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Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

Send in by F.Jones.
Many African Americans perceives the
election of President Barrack Obama
to be the long awaited change that the
late Sam Cooke beautiful sang of or
that the late Dr. King so movingly gave
speeches about.
Many also now believe that the fight
for equality in the United State is now
over and that we have finally
overcame. While I must admit that I
too was moved upon witnessing the
historical 08 election of America’s first
Black President. However, we must be
careful not to become complacent and
blinded of the fact that America’s
powerful ruling elites-they that are the
controllers of world banks and
financiers of national election; that
maintains true constant power
throughout many presidencies– will
not discontinue their greedy ,
exploitive and suppressive practices
merely because of the election of
President Barrack Obama alone.
It is more likely that these ruling elites
will attempt to exploit the election of
President Barrack Obama. Thus using
it merely as a means for restoring
America’s eroded global image and
standing in the world. Ironically they
may also use this historic election to
further maintain their white
dominance by perpetuating the false
hood reflecting that America has truly
become an equal society, thus making
Blacks cries for true equality even
lesser heard. It may even be used as a
justification to rethink affirmative
action laws.
Unless the masses of Black people are
made more aware of America’s true
ruling elites and their modern
methods of deploying white racism,
nothing will change even with a Black
Although today most African
Americans do not experience racism
the way their parents experienced it,
they do, however, still experience
White racism. White America’s
practices of economically exploiting
and suppressing its Black population
were never actually abandoned, but
instead sophisticatedly reincarnated.
White America’s methods of
institutional racism has been secretly
modified into a more contemporary
and stealthy design that provides a
more socially acceptable means to
covertly control and suppress the
advancement of its African American
A sophisticated and covert social
engineering system designed to
maintain white dominance and control
that necessitates the suppression of
people of color especially of Black
people. The U.S. Government now
secretly deliberately disseminates false
deplorably racially devaluing statistics
and propaganda about its Black
population that are deliberately
designed to adversely manipulate and
shape the minds and collective
consciousness of its African American
population– corrupting African
Americans sense of unity, cohesion,
and reason — and facilitates a
consensual national environment of
where in which its Black population is
more easily divided, exploited and
ultimately suppressed.
All African Americans have
experienced the burden of this system
of applied psychological conditioning,
some more severely than others have.
It is experienced every time we
[Blacks] read a newspaper, watch the
evening news, listen to a radio report,
enter a classroom and read its racially
biased textbooks. To the detriment of
many African Americans, it has been
an extremely effective. It has
successfully conditioned many African
Americans to accept the dominance of
Whites and white institutions over
their lives by misleading them to
believe that they are, themselves, their
own worst enemies, therefore
engendering an aberration of
internalized self contempt that
pulverizes Black unity and halts Black
upward mobility. It is at the root of
both the profound division and self
hatred now afflicting so many Black
Americans and is at the heart of
internalized feelings of superiority that
many whites possess. This massive
psychosocial program not only
negatively impacts Blacks self
perceptions, it also ensures that the
masses of African Americans remains
the most racially devalued and most
economical exploited and suppressed
group in America. America’s modern
system of deploying white racism is
the reason of why today, that so many African Americans, perhaps more now than ever before in history, favorably and adamantly refer to themselves by the derogatory “N” word. It is also the reason why are so many, once very well mannered and respectful young Black men are now admiring the deplorable behaviors of thuggery and pimping? It is the hidden reason why Black unity, racial pride, and educational aspiration, once hallmarks of Black identity -especially during the 1960’s- has so dramatically declined? It is how we African Americans became living contradictions of our former selves? Did you believe the easy and convenient answer that Black Black unity, racial pride, and educational aspiration, unity, cohesion, and these admirable cultural traits all merely disintegrated when integration and other subsequent opportunities became available?
