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Obama has a way of dispelling the truth and getting citizens to believe he sincerely has America’s best interest at heart.

Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

Good morning,
The more we learn about the Obama Administration, the more we can be sure the only ones not shakenmust be the ones who do not know their agenda for America.Obama hasa way of dispelling the truth and getting citizens to believe he sincerely has America’s best interest at heart.They don’t.A tough job but we are not alone.If we do not guard our hearts and associations, we will be caught unawares and could become as confused about our faith and nation as the DEMS want to make us.The latest article (below) is a firm commitment to not be deceived but to continue to keepfull in the Lord’s face and my hand in His.
Included in the commentary is information about the internet social networks that I have yet to see reported anywhere publicly. However,I might have missed it along the research route.My voice and your voice and all the other voicesthat love God, country,and one another will prevail; and, at the very least, keep us in His perfect peace in themidst of the trials.
Thanksand God bless.
Prayerfully forwarded,
Rev. LED Dowell, Five-Fold Minister

Written By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Would we have ever believed that any American who loves God and this country would ever conspire to lead this “one nation under God indivisible,” with the purpose of destroying all of her God-given rights and privileges that come “with liberty and justice for all?” No?

And, yet, Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, and their multiple national and global “partnerships,” acquaintances, and friends too numerous to place in this commentary, had conspired decades ago to do just such a heinous thing.

Regardless of how much documentation has been unearthed to expose and reveal the truth about Obama’s overall ungodly agenda, too many people disregarded the warnings and chose to believe the lies from Obama’s Hollywood made up dramas which were fashioned out of the devious minds of his friends counted among the ungodly UNAmerican liars, cheaters and perverts who plotted, schemed, scammed, and jammed their way into our Godly foundational roots hoping to uproot every sign of our being a Godly Judeo-Christian nation and a capitalist society.

Obama has been aided and abetted by the “Chicago Way” of elected and appointed leaders who participated in “Pay to Play,” ACORN, SEIU, the Columbia and Harvard University lawyers, national and global “partnerships,” and his wife, Michelle Obama. All of them pounced on the moment of their opportunity to proceed with their Hitler-esque agendas of “Hope and Change.” Then sight unseen and untested though it was, the people bought it.

Now we are wrestling with the devil full face and up front. And this is the smoke which Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator-friend of Barack Obama, smelled when he spoke at the 2008 session of the United Nations (UN) in New York. That “sulfur” was not from former President George W. Bush, as Chavez said. And, when Chavez appeared at the UN during the 2009 session, he announced that he didn’t smell “sulfur” any more. But I believe that realization was because Chavez had gotten used to the Obama aroma and, because it was like his own, he would think it was a sweet smell and something that he could relate to. Mystery solved.

Our American Dream Is Not Obama’s Nightmare

In the relatively few short months of Obama’s time spent in the Executive Office of the White House, he has publicly joined forces with the merchants of death; and, Americans have watched to see his attempts to:

  • annihilate our God and our faith in God in order for them to introduce the secular into America as the Sacred.
  • denigrate our Flag and our love of country so they could stifle national pride, morality, and strength.
  • silence our voices of opposition and distrust in order to lead us like lambs to their unholy slaughter.
  • control our bodies, minds, souls and spirits in order to have us rely on them for our sustenance and very lives from before the cradle to the grave. Let us pray they have enough sense to realize they cannot control what comes after the grave.
  • redefine the terminology of our family structure and autonomy in order for them to allow perversion to flourish and become the order of the day to replace our Godly lifestyle with their ungodly, filthy sexual orientations of all kinds. Ask Larry Sinclair.
  • propagandize and indoctrinate our children, grandchildren, and all children to raise them up for the state in order to teach them to pledge their allegiance to Obama and join him to propagandize and indoctrinate gullible adults.
  • usurp our freedom of speech by underhandedly building a social media network to spy on communications and it is all authorized by Barack Obama, installed in the White House, and to be installed in every area of government such that even if citizens have blocking capability, they will still be able to override the block and easily hack into the citizen’s computer system and follow the conversations in real time without any being none the wiser, except the perpetrators. Pay particular attention to this as yet publicly unannounced piece of information.
  • confiscate our property and redistribute the wealth to the have nots at home and abroad in order to squelch capitalism and to render America a socialist nation.
  • take every vestige of God out of our homes, churches, schools, and lives, and from off of our monuments and money in order to make themselves out to be our nation’s god in the style of Jim Jones, David Kuresh, and in the manner of as many foreign dictators who have tried and failed. But, if they have not failed, they shall surely fail.
  • create laws designed to euthanize our sick and disabled citizens to save money from unnecessary health care in order to swell their own greedy coffers.
  • unilaterally change the United States Constitution and totally rip it up in order to institute their Dictatorship form of government in America, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
  • The question of questions for Americans now becomes, “How much longer will Americans allow the Obama Administration to unconstitutionally control and oppress this nation before demanding action against it?” The nation deserves better and, certainly, our brave military who are defending this nation with their bodies on the line at home and abroad deserve much better from the man who would be called their Commander in Chief.

