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Kenya’s university students – the brightest of their generation – do not consistently use condoms

Posted by African Press International on June 26, 2009

KENYA: University students don’t always wrap up – study

Photo: IRIN
Only 15.8 percent of sexually active students reported using a condom every time they have sex

NAIROBI, – Kenya’s university students – the brightest of their generation – do not consistently use condoms, a new study conducted in Maseno University, in western Kenya, has found.

The knowledge, attitudes and sexual practices study, published in the latest edition of the East African Medical Journal, found that just 15.8 percent of sexually active students said they used condoms every time they had sex, dwarfed by the 22.5 percent who reported never having used a condom. Around 77 percent said they had used protection at one time or other.

“It is notable that although students recognise the importance of condom use, a larger majority are still not using them consistently,” the authors said. The survey sampled 500 undergraduates on the university campus.

David Aliwa, a second year student at the University of Nairobi, says he and his girlfriend only used condoms the first two weeks of their sexual relationship. They stopped because they felt they trusted each other not to sleep with other people.

“For me, having sex without a condom is a sign of trust that you have built between you and your lover,” he told IRIN/PlusNews. “It is the only way you can prove that you can be trusted and that you trust too.”

“I want to assume I am the only one she is seeing,” he added.

Complacency creeps in when couples become comfortable with each other, says Jennifer Liku, a research associate at the NGO, Family Health International (FHI), which is running an HIV/AIDS and reproductive health programme at the University of Nairobi in partnership with I Choose Life Africa, a peer education NGO.

“Just like it happens in the general population, students in relationships experience a false sense of trust and this makes them abandon condom use after a short period in the relationship,” she said.

Living dangerously

Brigit Cheruiyot, 22, says her main concern at the University of Nairobi is not sexually transmitted infections, but ensuring that she does not fall pregnant.

“We are lucky because there are emergency pills that can prevent pregnancy,” she said. “Even if my boyfriend wants us to have sex without a condom, I am not bothered because I can run to the chemist and just pick some for myself.”

The study at Maseno University also found that 17 percent of students reported having multiple sexual partners. Some of the reasons given included peer pressure, adventure, drug and substance abuse and increased involvement in transactional sex among students.

“I need somebody to hold my hand when we are on campus and I also need another ‘loaded’ [wealthy] one to provide for my material needs,” said Cheruiyot, adding that she does not insist on condom use with either partner in order to ward off the suspicion that she is two-timing them.

Aware of the health risks she has been running, Cheruiyot says she is too afraid to take an HIV test.

Need for education outside the curriculum

FHI and I Choose Life Africa are jointly running a programme to sensitise students on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health; according to Liku, educating students on the correct use of emergency contraception could improve condom use among students.
“There is a need to sensitise them to realise that emergency contraception cannot be used as a regular, long-term measure to avoid pregnancy,” she said. “Addressing stigma around condom use and promoting it among students and the youth is necessary.”

Mike Mutungi, the chief executive officer of I Choose Life Africa, says that condom dispensers on campus should be moved to less public areas in order to encourage more students to use them.

“There should also be an emphasis on promoting condoms both as a contraceptive and as a protection against HIV,” he added.

Kenya’s national AIDS strategy identifies the youth as a “most at-risk population”. The latest United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS country progress report notes that the national condom strategy is being revised to give attention to distribution to youth in tertiary education institutions.

ko/kr/oa source

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Obama: Time to roll up your sleeves

Posted by African Press International on June 26, 2009

The White House, Washington

Dear Friend,

Last week, I announced United We Serve a nationwide call to service challenging you and all Americans to volunteer this summer and be part of building a new foundation for America.

And when I say all, I mean everyone young and old, from every background, all across the country. We need individuals, community organizations, corporations, foundations, and our government to be part of this effort.

Today, for the official kick off of United We Serve, members of my administration have fanned out across America to participate in service events and encourage all Americans to join them.

The First Lady is rolling up her sleeves and getting to work too. But before she headed out today, she asked me to share this message with you.

A Message From The First Lady

Our nation faces some of the greatest challenges it has in generations and we know its going to take a lot of hard work to get us back on track.

