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Kenya: 14 killed in accident near Kaitui market in Kericho District

Posted by African Press International on October 4, 2009

Onlookers at the scene of an accident where a matatu (public minivan) collided with a trailer killing 14 people along the Kisumu-Kericho on Sunday. Photo/TOM OTIENO

Onlookers at the scene of an accident where a matatu (public minivan) collided with a trailer killing 14 people along the Kisumu-Kericho on Sunday. Photo/TOM OTIENO

ByPATRICK MAYOYO and GEORGE SAYAGIEPostedSunday, October 42009at13:01

Fourteen people perished in an early morning accident along the Kisumu-Kericho road on Sunday after a matatu (public minivan) they were travelling in was involved in ahead-on collision with a trailer, said Kericho deputy police boss, Augustine Nthumbi.

He said all the passengers in the matatu died on the spot alongside two pedestrians. According to Mr Nthumbi, the trailer that was travelling from Kericho towards Kisumu rammed into the matatu shortly after 9am near Kaitui shopping centre.

Although we have just launched investigations into the cause of the accident, initial reports indicate that the trailer lost control after brake failure before it hit the on-coming matatu, he said.

Eyewitnesses said the truck hit the matatu head-on before dragging it for more than 100 metres before rolling to different sides of the road.

All the passengers in the matatu including the driver died on the spot and their bodies were removed from the wreckage and taken to Kericho District Mortuary, Mr Nthumbi said.

The accident occurred less than five kilometres away from the scene where more than 40 people were burnt and six of them died after an oil tanker they were siphoning fuel from exploded.

On Sunday, onlookers did not attempt to loot hundreds of bags of salt that were strewn all over the accident scene. The truck belonging to Marison Traders was transporting nearly 40 tonnes of salt.

Mr Nthumbi said two other people who died in the accident were a boy and a girl who were herding cattle nearby before they were hit by the trailer. They were rushed to Kericho District Hospital but the information we have is that they died on arrival, he said.

The deputy OCPD said the driver of the ill-fated trailer and the loader were missing. We have been informed that they were seen leaving the accident scene after they accident but they are yet to report to any of the nearby police stations, he said.

Attempts to get details of the passengers from Molo Line Prestige Shuttle offices in Kisumu were unsuccessful. An employee at the office said they did not have the details.

On Sunday, traffic enforcement officer Vitalis Otieno said 60 percent of vehicles in the country have their speed governors tampered with and fixed switches to turn them on and off at the to evade arrest.

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Barack Obama At the IOC and the Metaphor For Failed American Leadership

Posted by African Press International on October 4, 2009

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


“There are none so blind as they who will not see.” (-quote)


On Friday, October 2, 2009, Americans and the whole world watched the Chicago 2016 presentation before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. I watched it streaming live on the Internet via FOX NEWS early in the morning.

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama really exposed their leadership ineptness to the entire nation and the world. They appeared pathetic, arrogant, and lackluster, because both of them spoke only about themselves and their own needs. They failed in the attempt to bring the Olympics to Chicago, because they were not able to articulate the IOC mission, which is to direct the world’s attention to the excellent skills and national pride of athletes as they compete for championship medals. IOC is not about either politics or self-pride and yet both attributes and more came through America’s First Couple.

When Michelle Obama spoke about being sorry her father had to miss so many Olympics and especially the upcoming one to be held in 2016, my eyes rolled back in my head.* And, after her sickening plea to the IOC, she introduced her husband, Barack, with a look as he came that seemed to say, “We got you now! Oprah and I brought our ‘Team Leader’ to close this deal and everybody else may as well go back!”

Obama, who prides himself with being called the President of the United States, has yet to turn loose the campaign trail. When he took the podium, he apologized again to the IOC and listeners for what he characterized as America having pushed the world’s kingdoms away. He took great pains to reassure the IOC that a new day was at hand; and, as if to prove it, he told IOC members that so many people in Chicago had come out to cheer his election in November 2008. Then he also alluded to what must be his delusion about him and Michelle being in the White House office when the 2016 Olympics are to be held so that he could invite them into “their house.”