    Obama and his Democrat-chameleons deliberately cloaked themselves in the Constitutional “American Way” of Godly truth, honor, decency, scholarship, family, and faith. They have brazenly and repeatedly called God’s truthtellers liars. They have stepped inside of God’s house long enough to say that they went to church. They dressed themselves up in their stolen garb of intelligencia as if book learning was all they needed. They changed their coarse language and trained their twisted, forked tongues to sound spiritual. They have profaned the sacred in private while acting as if they prefer it in public. They have studied the Preachers’ stance in the pulpits, learned their cadances, and gone away to rehearse their sermons, as if mouthing the words alone would make them children of God. They do not understand God’s children know how to discern the heart in accordance with the way, word, and will of God and will never be so easily deceived.

    Nevertheless, there are religious people who have fallen under the spell of Obama’s stealth deception and they have lined up to play their part in the debasement of God’s house. Then these same people turn around and blame the called of God for the disarray of the church, when the truth is that they got exactly the type of leadership they wanted and not what God wanted for them and from them.

    The unholy alliances of the elite sect have played their waiting game very well. They quietly bided their time to strike America from the inside of both sacred and secular places that they knew they would never be able to gain entrance, except if they hid their true agenda from the American public. However, as soon as it became evident to the Democrat Party that Obama was going to make a run for the Office of President of the United States, the DEMS especially in the Black Caucus became so giddy at the prospect that they could not retain their secret plans to strike any longer. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) surprised even herself during a 2008 subcommittee hearing in the House of Representatives when she let it slip out that they were going to take control of and socialize the oil companies. Then Waters feigned ignorance about her statement when she was later asked to explain. Another member of the Black Caucus, former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) could hardly contain her contempt for the ongoing legitimate Congressional process. Her unprofessional conduct eventually led to her being rejected by Georgians as their representative. She continues to raise havoc wherever she goes.

    Just who is “The Spook Who Sat By the Door?” Who is “The Manchurian Candidate?” Who is the one who slipped through the crack and doped up the United States Congress (pun intended)? All of them did it who kept their mouths shut in the midst of such overwhelming government treachery. Even now, too many of our political and church leaders, including Republicans, profess they are not going along with Obama’s unconstitutional ways of conducting America’s business but they are, nonetheless, continuing to offer excuses on Obama’s behalf every chance they get instead of reassuring the American people they will right these wrongs and set our nation back on track. Contrary to Obama’s, the media’s, and political leaders’ protestation that this is not about Barack Hussein Obama, the researched documentation proves that it most definitely is all about him. Nothing gets past his nose without his eyes laid on it.

    Senior Statesman Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA) is now too ill to maintain a diligent watch over the Senate. He did, however, write a stern letter to Obama following his November 4, 2008, election and January 20, 2009, inauguration. Senator Byrd wrote to warn Obama to be mindful of the United States Constitution and to not continue to appoint “Czars” into his administration and not to give them authorizations without first going through Senatorial vetting and oversight. Apparently, Obama does not feel the need to adhere to that savvy admonition from one who knows. Meanwhile, Obama’s czars continue to receive handsome salaries from the government, have more authority even than his vetted Cabinet members, and are personally accountable only to Obama for their actions on his behalf.

