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Kenya’s Education Minister Mr William Ruto to face fraud charges: If found guilty he will be disqualified from running for the Presidency in 2012

Posted by African Press International on October 15, 2010

Facing the axe!

Mr William Ruto will now be suspended from his job as minister of education, this in accordance with the new constitution that came into effect august this year. This must be good news for the Prime Minister who for a long time now does not see eye to eye with Ruto even though the later is number two boss in the party hiarachi with Raila, the PM on the helm.

The minister will face a sh 96m fraud case now that a constitutional court has ruled that prosecuting him does not infringe his rights.

According to the Daily Nation, a three judge bench chose not to grant Mr Ruto prayers he had asked. The case is about the sale of Ngong Forest land to the Kenya Pipeline Company some years back.

Ruto claims that taking him to court is meant to finish him politically ahead of 2012 presidential elections.

Denying him prayers as requested Justices Gacheche, Wendoh and Njagi said Mr Ruto should seek redress at court that will deal with his case.

His lawyer will appeal the ruling by the three judges.

The case is coming at the worst time in Ruto’s political life because he has a lot of problems facing him in the ODM party after falling out with his party leader the Prime minister Raila Odinga.

‘Ruto has accused the PM of ignoring the Kalenjins and yet these are the people who voted for him well in the 2007 elections that almost saw him take the presidency from President Mwai Kibaki.

Ruto may also be in the Waki list that has been handed of to the ICC in connection with post-election violence, a list that implicates leaders on having organised the violence.

If the court finds him guilty he will be automatically disqualified from standing in the election for any elective post. Tha means he will not be cleared to stand for senator, Member of Parliament or even the presidency. That will pave way for Raila, Kalonzo and Uhuru who are the front-runners to fight it out.

If Ruto is disqualified from running for any elective office, this will be a setback for the Kalenjins who now see him as the most likely candidate to upset Raila’s hopes for the presidency because if he stands against Raila, he will take the Kalenjin votes.

By Chief editor Korir / African Press International.

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Posted by African Press International on October 15, 2010

By Agwanda Jowi in Homa Bay County, Kenya

Luo Political leader and Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga has told Former Marie Stopes Country Director Cyprian Otieno Awiti to go for the seat of the governor nad not Senator which he initially he had hinted he was going for.

Our investiagtions have revealed that Raila was told in the presence of Lands Minister James Orengo,Kisumu Advocate David Otieno Njer who has of late caught the eyes of Raila and he is said to be being pressured by Raila to go for the seat of Kisumu’s Governor and Professor Peter Wanyande that going for the governorship was the option for him with Raila saying that the Senator seat has “nothing ” financially in comparison to the seat of the governor.

“Ja Wigot” go for that seat and i will make sure you have it as i know that you will protect my interest”Rail atold Cyprian adding that he wanted able and real men for the seats not Governorship adding that Gedion Ochanda was likely to take care of Siaya Count\ty as a Governor with Advocate Ken Okong’o being his man in Migori.

He pleaded with Cyprian to campaign for the current Mbita MP Otieno Kajwang’ for the seat of Homa Bay Senator saying Kajwang’ is likely to face a lot of resistance from the electorate..

And following the latest developments Kasipul-Kabondo and Karachuonyo constituencies have endorsed former Marie Stopess director Cyprian Awiti for the seat of governorship in Homa Bay County.

Speaking over the weekend during a funds drive in aid of Wire secondary School in Rachuonyo South district, five leaders;Kisumu billionaire and Director of Bridgestone Construction Company Eng. Tom Awino Okoko , the area’s Party of National Unity stalwart Mr. Akira Ngadi, Oyugis Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Omondi Fuony, Cllr. Okinyi Rao and Karachuonyo ODM chairman Jack Nduri made what they called Wire Declaration proposing Mr. Awiti as the sole candidate to gun for the seat.

The leaders described the former NGO executive as a man of untainted track records whose desire to develop Nyanza region has endeared him with grassroots attachment following his well demonstrated commitment to improve the livelihoods of people without showing political interest over two decades.

We want somebody like Awiti who has demonstrated successful and proper management of huge resources to be our governor. We cant allow anybody to manage the sh. 3bn plus from the Central Government by virtue of populist style of leadership said Ngadi.

