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Nadia and her 14 children – why is the world angry at her?

Posted by African Press International on May 4, 2009

First Published onFebruary 12th, 2009

Still remember with Nadya mother of eight children twin Suleman? After some time awaited, 33 years old women who claim to not want to get married is to provide comments in an interview to NBC television station.

nadia sulaiman

nadia sulaiman

Nadia sulaiman in interview

In the interview, nadya confessed want to acknowledge a family to pay for the insulation of the claim gained from their families. She always felt as a child the only one.

In an interview with the program, she said targeted criticized because she a single parent.

“Many couples are doing this procedure, and not controversial, because they are a pair, so received by the community, Nadya said.

For me, I feel now I am living under the microscope, because I choose the life that is not conventional. I do not intend to act weird, but it is going.

I long to have a relationship and closeness with other people, things that I did not get it when I grow.

I will feed them, I will do the best for them, she adds.

Sge said has tried to be pregnant during seven years before afterwards tried to carry out the program of the tube baby

Nadia now have 14 children said to all his descendants is obtained through fertilization with sperm that fitro donate in a friend.

Eight twin babies born nadya up to now are still in the hospital. The other children in the house, managed his both parents.

nadya-suleman-picturenadya suleman

Health risk

Twin baby was born eight that was born nine weeks were earlier through the Cesar operation in a hospital near Los Angeles, last January 26. All of them were reported in healthy condition.

This hospital, the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower, california, said they were not involved in conception of twins’s baby of eight this. Medical Board of California has started investigation on whether there are any violations of health services in this case.

Community Health Services Reproductive the United States ASRM recommended that the woman a Suleman age, might not have more than two embryos to be invested in his womb.

Twin pregnancy a lot of premature birth risk and also other health risks for the mother and baby-baby.

Suleman mother, also attacked the decision of his child, by saying to the site that the family had six children.

She already has six children who are beautiful, why should she do this, said Angela Suleman.

I was overwhelmed handled six children. We must place them in the bed compiled, gave ate them took turns, and children’s clothes built up in the house.

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