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To the Chief Editor: The last possibility of truth being revealed has collapsed.

Posted by African Press International on December 17, 2008

I am very disappointed that you want to respect the feelings of obama
and would agree to keep secret the material that you have. Youcertainly will be in good company but while it’s understandable formedia in the US to do so because they want to curry favor andguarantee access, there is no reason for you to do this unless you tooare trying to climb to the top of the heap with a media empire andobama has promised you help.

It is the way he does business so come tothink of it that is entirely possible. It is very unlikely I will beonline at the time you meet to discuss with readers, but I hope youaddress this issue: has obama made promises to you regarding yourmedia plans for the future? If you really are a journalist then yourmission is to report the story to the public without regard for thefeelings on one man and his sponsors. The funny thing is all theattacks by mountain sage and the rest were completely unnecessary. Allthat was needed was a bit of flattery from the president elect and yougave in. I didn’t realize how much I was hoping you really would comethrough until I read your posting the other evening and realized thatthe last possibility of truth being revealed has collapsed.

What doesthe imam who brought the documents out of Kenya think about that? Aslong as that secret is kept he will remain in some danger though the
more time passes, the less impact it would have if revealed. Theywill simply make an exception to the constitution by act of congress.That imam, though, must have thought it was important to do what hedid. Is he disappointed with this turn of events? I hope you will postsomething about his reaction to your cooperation with obama’s requestto make the story go away.

By Teresa Kao


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