    Is Congress so impotent that it cannot put a stop to this atrocity? Is the Senate so weak it cannot enforce the United States Constitution? Which ones, beyond political party affiliation, will adhere to their oath of office to hold both Obama and themselves accountable for adhering to their oaths? Are the American people so impotent and afraid that they will allow such “High Crimes and Other Misdemeanors” emanating from the White House to continue unabated? Most of all, are American citizens beholden to obey laws which are enacted by elected leaders in the dead of night and are packed with unknown mandates simply because Obama has said to the majority party, “Yes we can?”

    For readers who are interested in learning more about what is going on at the White House as relates to your internet social media websites (i.e., youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc.), investigate beyond the scenes of software companies and, in particular, WEB 2.0, to learn more about their close working association with Obama and their true purpose for government, which would work to ensure Obama’s ominous planned retention of the American Office of President in much the same way as Hugo Chavez, Castro Brothers, AH-MAD, and others like them have done in their countries. This is why we cannot let up and be taken in by the Obama Administration and the democrat-socialist-communist-progressive political party.
    Obama and Dems Can Go to Hell! Our God Shall Remain Our God! And Americans Shall Remain Free From Fear and ANYBODY’s Dictatorial Rule!

    A Spiritual and Physical battle is raging, and all Americans who love God would appear to be on the losing end. However, although that may appear to be the case to our precious children, grandchildren, and citizens of every race, creed, and color, who go to bed at night and wake up in the morning wondering what will become of America, I don’t believe this is to be the end of our Judeo-Christian nation.

    Americans are a strong, Godly, loving people of steadfast faith who know right from wrong, truth from lies, God from Satan, saved from unsaved, and right from left. They will never allow America to be overtaken in the way that Barack Obama helped his cousin, Raila Odinga, to do to Kenya, Africa in 2007. Americans will not sit still and allow this beloved nation to become a Western Front Iran. America will never become a Central American Honduras or South American Venezuelan Dictatorship, or Chinese or North Korean Communist regime. Americans will never allow America to be ruled by Sharia Law or by any of Obama’s Socialist dictates, before they step forth and demand decisive action against such a traitorous act against America.

    America, We Are Steeped In A Constitutional Crisis

    Obama hasn’t met a camera he doesn’t like, and he continues to campaign with every government position he has stumbled into. His immediate purpose now is to work towards the election in 2012. And, since he is known to keep a great record of his comings and goings, wouldn’t you think he’d have a copy of his original birth certificate, passport records, personal telephone records, and academic degrees handy to prove he is a natural-born citizen? To date, he has paid his lawyers a lot of money to keep them well hidden and out of the public view.

    America does have Godly leadership that knows Americans will have their back once they stand up, such as Representative Michelle Bachman (R-MN) and former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) (the Pitbull and Rogue). May God bless them and send more like them to enjoin this battle on the homefront.

    If the DEMS’ naysayers and their illegitimate supporters thought the Conservative teaparty movement held across this nation was merely what they term, “astroturf,” then perhaps they will understand it better when the American people all stand together in the name of our Lord and Savior, take our rightful place, take back this land, and place it where it belongs, which is in God’s hands and not theirs. And, to anyone who does not know the history of native-born Americans — both living and dead — then on their behalf, let Americans boldly proclaim, “AMERICA! LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER, FOR OUR GOD SHALL REMAIN OUR GOD!” Watch as Rev. James David Manning gives for all Americans “A Call To Arms For White People Of Truth.”

    Take heed you who love America and America’s God. For, if Americans lose their collective voice, then dialog will become a monologue. Let us continue to work together for a catalog of peace until God Himself calls time to be no more.

    God Bless America.
    Americans Bless Our God.

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    South Africa; Minister launches crime-fighting TV programme

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    Krugersdorp (South Africa) The Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa, has launched “When Duty Calls” – a new crime-fighting television programme. The programme, which will be broadcast on SABC 2 at 6pm from Monday next week, will screen information about serious crimes, wanted and missing persons and urge the public to come forward with information about dangerous crimes.

    “In addition, the programme will provide the public with feedback on police crime investigation successes,” said Mthethwa, speaking at the launch of the programme on Thursday.

    He reiterated that improving the safety and security of people in their homes, communities, places of work and entertainment, would lead to a better quality of life.

    “Crime undermines our efforts aimed at defeating poverty even as poverty contributes in various ways in creating conditions that breed crime,” the minister explained.

    “When Duty Calls” builds on the success of the former Police File programme, which yielded impressive results, particularly in finding missing persons and locating and arresting perpetrators of crime.