Within this same breath the question
may also be asked how and when did
the white race become the litmus test
and standard for all humanity despite
their brutally racist history to the
contrary of where of which all other
races has been either their enemies or
their victims?
Many people of African descent ,those
possessing the mental fortitude to
remain spiritually and psychologically
awaken within a white dominated
world that wants them asleep, have
pondered upon these very same
profound questions. They know that
there is something going on. Many
often can not fully explain it, but have
felt it their entire lives like a splinter in
their minds that something is terrible
wrong. Rather than partaking within
the pathological struggle engendered
by these profound questions this
literature explores, dissects, and
exposes the truth about what is really
The medias constantly depicted
deplorable imagery of Black Americans
is also designed to create a shift of
victimization that changes the root
problem of racism in America to be
due to Blacks behavior rather than
Whites proclivity for racism. Thus
engendering increasingly prejudiced
distorted perceptions and acrimonious
beliefs about African Americans that
makes the nation and the entire world
insensitive to their plight, tranquilizes
efforts on their behalf, lessens
pressure for social change on their
behalf, and makes any serious
criticism of White racism almost
impossible today. Therefore ultimately
fostering a national consensually
setting of where in which Blacks are
more easily exploited and ultimately
suppressed. It also creates a false
justification for the legal systems
mistreatment of African Americans
wherein they are disproportionately
incarcerated, given stiffer sentences,
and are more likely than other racial
groups to be treated brutally, beaten,
and fired upon by police officers while
they are unarmed. These injustices
now goes ignored because the
perception has subconsciously become
that its all now justified. When
contempt of Blacks is made to appear
to be justifiable, it is the fiercest and
most effective type of racism because
its witnesses, bystanders, and even
world audiences will sit by idly
allowing African Americans to be
brutally mistreated under the belief
that it is justified. And while many
African Americans have successfully
navigated through this psychologically
mortifying mine field and have gone
on to lead successful, productive lives,
for far too many this immense
devaluation can seem inescapable and
tragically, over time, many begin to
accept subconsciously and painfully
the negative portrayals of themselves.
In fact, this mortifying psychosocial
treatment of African Americans may
be the most aggravating, if not core,
factor of the national phenomenon of
self hatred; loss of educational
aspirations; loss of unity, cohesion and
racial pride; and fragile psyches of
many African Americans today. It is in
fact so fundamentally detrimental to
the Black human condition and psyche
that it may even affect the extent to
which many African Americans realize
their full human potential.
This terrible system of psychological
manipulation and social engineering
of African Americans has been so
successfully accomplished that it is
almost impossible to reverse. You see,
part of the conditioning is almost like
Stockholm syndrome. The victimized
group begins to love their enemy and
to feel that the enemy is justified in its
oppression, etc. The victim begins to
feel that they deserve the
mistreatment, and they will actually
oppose anyone who suggests what is
being disclosed here.
We African Americans must be
cognizant of America’s modern
methods of dividing , exploiting, and
suppression of us as a race and then
unify ourselves against it .
Furthermore this Black Matrix system
will not be discontinued because of the
historic and unprecedented presidency
of Barrack Obama alone . A presidency
that the the true rulers of America
intends to exploit by using it as a
means for restoring America’s eroded
global image and standing in the
world. Moreover it may even be used
to further strengthen White America’s
modern method of ability to suppress
its Black population by perpetuating
the the false hood that America has
truly become an equal society thus
making Blacks cries for true equality
lesser heard. Unless the masses of
Black people are made aware of this
real Black Matrix and then unify
themselves against it will it ever be
eradicated. Even with one Black
The Black Matrix: The modern mental
and social suppression of African
Americans Under national interest.
2006, 2008.

