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The killer spared – Would a black killer be spared in the UK?

Posted by African Press International on May 15, 2009

The shame that becometh, a result of Kenya laws as old as the protectorate under the white settlers and the shame that turns to luck for the white aristocrat, while the black widow languishes in pain of loosing her beloved husband, and here the mother of the killer has a good laugh…… (API)

LADY ANNE DELAMERE, Tom Cholmondeleys mother

Kind, intelligent, articulate and, of course, very tall. This is how she described her son. They portray a mothers love. In an interview with the Nation, Lady Ann recalled the day she received the news of her sons arrest. She was in hospital in England, where she had gone for a cataract operation.

The message from her sister-in-law, that Tom had been arrested for a killing, again, was the worst news she could have got from home. She says that she loves Tom very much and believes he is not a murderer. Even in the midst of the tension-filled murder trial, Lady Ann has a sense of humour.

Tom is my only live child out of five tries I am not a good cow and I love him very much, she said. But she says of her son; Tom is incident-prone. Lady Ann said that she talks to the family of Mr Robert Njoya, the man killed by her son.

Weve chatted in the prison courtyard with Serah Njoya. After a shy start, I asked after her children, who have now settled down and are doing well at school. The young widow was kind to her, she says.


MRS SERAH NJOYA, Robert Njoyas widow

I will only be happy if justice is done and the killers punished, Mrs Serah Njoya told the Nation a month ago. On Thursday, the man found guilty of killing her husband got off with a mere slap on the wrist eight months in jail. Mrs Njoya looked on without betraying emotion when the judgement was delivered.

It is instructive, however, that just last week when the charge was reduced from murder to manslaughter, she displayed unusual empathy. Mrs Njoya said nothing could be gained by sentencing her husbands killer to death and creating pain in his loved ones.

Mrs Njoyas husband, Robert, a mason in Gilgil, was shot dead on May 10, 2006, by Tom Cholmondeley, heir to the Lord Delamere title. Aged only 31, she was robbed of a breadwinner, a husband and a companion of 10 years.

Her day starts at 5am and ends at 6pm. She does odd jobs to put food on the table for her children, Gidraph Mbugua, Michael Kamau, John Karegi and Joakim Githuku.

On a good day she might make about Sh300 from her yam crop, but this once a week and after hard toil on the farm.

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