    A total of 300 episodes of Police File have been screened since 2003.

    Deputy Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula, said the true measure of success would be based on how “When Duty Calls” contributes to the decrease in crime and not just in the number of viewers.

    “It should become a beacon of hope to vulnerable persons who have not seen their loved ones, while instilling fear in criminals. This is the kind of reflection we would like to see,” he said.

    National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele hoped the nation would respond to the programme.

    “As the police, our fundamental role is to maintain, restore public order, serve and protect our communities in our operations of fiercely fighting and combating crime. We are confident that this partnership will yield tremendous results as we fight crime together with communities.”

    The SABC said it was pleased to continue to be part of helping the police to combat crime.

    “This also provides the public broadcaster with a platform to execute its role as a watchdog for the South African community,” said SABC Acting Chief Executive Officer, Gab Mampone.

    Mampone added that the launch of “When Duty Calls” would fundamentally gain the public’s support and participation in the national fight against crime.

    Earlier in the day, top police officials, including the Minister, Deputy Minister and Commissioner held an operation on the R511 outside Diepsloot. Hundreds of police officers and Metro police officers pulled over vehicles to search for illegal weapons and substances, as well as to check their roadworthiness.

    Volunteers were also there to hand out information about the new television programme.


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    Nigeria: The nation’s bashing by Sony (editorial)

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    Lagos (Nigeria) The negative portrayal of Nigeria by foreign countries has now assumed an alarming, critical dimension. Even with its well-known limitations, this country does not deserve to be singled out for bashing.

    The latest psychological onslaught against Nigeria is conveyed by two artistic works – District Nine, a movie, and Play Station Three (PS3), an advertisement currently circulating on, and other websites. While the former portrays Nigerians as prostitutes, destitutes, cannibals and criminals, the latter depicts Nigerians as incapable of engaging in decent business. A line in the Sony advert lampoons advance fee fraud thus: “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet otherwise I would be a Nigerian millionaire by now.”

    Not even Sony’s belated and half-hearted apology that it tendered the other day can ameliorate the damage these two sad outings have caused Nigeria and her people. To begin with, PS3 could still have eloquently conveyed its themes without direct reference to any country or localizing their characterisation. After all, great works of art, for ethical reasons, are fictionalized as a salute to creativity and, sometimes, to protect concerned sensibilities.

    It is indeed unfortunate that Sony, a company that has enjoyed robust operations in the country for over four decades, could sponsor productions that propagate a wholesale denigration of the people. Why would a company use its resources partly derived from its loyal Nigerian customers to criminalise them through means that are not only global but difficult to control? Sony’s audacity, no doubt, smacks of corporate irresponsibility.

    While not making excuses for the lawlessness of some Nigerians that has brought the nation and her citizens into disrepute over the years, there is no justification in labeling the entire people of Nigeria as social and economic misfits. It does not require any rigorous research to come to terms with the fact that crimes and other dehumanizing activities are universal and, therefore, have no particular country of origin. So, shortcomings noticed among some Nigerians ought not to be dramatized the way District Nine and PS3 have done.

    We endorse the indignation and protest expressed by the Minister of Information, Professor Dora Akunyili, on behalf of the federal government on this matter. Nigerians have suffered enough humiliation in foreign countries. Many of them have been wrongly suspected of fraud, drug and human trafficking – mainly because of the nation’s maligned image. Surely, no responsible government would fold its hands and watch insensitive and possibly mischievous organisations trample on its people.

    However, as agents and protagonists of free speech and enterprise, we do not support Akunyili’s call for outright ban of the movie. As a member of the free, civilised world, this country must not be seen to replace one form of rascality with another. It could set a bad precedence Sony has erred and should be made to take appropriate, far-reaching steps to correct the collective defamation it has bankrolled against the Nigerian people. That can be achieved.

    As for the government, it should put its acts together and develop programmes that would inculcate true nationalism in the people. A good starting point would be to provide competent leadership and responsive governance. And it must not fail to enhance the country’s visibility among the comity of nations.

    In the end, genuine respect is a product of self-discipline, industry, focus and enduring results. It cannot be imposed!


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    Kenya: Body to sensitise citizens on graft

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    Nairobi (Kenya) An anti-corruption body will conduct a countrywide civic education campaign to enlighten Kenyans on graft trends and ways to arrest them.