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Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

api-benjaminochieng<BY BENJAMIN OCHIENG

IN Cherangany, people spend sleepless nights with ears set outside their homes as cattle raids in the area has become the order of the every night.

When the sun sets, men, women and their children tremble because well armed rustlers from west Pokot take their loot after gun shots, killings, wails, tears and rape. They are left to live poorer day by day.

Raiders have turned Bonde, Kapsara, Munyaka and Chepsire villages up side down. Schools are shut after teachers and pupils escaped for their lives, homes and market centres are deserted, houses are in ruins, shambas not tilted and left fallow as no economical activity that flows in the area because of insecurity.

The few left determined to protect their leftovers, spend nights in the cold. Mr. John Goko is one of the survivors who oppose the say better living dog than a dead hero and believes in death than supervise property go to remain with nothing.
He has escaped death by a whisker twice and is convinced that God gave him 3rd chance in rare occasion to live.

He recalls on 3rd February 2008 when he experienced the cruel hands of raiders, when his homestead was ambushed. This started at 12.00 a.m. when his dogs backed prompting him tip toe to the door so as to observe the sinister move but was force to the ground by a spray of bullets to take his life. Luckily, only his right hand was hurt and was rushed to Kitale hospital. The raiders drove 16 herds of cattle and 9 sheep but were recovered next morning by security forces.

The 2nd happened on 16th may 2008, this round, he went to shut the door at 0900 p.m. with a spotlights not knowing that” Caesar had already come for his dues”. He chocked a bullet that left a hollow wound behind chest, missing heart by an inch. He lost all his herds of cattle and sheep. I am very weak a and cannot perform the chores I used to I thank God for the life he has given me again Said Goko

200 lives have so far been claimed since 2005, 2,000 fled their homes, 300 maimed, over 500 unreported rape incidents and at least 1000 survive with gun shot scars in Kitale, Kapsowar, Cherangany, Kapenguria etc.

They say enough is enough and want government to stable up security in the area. In what is called Security Laxity”, they have 4 police reserves that are required to protect over 3,000 families. Unlike Maralal in Samburu where gun training is mandatory once a teenage attains the age of 18 and is issued with a certificate of appointments as police reservist to help battle the rustlers who come from Karamojong ,Uganda.

They direct accusing fingers at police and describe them toothless bulldogs. Susana Nasimiyu who lost her husband, 2 sons and 30 herds of cattle to raider had no alternative but to watch the movie like episode happen. She alerted the police when in danger but was turned down. They told me that they also have blood like other human begins and could not risk facing the armed bandits. Said Nasimiyu as tears watered her chicks.

The frequent raids in these areas have also placed security Minister George Saitoti on the spot. They blame for not taking their killings, maimings and loss of property serious. They want him use government machinery under his docket the way he responded to the plight of Mt. Elgon people that was previously rocked by gun killings, rape and cattle raids by sabaot land defense force SLDF.

It was in this operation that SLDF Leader Wycliffe Matakwei met his day when he was felled by military, general service unit, G.S.U. Regular and Administration police bullets that comped their hide outs in the forest.

Calm and peace was permanently restored when security detail showed no remorse and massacred over 200 SLDF members who surrendered. Since the security operation was complete, Mt. Elgon has turned to be safest place to stroll at night than even Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret or Kisumu.

Human rights diplomats on fact finding mission discovered fresh unburied human bones, skull and skeleton estimated to be 8 months old in the thick forest of Mt. Elgon, a clear evidence that they were murdered in a cold blood. Cloths left scattered any how at the scene of murder were used by relatives to identify their missing members suspected to have been tortured and massacred.

Victims of Cherengany are convinced that should the internal security minister take the West Pokot raiders seriously exactly the way he handled the SLDF in Mt. Elgon they will have an everlasting peace…


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Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

api-benjaminochieng<BY BENJAMIN OCHIENG

Despite pressure to reduce the skyrocketed prices of commodities, thousands of Kenyans risk starving as traders and stockists persistently maintained their hiked prices.

Western region that boast the countries cereals producer is rocked by the worst hunger ever experienced in Kenya s history.

