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The Michelle Obama Tape Saga comes to an incredible end: Mrs Obama, through a representative enters into an agreement with API

Posted by African Press International on February 10, 2009

Many readers thought the story had gone away after President Obama’s inaguration last month. Negotiations has been going on secretly and an agreement has now been reached between API and Mrs Obama’s representative.

The agreement is to bring to an end the tape saga. The negotiations has taken long because no party waswilling to give in to the way the agreement’s final wording was to be spelled.

In the agreement, all the information surrounding the deal has been expressly stated chronologically in order to give a clear picture of what took place duringthe interview that started it all, the circus that followed and why the parties have chosen to agree on how to end it in a peaceful, acceptable and dignified manner in order to stop further speculations about the tape and the Imam document issue.

In the same arrangement that has been reached about the tape between the parties, the Imam document on Obama’s birth is also covered.

Details of the agreement that will close everything on the two subjects will be posted onAPI sites as soon as it is cleared by theparties.

By Chief Editor Korir /African Press International.


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