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Kenya: Inoorero University faces imminent closure

Posted by African Press International on February 19, 2011

The People Foundation Inc, has established that Inoorero University, which is a University for Kikuyus is about to close and cease to exist as viable institution for higher learning. This is therefore to inform all stakeholders to take appropriate action to safeguard their interest.

Inoorero University was born out of the famous Kenya School of Professional Studies in 2009, when it received a letter of temporary authority from the Commission for Higher Education (CHE).  Prof Henry M. Thairu was hired by KSPS management to steer the transition of the college to University Status.
Prof. Thairu is on record intimating that he took sabbatical leave from JKUAT so that he could make some money from the Inoorero University as the Vice –Chancellor. Prof. Thairu brought the Public University mindset to a private institution, which is bearing no fruits. Prof. Thairu hired Prof Kangethe who has earned himself a nick name “brain dead” in the university: the rank and file of Inoorero University wonder where such Professors like Thairu and Kangethe who are unable to run even Kiosk came from. What a shame to academia?

Statistics indicate that KSPS had over 3,000 student at the time of conversion to a University. However, the branding of the new institution with the new name “INOORERO UNIVERSITY”  did not augur very well with its existing body of students. Thus, as a result of  change of name from KSPS to Inoorero University, the students population declined significantly such that the Inoorero University has a current total student population of 850 or thereabout: a situation that has made the institution technically insolvent as we speak. The university is currently operating on a huge overdraft that is likely to be unsustainable in the next three or so months: creating a
situation of imminent closure. With a student population of 850, and short-term debts amounting to over shs 350, 000, 000, there is no way Inoorero University will survive. Several creditors including the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has threatened to auction the University anytime.
Suppliers are no longer supplying the University with anything. They are owed millions of shillings. They are contemplating bankruptcy action on Inoorero University.

*What is at stake?*

The current leadership of Inoorero University is totally oblivious of the looming financial crisis, and have left things to take the natural course.
The natural course is obvious closure of the University due to its chronic inability to pay its employees’ salaries and creditors. Currently, Inoorero University owes its creditors about Kshs 150,000, 000. There are no signs that the Inoorero University will weather the looming disaster. The Chancellor who is a Kikuyu male chauvinist has no clue about running profitable enterprises. He has track record of running institutions to the grave. The Chancellor depends on his long time Mistress, Wamuyu Kambo who has consistently ripped off the University with impunity. It is unfortunate the sharpening place is now becoming a dulling place.

So, what is at stake, the current students are not assured of completing their degrees and diplomas because the institution might not survive to see them complete their studies. Thus, students are now advised to start exploring transfers to other institutions of higher learning by next semester. Already, over 75% of the teaching staff have offers from other colleges and schools, so, there will be mass exodus by next semester.  So, if  the lecturers are leaving, why should the students not seek early transfers to other universities. The Commission for Higher Education (CHE) could assist students find new colleges and universities where they could complete their studies.

The People Foundation Inc operative in charge of African Affairs over-heard the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Thairu tell a friend that the Chancellor runs the university through proxy, which is counter the orthodox wisdom of common sense business practice.

The People Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Nebraska as a 501 (c) 3 corporation with a mission of helping global citizens safeguard their interest in the midst of deceptions and conniving.

By Dr. Frederick Herbert
Senior Fellow, People Foundation, Inc, Social Transformation Advocacy Group
775 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95136 USA, Voice:1-800-887-9000


[This report does not necessarily reflect the views of African Press International]


23 Responses to “Kenya: Inoorero University faces imminent closure”

  1. Margy said

    when ua enemies celebrate in ua downfall all you can do as a faithful is ask God to fight for you and Truth be told that we thank God for fighting for us and ashaming the enemy for the rumour mongering. 3 years later, Inoorero University still existing and standing stronger than ever. We have graduated,gotten good jobs,still continuing to further our studies at Inoorero University and still having the best lecturers.


  2. i am a former student and it was true that i u was almost to be closed down ,w suffered for semi but we student w prayed upon this issue and the lord is faithful coz he makes away where seems to be no way.i.u is shinning am a witness


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