This prompted the locals to dube the 2kg tin (gorogoro) to bamba 80, a clear translation that the 2 kg tin which is their domestic scale costs Kshs. 80

Kenya has in the past trailed through dry spells, droughts, hiked prices and starvation. In 1994, Kakamega, Mumias, Bungoma, Vihiga, Busia and Kitale that are well known for maize, millet, sorghum and cassava production ran empty. They renamed the hunger tira mkongo (hold your back) in memory because there was nothing to eat and the people were forced to support themselves by holding their backs as they performed domestic chores.

The governments 101 National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) silos were emptied to nothing but could not sustain the soaring population of 30 million Kenyans.

It was at this time that maize prices pumped from Kshs. 20 to 45 per gorogoro and most families could hardly place meals on the table.

Thousands suffered from malnutrition. Those vastly affected were young children, pregnant women and HIV/AIDS ailing patients taking ARVs drugs to boost their lives.

Young girls from poor families had to quit schools for early prostitutions to enable them eke a living without bothering the consequences as young men tried criminology activities.

The archives from Kenyas starvation, hiked prices and inflation never say die without the 1984 experience as the country struggled to heel the attempted 1982 Air force coup that destabilised the one party state governance.

Things worsened when maize shortage completely rocked the country. Even those with money could not access the precious commodity forcing the government to import yellow maize flour from US claimed to be animal feeds. Prices of maize flour shot up for the very first time from Kshs. 5 to 10.

Kenyans now say enough is enough to problems related to hiked prices, maize shortage, poverty and food insecurity that has rocked the country in the past and present.

Leaders have come face to face with cry over Unga (flour) prices especially in public rallies and protests. Prime Minister Raila Odinga could not escape the stampede in his own Langata constituency. He was confronted by hungry crowd at Joseph Kangethe grounds in Kibera during his home welcoming ceremony. The constituents forcibly interrupted the ceremony to send the message home tunataka bei ya Unga ishuke (we want prices of maize flour reduced).

Agriculture Minister William Ruto whose maize production and distribution is directly in his docket had a daunting task quelling the very crowds at the same venue. He publicly admitted that maize production in Kenya had declined and forced the government to import 15 thousand metric tons that were already available at the port of Mombasa KPA , awaiting distribution.

He finally instructed cereals and produce board to purchase directly from farmers at Kshs 1950 per 50 kg sack to avert extra charges imposed by transporters to reach consumers at Kshs. 40.

North Rift that comprises West Pokot , Kapenguria, Maralal, Turkana, Laikipia and Isiolo that are dominated by the Samburus, Turkana and Pokot tribes are time bombs set to explode. They hardly experience a drop of rain, no rivers and no greenish plantations. But dust rules the ecosystem. They have hardly yielded a harvest.

Their homes are sparsely populated and lead a nomadic life.

The hunger in this areas have forced the people to resort to bush plantations that could hardly be eaten by monkeys, apes and chimpanzees in western region that are used to feed on guavas, paw paws, pineapples and bananas as do human beings.

These places are in dire need of intervention of World Food Organization WFO, World Agriculture Organization WAO and the Kenyan government to provide an everlasting solution. But one thing will never end, World Hunger…

By Benjamin Ochieng



CELL:+254 0720 767447.

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API wishes all its readers a very merry christmas and a happy prosperous new year

Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

You have been here as our readers. Sometimes you have had issues and sometimes you have liked your day and visits to our site. All that, we cherish and will now wish you a very very merry christmas 2008.

We hope to see you back after christmas so that we enter the new year 2009 together in happiness and the newfound trust.

As the christmas now comes – the old year passing, and the new year approaches, all will forgive whatever short-comings they may have had in this old passing year and move on to the new year in the spirit of trust,unity and love so that we all manage the new challenges that will face all of us in the coming year.

On behalf of API and its staff I wishyou the best christmas and a happy coming year.

Chief editor Korir

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Speaking agains the Museveni government’s actions

Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

Ugandan rebels speak out

Written By:Claire Wanja/KNA

Uganda’s rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is accusing the Ugandan government of derailing the peace process citing the recent military strikes in their camps by government soldiers.

