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Your article dated January 3, 2009 about Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson truly sickened me.

Posted by African Press International on January 4, 2009

Chief Editor Korir,
Your article dated January 3, 2009 about Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson truly sickened me. It is one of the sickest articles I have ever read. The following is my response to the article. Cindi.
In the United States, a person can only be convicted by a jury if the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt. It is a system that was set up to protect citizens of being convicted of crimes they did not commit. The justice system has become a system tainted by money and high priced criminal attorneys who do not protect the innocent. These attorneys make enormous amounts of money defending criminals they know are guilty.All they have to do is prove there is doubt. They do this by humiliating the victim, finding every ounce of dirt on the victim and family of the victim, the police and all others involved. Everything becomespublic information. Beyond a reasonable doubt. When you have unlimited amounts of moneyyou can pursue every avenue possible. All you have to do is find anything, anything that might raise an onion skin of doubt.
It is a known fact that rich and famous people get away with crimes that no one in the general population would ever get away with. Why? Because money talks and fame walks. It doesn’t matter what skin color the famous person happens to have or not have. The insinuation that Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson and OJ Simpson have been attacked because they happen to have brown or black skin is way off base.
These men committed horrible crimes, more than once until they were arrested. All of them belong locked up for life. OJ Simpson has a history of rage dating back to his high school days. The man beat his wife on a regular basis. Their family home was well known to the LAPD. Domestic disturbance calls were made often. OJ was never arrested, maybe walked around the block. His wife was beaten and battered. The Simpson children grew up watching dad beat mom up on a regular basis. They no longer had a mother after OJ killed her. The only parent they have is a cold blooded murderer. Those children have been psychologically murdered, not OJ. Any consequences or torments he has or feels in his life were brought on by his own actions.
Mike Tyson is another out of control violent man. He also has a very long history of rage and violence. He struggles to contain his own anger. He bit off a man’s ear. That is pure rage and anger. He beat the crap out of his wife. He psychologically murdered many people. He is not a victim, he is a very violent and out of control felon. He brought on his own consequences is life by the choices he made.
Michael Jackson was once called the second Mozart due to his incredible gift of music. He faced child molestation charges more than one time. Did he change his behavior after the first time? No, he continued repeating the same behaviors. He caused his own decline in the music industry. He mutilated his own body with plastic surgeries and committed his own chosen actions. He created the freak he has become. He psychologically murdered several children. Any harm and humiliation he has faced as a result of his own behaviors is his own fault.
These men are not black martyrs. They are criminals with lots of money for expensive attorneys. Anyone who martyrs or screams racismor presents themas victims is misinformed, uneducated about the circumstances or just corrupt themselves.
The Hurricane, unlike the criminals listed above, was an innocent man convicted of a crime he did not do. That is a story about corruption and racism that destroyed a man’s life. If you want to do a story about an innocent black man imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, research the Hurricane. The three men you mention in your article are criminals.
Your story as written in wordpress, January 3, 2008 belittles the victims of horrendous crimes: children, wives and mothers. You laugh at them with your words of “psychological murder ” when referring to their abusers and murderers. Those children didn’t ask to be abused, to have their mothers abused, or their mother murdered.
Your expressed view of the “Psychological Murdering” of these men is absolutely appalling. The fact that you cite race, is beyond appalling.Jackson, Simpson and Tysondug their own graves. They are not victims. They are felons, criminals and a murderer. They do not deserve to be glorified. They should spend the remainder of their lives locked up.Having dark colored skin had nothing to do with it.
Written by Cindi-Cinderella, USA
The above writer is reacting to the story below:

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The Israelis have shown scant regard for world opinion – they pursue their assault with vindictiveness

Posted by African Press International on January 4, 2009

The Israelis are continuing their ruthlessassault against the Palestinians in the narrow strip they have allotted to them after stealing most of their country,killing civilians, women and children included, also destroying dwelling places and even places of worship while America, England and the developed countries of the world sit with their arms folded witnessing the carnage.