In fact, both of them exuded arrogance and pomp which seemed to shout, “Barack is here now and we know we’ve got this thing in the bag. Don’t they know who I am?!” And, as if that were not enough, they really had not come prepared to demonstrate that Chicago had done all it could to put together a spectacular presentation package to prove Chicago would offer to them the most excellent choice out of the other competitors. In fact, they had done just the opposite and they let so many people down who had counted on “The President,” and Michelle and her “chat buddy,” Oprah Winfrey, who flew with her to Copenhagen in Air Force 2. Wait a minute! Where was Joe Biden? Isn’t that particular US airplane reserved for his use as the Vice President?

They could have saved their time, their breath, and the rest of our nation’s money. They went all the way to Copenhagen knowing that Chicago wasn’t anywhere near ready to host such an auspicious occasion as the Olympics. But is their failure to be declared the winner the fault of Chicagoans who were absolutely stunned by the announcement that Chicago was the lowest on IOC’s first vote taken and, therefore, they would be out of the running? It very well could be their fault. Chicagoans have known for decades how corrupt their city and state have been. Yet, as with Americans in general, their own plight is a part of the national blight on this nation. Just name any city in this country and you will have identified a very serious ongoing problem which people face everyday that God sends. Our leadership wants to tout the weak, mediocre Americans with their hands out, as typifying the American society.

It’s one thing if the American people did not know about the ongoing political corruption in Illinois, especially in the city of Chicago. But it is time to let what happened to Chicagoans in the eyes of the world be a lesson to the entire nation that this is a metaphor for our failed American leadership. Chicagoans and citizens everywhere have known what has been going on in that place long before Daley, Obama, RahmBO, Blagojevich, and Burris and others spilled out all across the national scene and have become an unspeakable embarrassment. But, I’m here to tell you that citizens in too many other states across this nation have had to fight back against political graft, cronyism, nepotism, and their do-nothing local, state, and national legislators. What’s more, for too long, many citizens have had to stand by impotently and watch their elected, appointed, and monied leaders as they continue to spit in the eye of the Statute of Liberty (so high are they riding), trample on our Constitutional rights, and bury our Declaration of Independence under their mounds of arrogance, as they ascend their illegally confiscated seats of political power and greed.

Politicians and all persons in positions of power (including Clergy) all across America have shamelessly disregarded the very laws they, themselves, have helped to enact. Then they satisfy their own acts of corruption by changing the laws to conform to their own corrupt behavior. They have aligned themselves with newspapers, TV and radio stations, and they have shut out the voices of their constituents who elected them to protect, serve, and defend them. They have wined and dined themselves, family members, and their friends, associates, and supporters on taxpayers’ hard-earned money. They have set up for themselves living political dynasties by appointing their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and friends who can “hold on to their seat” so that it would (supposedly) remain “their” seat even if they died! (Preachers, don’t you even snicker!)

I have to wonder if politicians have ever stopped to reflect on their Oath of Office. If so, when? Politicians across this land have utterly forgotten that the Declaration of Independence says and means, “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” And our Pledge of Allegiance includes the lasting sentiment, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Americans need to know how much longer the people will allow this unlawful dictatorial rule to continue over their lives in these United States of America.

Even now, the Obama Administration has made no secret that it prides itself with running their very own personal, political, lobbyist coalition right from the Executive Branch of the White House. Who doesn’t know that the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has reportedly taken over the “Obama For America” campaign which has since been renamed “Organizing For America” and is still headed by none other than the President himself, Barack Hussein Obama. This is the stuff that “Watergate” was made out of and the late President Richard M. Nixon’s subsequent exposure pertaining to his part in it has left this nation with the blueprint for dealing with such unConstitutional actions committed by a sitting President in the US.

Obama has made no secret of the fact that he plans to continue to eventually totally do away with our Constitution and form his own government. And, like his other banana republic dictator friends, Obama’s ultimate agenda includes making himself the American dictator par excellence in perpetuity, if that were possible. Americans need to know that, in times such as these, it is a possibility unless they continue to pray and stand up and forthrightly speak out against even the thought of that occurring here in this nation.