While Michelle and I are calling on every American to participate in United We Serve, the call to service doesnt end this fall. We need to stay involved in our towns and communities for a long time to come. After all, Americas new foundation will be built one neighborhood at a time and that starts with you.

Thank you,
President Barack Obama

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Michael Jackson died yesterday of overdose according to his close associate who has now confirmed to API

Posted by African Press International on June 26, 2009

It is a very sad day for those who were Michael Jackson’s fans.

Now they say the King of Pop is dead and according to his close associate (name withheld), the Popstar died due to overdose – after taking prescription medicine but ignoring the doctors orders on quantity to be taken with meals and not in an empty stomach.

According to his associate, Michael Jackson in the last 4 days decided to take his medicine during odd hours, sometimes doubling the quantity against doctors orderand most of the time without eating.

It is reported by the associate that the singer changed his way of taking medicine and in the last 4 days he took double doses almost all the time. He confided in his associate that he was very worried about his July concert in the UK and how the fans and the media was going to focus on him. He was speculating on cancelling the concerts telling his associate that he just felt the right time had not come and that he was not feeling strong enough to go out there. He feared the memmories of the court case and accusatiuon of child molestation will be given more focus than his come-back. That led him to hide behind excess doses in the last 4 days causing him to get a heart attack yesterday. It now remains to be seen what the investigation to his death through autopsy will result in so that the fans maycontinue with their daily lives after knowing the reason behind his death.

Michael Jackson died age 50.

The man was good in music and many who were his fans are expected to miss him a lot. Many interviewed by Daily Nation TV in Kenya however are of a different opinion. One man was quoted saying he did not like the musician because he chose to go the surgery way to be whitened and as he put it “failing to love and cherish the colour God had provided” Another man says he loved one of his songs “Thriller”, but he added “I do not think I will miss him.”

There are always different opinions when a wellknown person dies. Speculations and intrigues will be aired and in the case of Michael Jackson, a man who was surrounded by controversies – one of the  court appearances in connection with alleged child abuse will not end soon even now after he departs from this world.

API sends condolences to his children and the rest of his family members and pray that his soul rests in peace.

API editorial


One of our favorite songs says, “Give me my flowers while I yet live so I can see the beauty that they bring.”
Another says, “If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”
The sun has set and a new day has begun over on that side of the River where Michael now resides with God.
And, if there may be any who’d doubt. Then they truly don’t know what our God is all about.
Yes,there will always be those, no matter how close they say they are to Jesus, who will never understand.
Whatever comes or goes, it is all in the Master’s Plan. And, Michael now rests in the Master’s Hand.
Daily practice being kind to one another and, as when day ends, your living will not have been in vain.
Dear Michael,

God’s got you now! You can rest easy in the Lord’s blessings and peace.
Prayerfully submitted by,
Rev. LED Dowell, Five-Fold Minister

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Singer Michael Jackson dies in LA : Pop star Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles, aged 50. – He was the King of Pop music

Posted by African Press International on June 26, 2009

Paramedics were called to the singer’s home around midday local time on Thursday after he stopped breathing and suffered a suspected cardiac arrest.

He was rushed by ambulance to a local medical centre, but his death was announced shortly afterwards.

The star, who had a history of health problems, had been due to begin a series of comeback concerts in the UK on 13 July.

Concerns were raised last month when four of the concerts were postponed, but organisers insisted the dates had been moved due to the complexity of staging the show.

A spokeswoman for The Outside Organisation, which was organising the publicity for the shows, said she had no comment at this time.

Uri Gellar, a close friend of the star, told BBC News: “I’m devastated – it’s very, very sad.

Michael Jackson, in London on 5 March 2009
The singer had been due to start a series of concerts in London in July

“I’m still trying to hold on to the glimmer that it’s not true. It’s too surreal for me to absorb that Michael is no longer with us.”

DJ Paul Gambaccini added: “There’s no doubt [his] records will be listened to for decades to come.

“There will be millions of people in the world who will have extreme emotional reactions.”

Speaking outside the UCLA medical centre in Los Angeles, civil rights activist Rev Al Sharpton paid tribute to his friend.

