fire in the Hague.It is unfortunate that Kenyans and the world have always been feed trash by enemies of peace who will go to all lenghths to peddle lies to fix others and their communities.The Kalenjin are known to be kind and gentle people often patient in taking offence and shouting their plight in the rooftops.This has been taken to be a weekness and a times stupidity by other communities who have been hosted by the Kalenjin.With their “stupidity” they deserve and expect respect and truth in order to build trust and thus stability.I belief that Hague will deliver justice and not be used as a tool to silence,coarse,intimidate and persecute individuals and communities.I dont buy the crap that communities are not being tried in Hague!Kwani this people come from the blues.They are leaders and come from communities and more critical promising leaders whom the community look up to represent them in championing their interest in the cut throat competitive politicla environment in Kenya where nearness to power is a life and death affair.Power in Kenya is an instrument of community emperwermnet otherwise why did we have to fight in 2007!Fight over some useless thing called ‘power’!Power is the ultimate crown each community is looking for and for that reason schemes to deny a people power by handerhand dealings like elaborate coaching of witnessese may lead to even worse chaos than earlier seen.(see IRIAGET AB AWENDO blog).


    • Iriaget ab Awendo said

      Those who underate capabilities of Ruto do so at their own peril.Take the late Mp Chesire,Fmr President Moi and now Rgt Hon.PM Raila.All have one thing in common-underating the young consumate Eldoret North MP politician W S Ruto with often disastrous results.Many dismissed his ambition to be an MP,he became,that he will be the leader of the Nandi,he did.That he will not unite the Kalenjin,they are now one.That he can not sell himself out to other Kenyan this space…that is why every trick in the book has been devised to stop him dead on his tracks to being the CEO of Kenya…


  4. La muacha mkunya mavi lamshika mtema mate


  5. Safcom


  6. Patrick said

    The court should allow the lawyers representing ruto to cross examine thd witnesses.


  7. Raila should be prosecuted instead of our beloved 2morrow president said

    Why must innocent kelenjin men suffer


  8. We r there to support


  9. Ur a hero


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