The Israelis have shown scant regard for world opinion. They pursue their assault withthat vindictiveness like the the jealous god they created who makes mistakes and regrets; who orders the slaughtering of an entire nation whose ancestors opposed the Israelites when they were coming out of Egypt, and whose prophet Samuel, without compunction, chops up into pieces their King Agag.


These are the people that this nation supports, whose ancestors murdered their Messiah, who did not come to destroy their enemies, but to bring the gospel of love These are the people who are reverenced by born again Christians as Gods chosen people. Which god! not the loving and forgiving God of the Good Samaritan, of the Prodigal Son? Wherever these Israelis attack, they try to destroy everything, as can be seen in the vicious attack of that beautiful country Lebanon.

These are the people who are allies of America, a Christian country from whom theyreceive forty percent of Americantaxpayers money asaid that go to other countries, so that they could build nuclear weapons and live comfortably while her own people are starving with a minimum wage and unemployment. All theseare a disgrace to a nationthat calls herself great.

If this slaughter is allowed to continue, America and England who dumped them there because they, or any othernation, did not wantthem, will not go unpunished.It should never be forgotten that in the past when they were seeking asylum, their first cousins, the Arabs gave them. The prophet Mohamed welcomed them with open arms as people of the Book.

The Palestinians do not fear death; they will continue to be the bee that torments the lion by entering its nostrils.

We are waiting now to see how the new administration will deal with this problem which is the root cause of all the conflict in the Middle East. and the chief cause of terrorism. Failure to resolve it will perpetuate devastating conflicts until doomsday.

By- Randall Butisingh, source RandallsBlog

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Kibaki disregarded Raila the PM and signed the Media bill into law

Posted by African Press International on January 4, 2009

As they continue to think they are equal to Kibaki in ruling Kenya, ODM leaders led by Raila Odinga get disregarded now and then, not even by President Kibaki alone, but also by junior officers in government who are close to the President.

ODM became partner with PNU’s Kibaki and things does not seem to be the way it should be.


New law: Raila calls crisis meeting

By Oscar Obonyo

As outraged Kenyans protested against the endorsement of media raids in a draconian law by President Kibaki, matters were bubbling in the delicate Grand Coalition Government.

Reports indicated all was not well as a line was drawn between friends of the media and the hawks in Government over the punitive Communications (Amendment) Bill 2008 signed into law on Friday.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called a crisis meeting of ODM ministers and legislators to reassess the partys “standing in Government” this Wednesday.

The PM considers the development as a slap in the face after he had publicly assured Kenyans that the President would not append his signature to the controversial Bill.

The move by the President has caused ripples in the media fraternity but there are indications that it could have even more devastating effect on the Government.

Of great concern is that the simmering tension in Government could have dire repercussions on the political stability, including derailing the ongoing reform agenda. Raila meets ODM top guns on Monday afternoon to address national crises. Sources said the agenda is food shortage, ECK, media freedom and state of the coalition before the joint party NEC and parliamentary Group meeting on Wednesday.

Close associates of the PM and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka have confided in The Standard on Sunday that they were not consulted over the decision to assent to the Bill.

“The move is unpopular with the people and our feeling is that the President wants to go down with everybody, forgetting that some of the key players like the PM and the VP have a political future beyond 2012. Of course Raila and Kalonzo will resist his unorthodox manouvres,” a minister observed.

Current crisis

Our sources trace the current imbroglio to political developments towards the end of last year. The source of the friction was the manner in which the cancellation of the annual State House dinner dance was communicated.

ODM leaders at a past press conference. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]

According to our sources, the PM and VP were kept in the dark until the eleventh hour. The PM reportedly received a call from an official of State House informing him of the cancellation, while a Permanent Secretary reportedly conveyed the VPs message via a phone text message.