    The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee said Thursday the crusade that aims at changing the public perception and attitudes towards the vice will also incorporate calls to MPs to pay taxes.

    “Citizens must be told that it is their right to participate in the utilisation of public funds and question their leaders on the same,” the committee’s acting director David Gathii said.

    “We are going to involve the public directly so they can stop pointing fingers but take action at their individual levels,” he added.

    According to Mr Gathii, the new initiative has been necessitated by the realisation that Kenyans hardly take part in the management of devolved funds.

    This came out of a study NACCSC carried out last year on the devolved funds including the constituency development fund, local authority transfer fund and the various government bursaries among others.

    “Kenyans are on the supply side fuelling corruption impliedly yet they do not realise they have power to fight the evil,” he said as he launched the Nairobi East district anti-corruption civilian oversight committee (DACCOC) sensitisation workshop at the Railway Training Institute.

    The director disclosed that the Committee has established 17 DACCOCs at pilot level across the country as it targets to roll them in all districts to steer the public anti-corruption education forums.

    A member of the steering committee Mr Francis Ng’ang’a described the new campaign “a war never before seen in the country.”

    “We are seeing our country sink because of a few evil people,” observed Mr Ng’ang’a, “We now want Kenyans in their own respective positions to take charge.”

    The former trade unionist observed that corruption had subjected millions of Kenyans to poverty while a handful continue to enrich themselves by looting the public coffers.

    He added that MPs reluctance to pay taxes also amounted to corruption, which the campaign would also bring to the people.

    “It is evil for individuals to be overpaid while so many Kenyans are unemployed. We want to see proper distribution of resources with all Kenyans paying taxes to the government.”

    Funds for the campaign have already been obtained from the government and donors said Mr Gathii.

    NACCSC was established in May 2004 to create awareness and mobilise Kenyans to eradicate corruption.

    Its members are drawn from government, religious organisations, media, civil society, universities, women’s organisations and the private sector.

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    Namibia: Illegal abortions common despite risks

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    Windhoek (Namibia) Ten years ago, a move to legalise abortion in Namibia failed. The number of unwanted pregnancies remains high, with many people unwilling or unable to use contraception. Despite the risks, illegal abortions remain common.

    Misoprostol – a drug used to control ulcers, more usually known by the brand name Cytotec – has become a favoured method for inducing abortion. The drug costs around $14 U.S. dollars per tablet from a pharmacist and is readily available on the streets of Windhoek. Medical doctors who conduct abortions illegally using the drug charge between 140 and 200 U.S. dollars.

    Twenty-two year-old Monisha (not her real name), a student at University of Namibia, decided to have an abortion because her boyfriend is a married man and hence could not marry her.

    “My parents would have killed me if they had found out that I was made pregnant by a married man, who can’t marry me,” she says. “I am also not ready to be a mother, I am still a student.”

    She was two months into the pregnancy when, with the help of a friend, she bought five Cytotec pills from a drug peddler in Windhoek’s Khomasdal suburb.

    Monisha says she was charged $113 for the pills, and instructed by the drug peddler to insert three of the tablets into her vagina and swallow two. He told her that if developed any complications during the abortion, she should not seek treatment at health institution but rather come back to him for help.

    Fortunately Monisha’s pregnancy was successfully terminated without any complications. “It was like a bad period. Off course I felt some pain but I took some pain killers,” she says.

    Cytotec is classified as a controlled drug and by law should only be sold to people with a medical doctor’s prescription, however errant pharmacists are selling it to anyone who asks for it.

    Merja* a pharmacist in Independence Avenue in Windhoek says she only sells Cytotec pills to people referred to her by friends.

    “You can’t just sell to anyone because you don’t know who is a police officer or not. It’s quite a risky business but what can we do? We need the extra money and at the same time we are providing a service to our fellow desperate women need.

    “It’s not like we are killing babies, I only sell Cytotec tablets to those whose pregnancy is less than three months to minimise the risk of fatal complications,” she says.

    According to Merja she buys a packet of Cytotec tablets containing 56 pills for the equivalent of U.S. $50 and sells each tablet for $14, making a cool profit of 740 U.S. dollars per packet.

    Merja says most of her clients are students from the university and the Polytechnic of Namibia.