Speaking at a hotel in Nairobi Monday, a leader of LRA peace delegation, Dr David Nyekorach, said the attack has worsened the 25-year conflict, warning that a search for a solution would remain elusive.

“The search for peace always breaks at door steps. This is the curse our nation faces for many years,” said Dr Nyekorach.

The LRA has warned that using anger in the process can create more anarchy in the country and theynow wants a new mediator on the level of the UN envoy to replace Dr Rick Machar and Goss, who they claim, have lost moral credibility to mediate in the process.

The rebel movement also wants the peace process to be shifted from Southern Sudan capital-Juba to a neutral ground suggesting Tanzania or South Africa because of their political stability and democratic values.

The group called for a halt on the current military operation and reiterated that they totally and unequivocally support the peace process saying that they are for peace in Uganda.

The LRA are blamed for abducting children and forcing millions to flee.

Last week, the UN envoy trying to end Uganda’s long-running conflict, Joachim Chissano, said he backed the offensive against the rebels.

Mr Chissano said the aim of the operation was to force the LRA leader to sign a peace deal, which he has so far failed to do.

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Kenyan women leaders decide to open their mouth in their effort to correct injustices

Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

Women legislators discredit appointments

Written By:Judy Maina

Women legislators are appealing to the registrar of societies not to register any political party that has not complied with the 1/3 principle on the gender basis during the recent appointment of officials in the major political parties.

Led by the Kenya Women Parliamentarians Association Marakwet East MP Jebii Kilimo, they say the women were short changed and saddened by the way they were treated in the elections.

Kilimo added that women need more serious positions in the executive and accused the men for conversing during the elections.

Major political parties concluded their elections last week with the majority of women getting very few positions.

Chebii was accompanied by Mps Joyce Laboso, Beatrice Kones, Sophie Abdi Noor among others.

Political parties have until end of this month to comply with the Political Parties Act and be registered by the registrar of political parties and so far only 15 parties have complied.

This was revealed at the ECK headquarters by the Registrar of Political Parties, Mrs. Lucy Ndung’u, whenreceiving documents from Kenya African National Union (KANU) party.

The commission warned that it will not extend the December 31 deadline unless there was a good reason to do so.

“The law allows for extension of time when there is merit but there will be no extension for those who do not merit,” said Sam Balongo, an ECK Commissioner.

The party’s Secretary General, Nick Salat, Justin Muturi – National Organizing Secretary, Njee Muturi-National Executive Director, Cecelia Nyendo- Secretary for Gender were present during the occasion.

The officials paid five million shillings and presented a list of 20,000 registered KANU voters from each sub-branch as required by the political parties Act.

Commissioner Balongo urged the parties that have complied with the Act to promote peace and unity amongst their followers.

“The stability of the country depends mostly on how the political party leaders handle themselves in the field,” he said.

Salat urged other political parties to comply with the new Act to see a better nation in the coming years.

Only eight out of the 15 parties have received their certificates with the rest waiting for verification of the presented documents.

The certified parties include Labour Party of Kenya (LPK), Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya (PICK), National Alliance of Rainbow Coalition of Kenya (Narc-K), Democratic Party of Kenya (DP), Forum for Restoration of Democracy in Kenya (Ford-K), Safina, Orange Democratic Movement in Kenya (ODM-K) and Grand National Union (GNU).

The rest include Mazigira Green Party of Kenya, Kenya National Democratic Alliance (KENDA), Ford People, Mkenya Solidarity Movement, Kenya National Congress, Kenya African Democratic (KADDU) and Kenya African National Union (KANU).

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He took power through a military coup and now dies peacefully

Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

Guinea’s hardline president dies

Written By:Claire Wanja/pps

President Mwai Kibaki has sent a message of condolence to the People of Guinea following the untimely death of the Country’s head of state Lansana Conte.