As the time winds down towards the 2010 elections, many Americans are holding baited breath waiting their opportunity to upset what they believe to be an overbearing, intrusive, paternalistic and, indeed, an outright dangerous Obama Administration. Even now, people are tripping over one another writing to expose the history (to date) of this current occupant in the White House and all his vetted and non-vetted Cabinet, czars, grassroots coalitions, and starry-eyed supporters. Even so, Barack seemingly appears oblivious to the underpinnings of his coalition government coming apart. Its just a matter of time. So you can set your stop watch for the moment that he stops.

Time is winding down and all is not well! But, Americans are finally waking up to the realization that we are at war on the homefront and the enemy has infiltrated our local, state, and national election process to be able to gain political power and control over whom they deem to be as citizens “the little people.” Local, state, and national politicians have taken hold of their political offices and communities and have hired “yes men and women” who probably fear losing their own jobs, if they “saw something and said something,” about the deviously shameful tactics of lawmakers dispensed under the banner of the United States flag. Every citizen needs to contact their representatives and remind them that they – also – are not above the law. Moreover, neither is any man, woman, boy, or girl above the law.

Some might be thinking right about now that their representatives are not like that. But I recall the story about a son asking his mother why she slapped him when he hadn’t done anything and she told him “That’s for when you do!” All across this nation, it is time for Americans to call for accountability for our politicians and every person in leadership for their responsibility to every constituent. They must be made to discontinue discounting our input into how they fashion our laws. And if we continue to allow for the “Chicago Way” to continue to ride roughshod over every area of our lives, then we will signal to every ungodly, crooked person looking on that we expect them to mess over us and that we will accept it without refutation.

Even now, naive native- and natural-born American citizens, and the immigrants, Muslims, and illegal aliens are smacking their lips for their turn at the White House, if they can get enough donors and volunteers to take over the ballot box! But, is that how American elections are done? Does that method keep us safe from foreign influences taking over our homes, religions, corporations, and democratic Republic? Take a look around! How do you think Barack Obama got elected? That might be the “Chicago Way,” but it is definitely not the American Way. And Muslims, also, have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were graciously allowed to enter onto these shores; but, when they came, they knew what they were coming into (or should have known). And, Sharia is not our way in ANY corner of this nation. Shame on Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a longtime friend of Barack Obama, who is an elected Congressman from the heavily Muslim-populated state where he has been working along with CAIR and they are pressing hard together in the US Capitol to push out the US Constitution and to also legislate Sharia Law to be the law of our nation. To date, have any of these bloggers been found to have “smeared” Obama, as they have tried to say, but without any evidence? Take that to bed with you tonight when you lay your head down.

We are a free, God-loving people whose worship is Judeo-Christian. Our foundation and law are based on those roots; and, with one loud bold voice, we say to all the naysayers that we shall live free or die trying. But we shall live free, because Americans are not unawares. Americans are not scattered in our desire for liberty. Americans are not coward soldiers. Americans are loving and giving people, but our heritage demands a response. “AMERICA! LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER!”


Even as we watch the democratic Party try to dismantle the very fiber of our democratic representative Republic and do whatever they have a mind to do in accordance with the Executive Office to institute a one branch (Executive) form of government, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) love to say, “Elections have consequences.” But we need to also hear them say (and mean it) that “So, too, do violations of our US Constitution by elected leaders have consequences.” And then let them lead the follow up to enforce the legal penalties regardless of who they hit. That “We are a nation of laws,” is more than a slogan.

The Obama faction in the White House as well as every other politician beyond any party affiliation in every state capital, on commissions and boards of these United States, know that when people learn the truth about their underhanded agendas to intimidate them, make them fear the government, and to herd them like cattle into a one-mind, one-world globalist society, they will rise up and fight them on this domestic front like nothing before seen since the Civil War. But we will not fully succeed until we send the signal at home and abroad that neither Obama nor his national and international conspirators will ever capture the minds and goodwill of the American people and our children who know and love the true and living God.

We do hereby declare that we will fight to help keep America free and that we will make our fighting men and women continue to be proud to be called, American! And, wherever they serve America’s best interest, may they, as our very best, have a peaceful rest even in the midst of all those raging battles knowing that it is with thanksgiving for their ongoing sacrifices, that we will do all to ensure that they will find a free homeland when they return even as they have fought hard for our freedom to remain free whether at home or abroad.

