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Norway’s Nobel Committee cries for Michelle Obama – If The Vatican gets a Black Pope, he will most probaly be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize if Jagland is still on the chair.

Posted by African Press International on October 18, 2009

According to a Nowegian newspaper, the VG of today, The Nobel Committee that awarded Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is now in crying mood to have Mrs Obama attend the concert following the dishing of the award. All is not meant for strengthening world peace but a PR-stunt for Norway to market itself internationally.

It seems hell is coming upon earth as though the US first family are the new messiahs. It remains to be seen what Norway will achieve out of all this saga that now rages in almost all the Norwegian circles.

It is now clear that the award was given to get the first family to Norway even if they were not qualified as many people have stated.

It has never been so before when one gets the award that the Committee cries loud to have the spouse of the winner. Now they are not only crying for Mrs Obama to attend the Nobel concert, but they are also stretching their hands crying to have Obama’s children.

If Obama and the family travel to Norway, Norway will be up on the moon because what the country wants is to get the maximum limelight ed towards one of the smallest countries on earth – Norway near the north pole.

It is said that if the world gets a black Pope, Norwegian Nobel Committee will award him the Nobel Peace Prize now that the Prize has become a thing like a cup of tea for the bold and beautiful! Ther committee stands congratulated for th new style of dishing out the Prize.

By Chief editor Korir/ African Press International.

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