President Kibaki said he had learnt with great sorrow and shock of the passing on of the long serving President who died after some illness.

“The death is not only a great loss to the People of Guinea but Kenya and the Africa Continent as a whole”,President Kibaki said ina statement released from statehouse Mombasa said.

The long-ruling dictator, died after a lengthy illness, the head of the National Assembly announced early Tuesday on state-run TV.

Conte, believed to be around 70, had ruled the West African nation with an iron fist since grabbing power in a 1984 coup to become the country’s second president.

National Assembly President Aboubacar Sompare, flanked by the country’s prime minister and the head of the army, appeared on state-run TV at around 2 a.m. to announce that Conte had died Monday of an undisclosed illness.

“I have the heavy duty of informing the people of Guinea of the death of Gen. Lansana Conte following a long illness,” said Sompare. “I present my condolences to he who during all these years hid his physical suffering in order to give happiness to Guinea.”

The transfer of power has rarely been smooth in Guinea, a broken country on Africa’s western seaboard that has been crippled by corruption and rocked by multiple coups since independence.

According to the Constitution, Sompare as the head of the national assembly becomes president upon the death of the head of state.

In his statement to the nation, Sompare called on the country’s courts to apply the law, while Prime Minister Ahmed Tidiane Souare called on the army to secure the country’s borders.

The two announcements, coupled by the presence of the head of the army at the televised appearance, could signal that the transfer of power will not be upended by a military coup.

If so, it would defy expectations in a nation that two years ago descended into chaos as demonstrators called for Conte to step down, prompting the president to declare martial law.

Tanks rolled into the capital and security forces killed dozens of demonstrators.

Conte’s health and his undisclosed illness have been an issue of national debate for years. Rumors of his death periodically crescendoed, including in 2003, when he was forced to go on TV to disclaim them.

A similar wave of rumors began gathering force earlier this month, when Conte failed to make his usual televised appearance on the occasion of Tabaski, the name used in West African languages for Eid al-Adha, a major Muslim holiday.

The 1984 coup that brought Conte to power came just days after the death of President Ahmed Sekou Toure, Guinea’s head of state since independence from France in 1958.

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Crisis meeting on the Somali problem

Posted by African Press International on December 24, 2008

AU meets for Somalia crisis talks

Written By:BBC

Members of the African Union’s peace and security council are holding urgent talks on the crisis in Somalia.

The meeting of foreign ministers, in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, is to focus on finding a way to strengthen the peacekeeping force in Somalia.

An Ethiopian force of more than 3,000 troops has been backing the interim government, but is about to withdraw.

An earlier meeting of the East African regional group, Igad, decided to impose sanctions on the Somalian president.

The transitional government is in disarray,after President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed attempted to sack Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein – a move the prime minister and parliament rejected.

Torn by internal conflict, Somalia has been without an effective central government for more than 15 years.

Islamist insurgents are on the upsurge and control most of the country.

The Ethiopian troops, a weak AU force and troops loyal to the interim Somali government are limited to parts of Mogadishu and the central town of Baidoa, where parliament is based.

At the Igad meeting on Sunday, African Union commission head Jean Ping said Nigeria was ready to send a battalion of about 850 troops.

Burundi and Uganda would each send an additional battalion, he said.

The foreign ministers of the six-member Inter-governmental Authority on Development (Igad) came out in support of Somalian Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein in the political conflict with President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed.

After their meeting, the group said: “[Igad] regrets the attempts by President Abdullahi Yusuf to unconstitutionally appoint a new prime minister that Igad does not recognise, and decides to impose sanctions on him and his associates immediately.”

Mr Abdullahi had said he sacked the prime minister a week ago because the government had been “paralysed by corruption, inefficiency and treason” and failed to bring peace.

However, Somalia’s parliament declared the sacking illegal and passed a vote of confidence in Mr Nur by a huge majority.

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