“However, the VP is not making a public protest about the whole matter because the President is his boss and only him knows best how to handle the issue if he feels aggrieved,” added a close associate of Kalonzo.

Nonetheless, the politician explains that the VPs record on Press freedom is clear: “As far as he (Kalonzo) is concerned, it is not over yet. Media owners should now dialogue with Government on the offending clauses and sort out the standoff.”

For Raila, though, it is a different story. There is a strong feeling among his allies that Kibaki disregards his opinion and “acts as if he won a clear mandate to run the country alone”.

Although the National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008, which ushered in the Grand Coalition Government, places the PM at par with the President, in practice the story is different.

ODM founder member Mr Mugambi Imanyara says the party leader and members were ignored during the signing of the Bill. This, he observes, casts aspersions on the Grand Coalition Government.

“Even as we convene on Wednesday to agree on the way out, the general feeling within the party leadership is that we shall sponsor a private members Motion to delete all the offending clauses,” says Imanyara, the partys Secretary of Legal Affairs.

Surprise turn of events

Meanwhile, a senior PNU party operative and close ally of the President has expressed surprise at the turn of events. Noting that the President has “a lot of respect for the PM and consults him frequently on matters of national interest”, he blames the PM for “acting emotionally” over the Media Bill question.

“I know for sure that the President and the PM get along very well and are in agreement over a number of issues. What I do not understand, however, is how these decisions eventually get overturned,” he says.

The Standard on Sunday has established that the two leaders routinely hold briefing meetings every Wednesday mid morning, either at State House or Harambee House.

“Even when he wanted to effect changes on diplomatic postings to our embassies abroad, he dispatched (Head of Civil Service) Mr Francis Muthaura to the PMs office to compare notes. And because ODM leaders protested heavily about the list, the changes have not been effected two months on,” says the official.

Nonetheless, ODM feels aggrieved and will this Wednesday meet to iron out burning issues. Top on the agenda are the Media Bill, the rising fuel and food costs as well as the question of the Electoral Commission of Kenya. Members are irked by what they perceive as interference by the Muthaura over the transition process after the disbandment of ECK.

Weighty matter

“The matter is weighty. On Monday morning the PM will meet top advisers and party officials to consult ahead of the NEC (National Executive Council) and PG (Parliamentary Group) meeting on Wednesday,” divulged a party official.

“We want to draw a clear line of what ODM can take or cant take in this union. We are quickly losing identity and we want to remain loyal on the platform that we campaigned for,” he added.

And while ODM appears to have taken a uniform and firm decision on the Media Bill, there are divided voices for and against the Bill within PNU, ODM-Kenya, Narc-Kenya and Kanu.

Although several MPs in these parties support the new law, Nairobi Metropolitan Development Minister Mutula Kilonzo, of ODM-Kenya, leads the pack of those against.

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Raila begins to feel it – Now being openly ignored by Muthaura

Posted by African Press International on January 4, 2009

Raila, Muthaura differ over ECK transition team

By Maseme Machuka and David Ochami

Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Head of the Public Service have clashed over defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK).

The PMs office is accusing Mr Francis Muthaura of unilaterally appointing a team of former ECK employees to manage the transition to the proposed Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC).

The PMs office said Muthauras action was illegal and wants it reversed.

In a confidential memo from the Office of the President, 38 members of staff were redeployed to be “in the transitional team” awaiting the IIEC, which is yet to be constituted.

In the letter written on Monday, December 29, senior ECK officials totalling 38 were allowed access to their Anniversary Towers offices in Nairobi to oversee the changeover.

Of these, 31 are ECK employees who will band up with six officers from the Ministry of Finance and one from the Ministry of Justice.

The 38 officers form a transition team to ensure smooth changeover from the ECK following its disbandment by Parliament.

The memo asks the Administration Police officers at the offices to allow the listed staff, among them ECK Secretary Suleiman Chege and the Registrar of Political Parties Lucy Ndungu, into the offices.

