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Posted by African Press International on December 11, 2008

By Leo Odera Omolo

It was jubilations and joy when it was announced last week that President Mwai Kibaki has created a new district in Ndhiwa one of the fast developing regions in greater South Nyanza region.

Immediately after the news about the birth of the new district came through via the various vernacular FM radio stations and the Kenya Broadcasting Service radio, the residents went into fency, dancing along the main roads and the market places

The announcement coincided with the ODMs grassroots election which were taking place in the various locations, sub-locations and in the five administrative Divisions.All the politicians allied to the area MP Joshua Orwa Ojodeh swept the board, consigning his arch-rivals Mrs Monica Amolo and Tom Okello Obondo into political limbo

OJODEH, WHOIS AN Assistant Minister in the Office of the President incharge of the Provincial Administration and Internal Security was away at the time. He had accompanied President Mwai Kibaki on hjis Nyeri tour and had left the field open for all interested in ODM party positions at the branch levels to battle it out on their own.

The residents of Ndhiwa were over-joyed. They drunk all the beers sold in small bars in marketplaces and danced all the night, while heaping a lot of praise to their MP for the job well done. Civic leaders said the creation of the new district was long over due..

The newly created administrative Division will be known as Pala Division. It is now in addition to the existing four other Divisions, namely Riana, Kobama, Nyarongi and Ndhiwa. The area has now been sub-divided into a total 22 locations and 52 sub-locations. Six new more locations were created. They included Kwabwayi West, Kwabwayi Central, Kabuoch East, Kanyamwa West and Koguta Locations.

The residents have resolved amicably tht the district headquarters should remain at Ndhiwa town which has the best facilities such as houses for the accommodation of civil servants, schools, water, electricity and offices.

Ndhiwa is not fast developing area but the bastion and hub food production in the region. Ndhiwa has five administrative covering 14 locations. The area can now be accessed by all weather roads. But the memorable is the new road which is branching off at Opapo via Magina in Riana division and traversing the entire constituency via Ober ,Pala,Unga and Ndhiwa Divisional headquarters

All these areas covering the interior part of Ndhiwa were impassable forcing the residents to walk a very long distances. They will now be able to access medical facilities, schools and dispensaries.

The same new roads link up with the Oria-Rapedhi road via Pala. It has the interior part of Ndhiwa to be easily accessible. It is also linking Pala-Amolo via Opoya area with a number of newly constructed bridges across River Kuja.

Thanks goes to the area MP Joshua Orwa Ojode whose parliamentary tenure of 14 years as the representative of the area has witnessed massive development of the various economic ,rural electrification ,communication and better constructed educational institutions.

And before Ojode took over as the MP for the area 14 years ago, ndhiwa was considered as one of the backward region within the greater South Nyanza.

Administratively ,Ndhiwa previously had only one Division ,Dhiwa. But during Ojodes tenure more administrative division have sprung . These include Kobauna,Nyarongi,Riana,Ndhiwa and Pala inSouth Kabuoch. It has witnessed the creation of more administrative location than in any other Division in the region.

The residents of the agriculturally rich area are very lucky lots. In each and every secondary school there is power and water supplies for the hygene of the students and teachers. Each of the 14 plus locations has one operational dispensary and health clinic, which are full of drugs supplies.

Ojode who is an Assistant Minister in the office of the President incharge of the Provincial Adminsitration and Internal Security told this writer that he was one of the happiest man for having realized his ambition to give people of Ndhiwa the best services.

The coming of the new district, w hich is heaved out of Homa-bay is the one of the MPs major achievements . But he is still struggling hard to have a medium size white sugar factory established in Ndhiwa. The factory according to Ojode will easy the problem of the local farmers who are forced to take their mature canes to the Awendo based sony sugar more than twenty kms away. This exercise is very expensive consuming a lot of farmers money in cane transport costs.

Ojode who is a close supporter and friend of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga is a moderate politician who maintains that hard work and less talks was one of the quickest way to succeed. H e has always urged his constituents to be patient and give the government time to plan well for their advancements.

Atone time Ojode stunned the nation when he turned down the cabinet ministerial appointment offered to him by President Mwai Kibaki.

He did so in solidarity with Raila Odinga and other ODM colleagues but he was strangely left out in the new coalition cabinet list in the ODM/PNU grand coalition government formed jointly by Kibaki and Raila when the announcement over the voice of Kenya radio and various TV stations across the country revealed the creation of Ndhiwa district , the residents took to the roads dancing and marrying in a rejoiceful mood.

we have wanted for this new district for a very long time but we are now satisfied that Ndhiwa is the youngest district in the region . We promise to make good use of the close administration brought to us by the government said one local teacher John M Onyango.

Ndhiwa with five administrative Divisions is now too big and we are asking the government to create a second parliamentary constituency in the area. This should serve the Joka Bunch and Kanyano communities while nearest should remain in the old Ndhiwa constituency said a civic leader who preferred to maintain his secret identity.


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