    Monisha’s termination went smoothly but large numbers of women end up with a host of complications that include haemorrhaging when due to a torn cervix or punctured uterus says a medical doctor at Katutura State Hospital. (Doctors in the public health service are not permitted to speak to the press, so he spoke to IPS anonymously.)

    The doctor says one of the most common complications that they deal with at the hospital include infections that develop when foetal parts are left inside the uterus.

    “A pelvic infection may lead to persistent fever over several days and extended hospitalisation. It can also cause scarring of the pelvic organs,” he says. The doctor says in severe cases some women have died because of back street abortions after excessive bleeding.

    Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Richard Kamwi said illegal abortions remain a serious health problem in Namibia with abortion-related deaths much more common among young women.

    “It was also found that about one third of the deaths were due to septic and illegally-induced abortion most likely unsafely performed somewhere.

    “Fifty-nine percent of the women dying of abortion related complications were under the age of 25. This is consistent with other reports that increasingly young people resort to unsafe abortion or even commit suicide because of unwanted pregnancy,” Kamwi says.

    Sam Ntelamo, director of the Namibia Planned Parenthood Association says baby dumping and infanticide is now an issue of concern in Namibia, although without comprehensive data, it is impossible to estimate the true extent of unsafe abortion as many cases are believed to go unreported.

    “Even police statistics and anecdotal information suggest that the problem is a significant one,” Ntelamo said. “We quite often hear of bodies of newborn babies retrieved at water works sites around Windhoek and outside. These are shocking revelations”

    Ntelamo blames the surge in the number of abortion cases to a great number of youth failing to access reproductive health services.

    In 1999, the Namibian government tried to legalise abortion, however it claims it was forced to abandon the law after the public opposed it. Government at the time said wide-ranging consultations with communities that included churches; radio phone-ins and letters indicated 99 percent of Namibians did not want abortion to be legalised.

    Anti-abortion sentiment remains high. One Namibian interviewed by IPS feels that if government legalises abortion, this will fuel immorality.

    “Abortion must never be legalised in Namibia, women will just wily nilly commit murder. Innocent babies will be killed, if our mothers had been given that opportunity to choose whether we should have lived or died then a lot of us would not be here. It’s also so un-African,” says Ndawana Hausiku.

    Under Namibian law a woman can only have an abortion in cases of incest, rape or when the pregnancy is deemed a health risk to the life of the mother.

    The director of Sister Namibia, a non-governmental organisation that deals with women’s rights, Liz Frank told IPS that Namibia urgently needed to reform its law on abortion.

    “That draft bill which was declined by the public a few years ago needs to be dusted off and retabled. There is need to embark on a campaign to educate the public on the advantages of legalising abortion in the country,” she said.

    “Currently the health ministry is spending huge amounts of money in cleaning up botched abortions, while so many women are dying or having life threatening injuries after undergoing backstreet abortions. Women should have access to safe abortion.”

    Presently only four African countries permit abortion on demand during the first trimester, South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and Tunisia.


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    Africa: Fighting the “Double Whammy” of obesity and hunger

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    Bangkok (Thailand) Africa faces a double burden of obesity and hunger as millions take up increasingly sedentary lives in cities and the global financial crisis hits rural populations’ food security, nutritionists warn.

    Under-nutrition continues to plague sub-Saharan Africa, where 32 percent of the world’s hungry people live. However, those migrating from the countryside to cities are eating too much fatty food, leading to rising rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure, delegates at the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) in Bangkok were told.

    “The problem in Africa is [that] both under- and over-nutrition are the worst in the world. We really are facing a double burden,” Hester Vorster, of the Centre for Excellence in Nutrition at South Africa’s North-West University, told the congress, which runs until 9 October.

    “Over-nutrition is much the same thing as what we see in the west. Significant numbers of Africans have migrated to the cities and they are eating the wrong foods. So for Africa, the burden of disease is increasing all the time,” Jean-Claude Mbanya of the University of Yaound in Cameroon, and president-elect of the Belgium-based International Diabetes Federation, said.

    At the moment in Africa, nutrition is everybody’s problem but nobody’s business.

    Both over- and under-nutrition can be caused by poverty and food insecurity, with the urban poor unable to access or afford fresh and nutritious food, Helene Delisle, a nutritionist at the University of Montreal in Canada, told IRIN.