“I knew him 35 years. When he had problems he would call me,” he said.

“I feel like he was not treated fairly. I hope history will be more kind to him than some of the contemporary media.”


Full name: Michael Joseph Jackson
Born: August 29, 1958, Gary, Indiana, US
Also known as: The King of Pop, Wacko Jacko
Biggest hits: I Want You Back, Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Billie Jean, Bad, Black or White, Earth Song

US media reports said paramedics were called to the singer’s house in Bel Air at midday.

They performed CPR on Jackson and rushed him to the UCLA medical centre.

Crowds have begun to gather outside the facility, whose emergency centre has been roped off by police.

Jackson began his career as a child in family group The Jackson 5.

He then went on to achieve global fame as a solo artist with smash hits such as Billie Jean and Bad.

Thriller, released in 1982, is the biggest-selling album of all time, shifting 65m copies, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

He scored seven UK number ones as a solo artist and won a total of 13 Grammy awards.

Neil Portnow, president of the Recording Academy, which awards the Grammys, also paid tribute: “Rarely has the world received a gift with the magnitude of artistry, talent and vision as Michael Jackson.

“He was a true musical icon whose identifiable voice, innovative dance moves, stunning musical versatility, and sheer star power carried him from childhood to worldwide acclaim.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic news and our hearts go out to his family and to music lovers around the globe who mourn this great loss.”


The singer had been dogged by controversy and money trouble in recent years, becoming a virtual recluse.

He was arrested in 2003 on charges of molesting a 14-year-old boy, but was found not guilty following a five-month trial.

The star had three children, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II.

He is survived by his mother, Katherine, father, Joseph and eight siblings – including Janet, Randy, Jermaine and La Toya Jackson.

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Multiple reports: Michael Jackson dies at 50

Posted by African Press International on June 26, 2009

(CNN) — Entertainer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to a hospital on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. CNN has not confirmed his death.

A Los Angeles fire official told CNN that paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson's home after a 911 call.

A Los Angeles fire official told CNN that paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson’s home after a 911 call.

Jackson, 50, had been in a coma at the hospital, sources told CNN.

Brian Oxman, a Jackson family attorney, said he was told by brother Randy Jackson that Michael Jackson collapsed at his home in west Los Angeles, California, Thursday morning.

Family members were told of the situation and were either at the hospital or en route, Oxman said.

Fire Capt. Steve Ruda told CNN a 911 call came in from a west Los Angeles residence at 12:21 p.m.

Ruda said Jackson was treated and transferred to the UCLA Medical Center.

Asked specifics of the patient’s condition, he said he could not discuss them because of federal privacy laws.

The music icon from Gary, Indiana, is known as the “King of Pop.” Jackson had many No. 1 hits and his “Thriller” is the best-selling album of all time.

Jackson is the seventh of nine children in a well-known musical family. He has three children, Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II.

At the medical center, every entrance to the emergency room was blocked by security guards. Even hospital staffers were not permitted to enter. A few people stood inside the waiting area, some of them crying.

A large crowd was also gathering outside the hospital, according to video footage.

Outside Jackson’s Bel Air home, police arrived on motorcycles. The road in front of the home was closed in an attempt to hold traffic back, but several people were gathered outside the home.

sournce CNN

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Michael Jackson taken to hospital – reported dead

Posted by African Press International on June 26, 2009

Pop star Michael Jackson has been rushed to hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest.

The singer was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his Bel Air home at about 1230 (1930GMT), media reports say.

Unconfirmed reports on TMZ entertainment website say the 50-year-old star has died.

The paramedics performed CPR on Jackson as the ambulance took him to the UCLA medical centre, officials say.

Crowds have begun to gather outside the facility, whose emergency centre has been roped off by police.

The star was due to begin a series of comeback concerts with an appearance at London’s O2 arena on 13 July.

He has a history of health problems and has not completed a concert tour in 12 years.

Jackson began his career as a child in family group The Jackson 5.

He then went on to achieve global fame as a solo artist with smash hits such as “Thriller” and “Bad”.

But the singer has been dogged by controversy and money trouble in recent years, becoming a virtual recluse.

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