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Posted by African Press International on February 22, 2009

Send in by Albino Deng

The UNDP Office of Audit and Investigation based in New York has sent a team of investigators led by Elizabeth Gilbert and Nardos Asseffa to investigate serious allegations of “Gross Abuse of Authority and Sexual Exploitation of Local Sudanese Women” by UNDP International Staff. The chief suspect under investigation is Mr. Kun Vee Lee, Head of Operations UNDP Southern Sudan.

It is alleged that Mr. Kun Vee Lee, a married man is having inimate sexual relations with Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker, the Procurement Specialist who reports to Mr. Kun Vee Lee, in violation of UNDP policy. More horrendous is the fact that Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker who is a married woman is also having intimate sexual relations with two other married men working in UNDP Southern Sudan office, identified as Mr. Nassariudin Shah – Chief of Finance, Mr. Nadir Nassih – Procurement Officer. Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker is a sexual maniac and behaves like a bitch on heat. She wastes no time in luring men to have sexual orgy with her despite the fact that she is a married woman. This has become a matter of concern to the local staff and they have reported the case to the new UNDP Head of Office, Mr. Yucer Onder, who wasted no time in inviting the investigation team from New York.

It is significant to note that earlier Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker was having intimate sexual relations with Mr. Richard Okura – Procurement Engineering Adviser but when this was discovered by her supervisor boyfriend Mr. Kun Vee Lee, she changed the story and claimed that Mr. Richard Okura has attempted to rape her in the office. This resulted in the immediate dismissal of Mr. Richard Okura and the total removal of the Procurement Engineering Unit, which is credited with doing a very good job of vetting all construction related procurement contracts and saving UNDP and the Government of Southern Sudan a lot of money.

It is understood that Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker used her sexual influence for the promotion of Mr. Nadir Nassih who has now secured a very attractive UNDP contract as a Senior Assets Manager. The award of this job was done secretly without open advertisement by Mr. Kun Vee Lee, Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker and Mr. Nassariudin Shah contrary to UNDP policy of transparency in hiring people to senior jobs.

It has also emerged that some of the UNDP International Staff are expoloiting young Southern Sudanese women by giving them lots of money to sleep with them in the UNDP compound. One notorious International Staff Mr. Nelson Mbu – Project Manager from Cameroon has now impregnated Ms. Venesia Saidi a young Southern Sudanese woman and her parents are demanding that Mr. Nelson Mbu must marry their daughter because the pregancy is very advanced, but Mr. Nelson Mbu has been persuading the woman to have an abortion instead. Those who are familiar with the story say that this is the third Southern Sudanese woman to be impregnated by Mr. Nelson Mbu. For the other two he paid for them to have an abortion.

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