    In some northern and southern African countries, over-nutrition has surpassed under-nutrition, but there is a complete lack of awareness about the new problems it brings, she said.

    “These countries are not aware of it. In many areas, obesity is seen not as a problem, but as a positive sign that you are doing well in life,” she said.

    Meanwhile, lower-income countries continue to suffer mainly from under-nutrition, which has actually increased over the past five years, thanks to the food price crisis of 2008 and the global financial crisis, Delisle said.

    Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) show how obesity has risen while under-nutrition has persisted in some countries.

    In Madagascar in 1992, just 1.6 percent of children were overweight, while 35.5 percent were underweight and 60.9 percent suffered stunted growth. By 2004, 6.2 percent of children were overweight while 36.8 percent were underweight, and 52.8 percent were stunted.

    The rate of overweight and obese women also doubled between 1997 and 2004, to 8.1 percent overall.

    And in 1987, 5.5 percent of Moroccan children were overweight; by 2004, that figure had increased to 13.3 percent.

    Obesity is also on the rise in Uganda, although under-nutrition continues to pose the biggest problem, with about 40 percent of children under five suffering from stunted physical growth and mental development due to a lack of vitamins and nutrient-rich food.

    Obesity and other so-called “lifestyle diseases” are widely regarded as a problem only for older people in Uganda but are increasingly prevalent in young men, Elizabeth Madraa, the head of food and nutrition at Uganda’s Ministry of Health, and a delegate at the congress, told IRIN.

    Anaemia in teenage girls is also increasing due to a lack of iron in diets, she said. And in another new trend, Ugandan mothers are increasingly choosing to give their babies powdered milk rather than breast-feeding them.

    “They buy milk powder because they see it advertised, and we have to fight that. We need to address all this as a nutrition problem,” Madraa said.

    Twelve-yera-old Aftin inside his home in El Wak, Kenya. Aftin’s family is only able to afford one meal per day. Aftin is experiencing problems with his health as a result of malnutrition

    Mbanya called for awareness campaigns and legislation to fight the negative effects of a poor diet fuelled partly by advertising. “If we want our people to change their habits we have to make it easy for them to have healthy choices,” he said.

    However, progress is hampered by the poor status of nutritional science in Africa, experts say.

    Few well-defined job openings, poor salaries and recognition, and a plethora of competing curricula taught by unqualified trainers are among the challenges, said Tola Atinmo, Nigerian president of the Federation of African Nutrition Societies.

    “At the moment in Africa, nutrition is everybody’s problem but nobody’s business,” said Atinmo.

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    Zambia: CSOs appeal against the acquittal of Chiluba (editorial)

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    Lusaka (Zambia) – That the civil society has agreed though begrudgingly to call off honking is a welcome development and hopefully a sign of good things to come.

    Apart from causing noise pollution and public nuisance, it is a fact that blowing car horns as a form of protest denotes a lack of seriousness on the part of those engaged in it.

    That conduct can best be likened to a kind of hooliganism and disorderly behaviour that one only sees after the loss of a football match.

    In any event, protests of that nature, as opposed to dialogue and consultation do not work. Examples abound elsewhere.

    It in part explains why, last Friday apart, from the few privileged car owners who were confined to certain high class areas, the larger part of the population in the high density townships were going about their business as usual.

    In as much as freedom of expression is a right, there are more dignified ways of going about it, and certainly honking is not one of them (although civil society organisations would want to argue otherwise).

    Why don’t the civil society representatives take a cue from the three Church mother bodies who earned themselves great honour and will go down in history, for many years to come, as great men and women for the manner they stood in the way of political turmoil in 1991.

    By that single act of persuasion and dialogue -not honking or whistling- the Church was able to broker peace in a deal that saw the historic return to multiparty politics.

    But now, we see a situation where the civil society rather than dialogue, are in the fore-front of fanning anarchy and general despondency in the country.

    If protesting against the acquittal of former president Frederick Chiluba is such a noble cause, why should the civil society led by men and women of honour use undignified ways to drive their point home.

    One can only hope that the meeting with the police service over the last two days which culminated in the calling off of honking protests is the beginning of the civil society’s ability to reason.

    As Benjamin Franklin once said, he who cannot obey, cannot command.