However, during the same forum Nduri and Cllr. Fuony proposed Nairobi businessman Mr.Sam Wakiaga for seat of senate saying he is a good combination with Awiti based on his track record if they were elected.

Nduri said it is foolhardy and pretentious for those who lived in towers to climb down and start behaving as if they have the plight of the people at heart, while they never cared a just a short while ago when they were in strategic positions for the sake of winning the coveted seats.

Cllr. Omondi Fwony cautioned electorate against electing those eyeing governorship for the sake of noting that the position of governorship can propel one to presidency just like in United Sates which he said has majority as presidents except for Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy who successfully aspired for presidency while they were senators.

You should take time to understand the true value of the position of governor before you decide whom to elect, because the position is for a future presidential material he said.

Awiti, who confirmed his readiness to run for governor, said Kenyans owe the new political dispensation to Prime Minister Raila Odinga whose relentless dreams for the rebirth of new Kenya materialized into a new constitution.

He urged Kenyans to show gratitude to Prime Minister by voting him as the next president of the republic as an appreciation for his die-hard legacy for a better Kenya.


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Posted by African Press International on October 15, 2010

By Agwanda Jowi

THE Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation has mounted a major campaign in Nyanza province aimed at ensuring that all social facilities and learning institutions are equipped with hand wash facilities and toilets.

Area in charge Dr Jackson Kioko said that the aim of the ministry is to ensure that all health facilities and learning institutions are equipped with the same. He said in Kisumu during a media brief that hospitals and dispensaries must have hand wash faculties as one of the strategies aimed at combating dioherreial problems.

Dr Kioko said that presence of latrines and hand washers reduced chances of contracting waterborne diseases such as cholera. He divulged that cases of cholera had drastically reduced due to an aggressive campaign by his department in the last two years. Kioko said that one of the strategies they are trying to apply was involving households in the hand wash campaigns in Nyanza province.

The medic said incidences of cholera had not been reported in the area of late.
He said the one noticed was on the Tanzania side of the border which he noted had been dealt with by authorities.
And a Ministry of Health and Sanitation Officer in charge of Community Led Total Sanitation Adam Mohamed says the most effective strategy was to involve members of the public in the whole strategy of pit latrine sinking.

Mohamed said the method was creating awareness and shaming those who defecate in the open.
He said only 8% of the strategy had so far worked.


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UNESCO: Africans Urge Cancellation of Obiang Prize.

Posted by African Press International on October 15, 2010

By Agwanda Jowi in Cape Town South Africa.

Citizens of Equatorial Guinea and prominent African figures including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Graa Machel, Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, and author Chinua Achebe wrote to UNESCOs Executive Board today urging them to cancel definitively the UNESCO-Obiang Nguema Mbasogo Prize for Research in the Life Sciences whose aim is to promote human rights and good governance in the continent.

The letter, signed by 127 African laureates, scholars, human rights defenders, and citizens of Equatorial Guinea , cited the record of serious abuses and mismanagement of the countrys wealth by the eponymous funder of the prize, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea .

The continued existence of this prize is inimical to UNESCOs mission and an affront to Africans everywhere who work for the betterment of our countries, the letter said.

Equatorial Guinea has the highest GDP per capita on the continent, yet 3 out of 4 Equatoguineans live in poverty. There are no research centers in Equatorial Guinea that would enable a citizen of the country to qualify for the UNESCO-Obiang award, and even basic education and health care remain unattainable for the vast majority. Civil liberties are heavily curtailed: in August, four Equatoguinean refugees were abducted from neighboring Benin , tortured for months and then summarily tried and executed.

While Equatorial Guineas government has tried to characterize opposition to this prize as racist and colonialist, in fact many Africans have been vocal opponents of the prize, said Tutu Alicante, an Equatoguinean and Executive Director of the human rights organization EG Justice. Not all Africans believe that a dictator should be able to purchase legitimacy in Paris . Many recognize that this prize harms Africans.

“UNESCOs Executive Board has a responsibility to protect the organizations integrity, which this prize places in jeopardy.
[T]he diversion of wealth that should benefit Equatoguineans to finance a prize honoring President Obiang runs counter to the objective of improving human dignity that underpins the mission of UNESCO, the letter said.



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