Barred from office

Former ECK employees were barred from accessing their offices after the Government sent them on compulsory leave.

The decision by the Government to send the more than 500 ECK employees home was reached after President Kibaki assented to the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill last Wednesday. An interim electoral agency is to be put in place to carry on electoral reforms.

Sources at the PMs office said Raila was incensed at the new turn of events. A Press conference that he was to address was cancelled at the last minute as he flew to Mombasa with his family.

The letter reads in part: “Following the disbandment of the ECK it is now necessary that appropriate transitional arrangements, pending the appointment if the IIEC, be put in place to oversee cross cutting issues relating to assets, liabilities, obligations and staff of the defunct ECK.”

It further advises Muthaura not to allow any of the 22 commissioners and members of staff of the defunct ECK into the premises: “All former commissioners and members of staff are barred, by operation of the law, from accessing the records, offices and the premises.

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The law that Kibaki assented to on Friday gives the government sweeping powers to regulate media and even conduct raids during a state of emergency – Raila and ODM had promised it would not be signed

Posted by African Press International on January 4, 2009

Kibaki signs Communication Bill

By Kipkirui KTelwa

President Kibaki has signed the controversial Communications Amendment Bill, 2008, into law.

Despite strong appeal by media stakeholders urging him not to assent to the draconian Bill, the President did finally put his ink on the law that many practitioners describe as threat to free press.

“I have carefully considered the concerns that were raised by the media, which mainly relate to Section 88 of the Kenya Communications Act, 1998 which gives the government power to restrict media operations during a state of emergency,” said Kibaki in a statement issued on Friday evening.

He urged the aggrieved media stakeholders to address the contentious issue separately saying by refusing to assent to the Bill, he would not have addressed the main concern of the media.

Last Jamhuri Day celebrations were marred by protests by both the civil society activists and journalists who engaged the government in protests over the controversial Communication Bill.

During the demonstrations, human rights activist Mwalimu Mati was arrested alongside his wife. Radio presenters Caroline Mutoko, Larry Asego and Walter Mongare popularly known as Nyambane were either arrested or roughed up by presidential security guards and anti-riot police.

The law that Kibaki assented to on Friday gives the government sweeping powers to regulate media and even conduct raids during a state of emergency.

The law gives the Information minister powers to control what can be broadcast, when and in what form.

During the debate in Parliament, Information and Communications minister Samuel Poghisio defended the passing of the Bill, saying that the Government had no intentions of raiding media houses and that the clause was only retained as a safety measure.

“We do not raid media houses any more. This is only a measure that can be taken during emergencies,” he said.

But at the height of the chaotic, 2007 general election, the government deployed paramilitary personnel at KICC media centre who flushed out journalists, sealed off the facility then switched off live transmission facility.

The government also banned live coverage of events immediately President Kibaki was sworn in late in the evening triggering of violent chaos across the country.

In March 2006, hooded goons raided the Standard Group offices at I&M Towers and Likoni Road, beating up employees, breaking doors, stealing employees mobile phones, removing CCTV cameras and carting away computers.

The goons later took KTN TV off air for about 13 hours and disabled the printing plant in Likoni, before setting on fire thousands of copies of that days edition. The attack resulted in a loss of millions of shillings.

In 2005, the First Lady Lucy Kibaki stormed the Nation Centre where she allegedly slapped a television cameraman and seized reporters’ notebooks and tape recorders to protest at medias treatment of the first family.

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US tax-payers money to pay tickets for Obama’s relatives to travel to his Inaguration in the US – one ticket will cost 1,441 US dollars

Posted by African Press International on January 4, 2009

Obama family prepares to jet out for his inauguration

By John Oywa and George Olwenya

A new wave of excitement has gripped Kogelo village in Siaya District as relatives of the US President-elect Barack Obama prepare to fly to America for his historic inauguration as Americas 44th President.