May God Continue to Bless America!
May America Continue to Bless God!

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Posted by African Press International on October 4, 2009

Story: Ekoue Blam, Lom

The Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development, EBID broke its lending tradition when it offered a helping hand to the Malian government with a loan of 3 billion CFA francs for the tarring with bitumen of a highway in Mali that connects the fishing region of Mopti to Burkina Faso ,the Port of Tema Ghana as well as Cotonou in Republic of Benin.

The highway is famous for its role in the exportation of fish produced in the Mopti region of Mali and Ouahigoya in Burkina Faso, and the it has been dubbed the Fish Highway or Route du Poisson.

For the geostrategic position of the highway, the latest loan granted to the Mali government by the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development for its rehabilitation has been hailed as a step in the right direction by Malian Minister Lassine Bouar.

At a short but impressive ceremony marking the signature of the loan at the EBID Headquarters in Lome , President of the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development Christian Adovelande described the project as an essential priority for the modernization of the road network in Mali.

The improvement of the state of the roads will permit the reduction of transport fares and also help to redynamize the level of trade between the regions of Mopti in Mali and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso , declared the President of EBID.

Addressing the attendees of the loan agreements ceremony on behalf of the Mali government Lassine Bouar the Malian Minister Delegate in Charge of the National Budget said the loan will help enhance the inter-trade in the region after repairs have been carried out on the road to enable Mali gain access to the ports of Lome in Togo, Cotonou in Benin and Tema in Ghana.

He also expressed the need for the management of EBID to introduce a system that will make the banks loans more accessible and more attractive to the public sector which is not commercial oriented taking in this time of recession.

The loan agreement brings to 18,5 billion CFA francs to the total financial contribution of the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development in Mali.

Other two major projects including an Electric interconnexion project which will connect Mali to Ivory Coast at the cost of 30 million US Dollars and a highway Round About project valued at the cost of 3,5 billion CFA francs will be financed by EBID in Mali.


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GUINEA: “The barbarity we saw cannot be described”

Posted by African Press International on October 4, 2009

Photo: Nancy Palus/IRIN
Billboard of Guinea’s junta leader Moussa Dadis Camara in the capital Conakry

DAKAR, – Guineans strain to find the words to describe the violence they saw on 28 September when soldiers opened fire on demonstrators, stabbing people with bayonets and gang-raping women and girls. Hundreds of Guineans have been unable to collect the remains of their loved ones, as soldiers blocked entry to morgues and – residents say – loaded up bodies in trucks and took them away.

Residents of the capital Conakry said tension was high on 2 October, as the junta held a ceremony to bury the bodies of the 57 people it says died, most “by asphyxiation” in a stampede. One man searching for his brother went to the morgue where the corpses were brought out; he said the stench from decomposing bodies was overwhelming.

Here is some of what Guineans told IRIN on 28 September and the days following:

“The barbarity we saw cannot be described.”

“We saw soldiers walking on cadavers.”

“They shoved their Kalashnikovs into women’s vaginas – I saw this.”

“I was completely destroyed by the brutality I saw. If I had a bomb that day I would have pulled a kamikaze.”

“The military is loading up bodies in trucks and hiding them. At the very least leave us the bodies of our loved ones.”

“People were afraid to seek treatment in hospital because some doctors refused to treat the injured, saying the demonstrators were to blame for the violence.”

“We fear civil war. There were militias who were out the next day going through neighbourhoods with machetes.”

“Soldiers are prowling the neighbourhood [Bambeto, on 29 September]. When they see a resident they say: “You move, we shoot’. They say: ‘It’s you, Peulhs, who want to get in our way. We are going to exterminate you all.'”
[Peulh is one of Guinea’s main ethnic groups; junta leader Camara is Guerze, a group from the Forest Region]

“Anyone who is not on their [the soldiers’] side, they are going to slaughter us all.”

“If the impunity continues, that is it for Guinea. Civil war. It will be worse than Liberia.”

“No one is safe.”

np/ci sourc

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