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President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is causing a headache worldwide: The Prize put to shame!

Posted by African Press International on October 18, 2009

Never before has the Nobel Peace Prize caused a headache as Barack Obama’s win this year. The man can give incredible speeches. The man can smile. The man can charm. And as he charmed his way to the White House, he has now managed to charm his way to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee led by the former Norwegian Prime Minister Jagland who collapsed due to Obama charm, lost way and decided to award him by giving him the Prize even before staying in the Office as President for 10 months.

Many now say, the next Nobel Peace Prize should be given to Miss World, now that the Noblety of Nobel has been reduced to charms as qualification to get it.

Bank robbers can also now qualify for the prize, if this is the way Norway has started doing things. One thing the robbers need to do is to confess their guilt as robbers and promise to change their way of living and start a peace march around the world teaching criminals not to rob banks any more. Thereby geeting the Nobel Peace Prize Committee led by Mr Jagland to notice them and award the Prize.

Surely, look at the shock worldwide now that Obama has said yes to accept the Prize. Some say it is premature. Some say he does not qualify. Some say Norway used it to get him to visit their country this year simply because Obama visited Denmark last month in connection with the IOC meeting in Copenhagen. The two countries seem to compete in everything.

Who cares after all if Obama or Castro gets the Nobel Peace Prize? Are there people out there who really believe that the Prize will change the world? There are many who do not.

The wise thing Obama should have done is to refuse recieving the prize or make the Jagland led Nobel Committee think twice by sending his wife or his aid to collect it instead of travelling all the way to Oslo himself where he will most probably get booed by those who do not think he deserves the prize..

Written by Chief Editor Korir

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