    Civil society cannot purport tobe representativesof the masses if they have the propensity to break the law.

    source.TheTimesof Zambia

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    Zambia: NGOs stop protest honking

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    Lusaka (Zambia) – The 18 civil society organisations (CSOs) calling for the appeal against the acquittal of former president Frederick Chiluba have suspended their honking protest following a meeting with the Zambia Police Service.

    Caritas Zambia Executive Director Sam Mulafulafu told a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that although the consortium of the 18 CSOs disagreed with the police on the interpretation of honking as a crime, it yesterday resolved to suspend the exercise.

    Police commended the consortium for its cooperation and for the decision to call off the honking in the interest of public security.

    Police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso said in an interview that the police would cooperate with the organisations on any measures other than honking provided there was ample notice.

    Mr Kapeso insisted that the honking had been totally abandoned and not just suspended.

    The organisations last week resolved to be honking every Friday from 17:00 hours in protest against the acquittal of Dr Chiluba but nine motorists including two Patriotic Front (PF) members of Parliament were arrested during the honking last week.

    Mr Mulafulafu said the NGOs resolved to temporarily suspend the honking tomorrow.

    Mr Mulafulafu said the decision followed a two-day meeting with the police during which senior officers stated the position of the law relating to honking as an offence.

    The NGOs also appealed to Zambians to continue wearing black attire on Friday and actively participate in all advocacy activities in their respective areas.

    Mr Mulafulafu said as civil society, they did not agree with the position of the police.

    “The Zambia police did invite the consortium of 18 civil society organisations for a meeting yesterday from 10:30 hours to 15:30 hours and today from 10:00 hours to 12:00 hours primarily to discuss what they consider to be public security concerns.

    “The Zambia police command emphasised their viewpoint that honking is illegal according to section 153 sub section 1, 2 and 5as well as Section 223, sub section 1 and 2 of theRoad Traffic Act,” he said.

    He said the consortium would launch massive countrywidedemonstrations next Friday and the Zambia police had assured them that their rights to demonstrate would not be interfered with.

    source.TheTimesOf Zambia

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    Norway uses tactic to get US President Barack Obama to visit the country: Awarding him Nobel Peace Prize 2009 yet not qualified for it; many observers declare!

    Posted by African Press International on October 9, 2009

    It is too early to award him the Prize. He was nominated only 2 weeks into his presidency in February and 9 months later he gets it! What a shameful world. Many say, the “Nobel Peace Prize” should be re-named “Nobel Prize for Men we Love”, this according to CNN report.

    Now Norwegians are worried whether Obama will travel to Oslo or if he will send someone to collect the Prize. Their wish is to have Obama in Norway simply because Obama visited Denmark recently. Norway does not want to be defeated by Denmark in any way at all times.

    We have no choice but to congratulate President Obama for having won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. However, observers do think that Norway wants to be closer to the world’s powerful man at the moment and the only way to do so is by handing him the Nobel Peace Prize even before he has done much to deserve it.

    Obama has vision, yes, but that will not be easy to achieve. After he was awarded the prize, the mayor of Oslo Fabian Stang told the media that he looks forward to have Obama in Oslo in December and he also wants to use the December occassion to invite Obama the following year to attend the Norwegian day 17th of May 2010. It is as if they think Obama has all the time on his hands to travel to Norway instead of solving world problems.

    There are many who say Norway has used the prize for publicity purposes and we agree with them. Out of 205 candidates he was the one chosen and has surprised many people.

    Those who know how Norwegian politicians operate will see through them this time because this has nothing to do with peace accomplished. The politicians in the Nobel Committe have done a diservice to the man who created the Prize. Using it for publicity purposes is against the spirit of Mr Nobel.

    Obama has war in Afghanistan and is expected to send in more troops to the killing fields. The soldiers in Iraq are yet to be withdrawn. Having talks with Iran and North Korea has not given any results as yet.

    It now seems as if we will see more of tactical use of the Nobel Peace Prize in the future. We may soon see the committee awarding the Prize to a person who takes over a country through a coup, if only after the coup such person speaks of peace and praises Norway as a beautiful country although so small as it is, yet in search of world recognition.

    The committee should comprise of experts and not politicians as we have today. That will change the way it is dished out. Politicians in the committee are using it to get attention internationally.

    by Chief Editor Korir

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