Kogelo is alive once more, two months after the exhilaration that greeted his election as Americas first black president and the just concluded Christmas and New Year festivities.

The President-elects grandmother, Sarah Obama, is set to lead the delegation to US and was in Nairobi just before Christmas. Sources say the US embassy has already given her a travel visa.

Initial reports that Prime Minister Raila Odinga would lead the Kenyan delegation were refuted by an official in the PMs office. He said Raila would travel to the US in February.

The Standard On Saturday learnt that the team comprising the presidentelects relatives in Kenya will travel 10 days before the historic ceremony on 20th this month. Reports that Obama had personally paid for the airfare could not be confirmed.

The president-elects half-brother, Malik, said yesterday he would be part of the team that will jet to the US. “Of course I will be there but I will give you more details later,” he said from Siaya town. Malik said the Obama family in Kenya is eager to see him being installed as the most powerful man in the world.


Obamas uncle, Said Obama, said the family was yet to receive air tickets.

Mama Sarah could not be reached for comment yesterday but a source confirmed she was already preparing for the trip. “There will be a family meeting next week to agree on those who will be travelling. The tentative travel date is January 10,” he said.

The cheapest return airfare to Washington DC is $1,441 (Sh110,957), exclusive of taxes. This will not be the first time for Malik, Said, Mama Sarah and Obamas sister Auma to visit the president-elect in the US.

In 1992, Malik travelled to represent the family when Obama wedded Michelle. The family members were back in the US again in 2005 to celebrate Obamas inauguration as the Illinois Senator. The Obama family is scattered in Siaya and Karachuonyo.

The Standard on Saturday has established that besides the Obama family, several other prominent personalities, including musicians and politicians, from Nyanza Province were preparing to travel to Washington DC for the big occasion.

Most of those travelling are believed to have received invitation as well as sponsorship from friends living in the US or institutions in that country.


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Congratulations to President Kibaki

Posted by African Press International on January 4, 2009

For the first time, HE President Mwai Kibaki got it right by signing the media bill. Congratulations. This is a perfect New Year gift to the parents and Kenyans at large.

And I want to be clear. No media has been gagged. The said section 88 has been in our statutes since 1998 and all along the media has been around.

Time has come when the media must be put to task, not the reverse. The media is the one single source that has led to decay in the society. They have never been able to value the social upbringing of our children. At the same time, we must thank the media for remaining so vibrant with political and economic issues. But life is more bigger than politics and the economy.

I support the freedom media to inform and to entertain. But I do not support the freedom of the media to mess the moral upbringing of our children. These are young minds that the media is corrupting, yet we seem helpless.

We have written endless letters to the media owners about TV and FM Radio content to no avail. If the media was responsible, they could have known that politics and more politics is not what defines press freedom.

Press freedom should not includes the kind of pornography that they feed us on Radio, TV and the Mass media. Can we as a society seem helpless when the media invades the social fabric of the nation? I bet no.

The lie that the media has now been officially gagged is just that; a lie. Are our media owners and editors members of the same society with us? Are they comfortable with the lurid talks from some of the presenters both on Radio and TV? Are they comfortable when small children are being corrupted by what they watch and hear on TV and on Radio?

The answer is NO. If the media cannot self regulate, then the government must come to the rescue of Kenyans for the sake of our children.

For me, I am well formed and my mind will not be corrupted by the content of what I watch. The same applies with many adults. But my child is still very vulnerable. He needs protection and guidance, and here is where the government must come in.

The Minister must now move with speed to ensure that the media conveys material that is not harmful to the bringing up of my children. If we are responsible parents, parents who want the best of their children in future, we must all join hands and support the President on this. Otherwise, the purported free media will be our ruin as a society.

Congratulations once more to HE President Mwai Kibaki for signing this Bill.

Posted by Odhiambo T Oketch,
Komarock Nairobi.

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