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Defrauded Kisumu Asian tycoon blames lands ministry.

Posted by African Press International on October 26, 2010

By Shem Kosse

Kisumu-based business magnate of Asian descent has accused the ministry of lands for failure to curb rampant fraudulent land deals in the lakeside city of Kisumu.Not even the recent move by the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) to widen its wings to Kisumu seems to help matters, he adds.

Flanked by fellow businessmen who have previously fallen prey to this conning cartel,Mr A.B Singh claimed that he was recently defrauded of his land parcel number 329 measuring approximately 0.1287 hectares, situated in Kisumu’s Tom Mboya estate.

Allocated to him in 1979 1st September by the government as the lessor for the lease period of 99 years and awarded certificate over the same, Singh said that the property had again been reallocated illegally to a new lessee a Mr. Henry Masilwa Asava by fraudsters going by the name Kostiony Kipruto Tinderet and Kiprotich Korir.

He says he was informed by neighbours while at work that there are strange faces in his compound with tools of work, inspecting it.

I rushed to the scene and found him (Asava) carrying new plan for construction. Alongside him were workers; said the stunned Singh while flapping the receipts indicating he has never defaulted to pay rates.

The duo fraudsters whose identities are still scanty to date acquired the property in 1st January 1997 and later disposed it off to the unsuspected buyer, Asava. Consequently, the title-deed was issued on 9th April 2010; this is according to the documents availed to this writer.

And what is baffling is that the swindling cartel did not pay the fees due to the government, council or any other relevant authorities but ended up bagging the title-deed purportedly signed by the land registrar a Mr. Nyaberi and with the district land officer a Mr. Obiero, issuing the consent. Aggrieved Singh has now moved and slapped a caution, on the land.

Kisumu city and its environ is currently awash with the phantom sale of lands with some lawyers who are either privy to or just feigning ignorance over this culture of impunity-since they are part and chief beneficiary of the syndicate. They preside over the transaction, by drafting the sale agreements of such properties which are neither here nor there.

And by the time of going to the press, other cases akin to this were reportedly being booked at the Kisumu central police station by widowed women and orphaned children, impeccably orchestrated by this merciless cartel.


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