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Posted by African Press International on December 29, 2008

UGANDA/Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi arrives in Uganda in this file photo. PHOTO/ REUTERS



Libya has told Switzerland it must wrap up a probe into the arrest earlier this year of a son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi or face unspecified further sanctions, the foreign ministry said.

Hannibal Gaddafi was arrested by Geneva police on July 15 and was charged with mistreating two domestic employees, a Tunisian woman and a Moroccan man, who later withdrew their formal complaint.

Gaddafi denied the charges and was freed on bail, but the case caused an uproar in Tripoli and led to the detention of two Swiss nationals, who were later released.

Libyas foreign ministry has said the two countries had agreed to set up an independent committee to investigate the incident.

Late on Thursday, the ministry said the committee has now almost completed its probe which showed the arrest was illegal, but the Swiss side was attempting to paper over the truth.

The facts are now clear and display the misuse of authority and infringement of legal procedures by Geneva police but the Swiss side in the committee attempts to issue a final report to save the face of the Swiss authorities, it said.


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