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Obama men are at it again – a new cover-up?

Posted by African Press International on December 9, 2008

What Did Chicago Rock Barack Know?

And When Did He Know It?

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Chicago, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Chief of Staff John Harris Arrested On Federal Corruption Charges.

More reasons to hold up the Obama installation?? I’d say so.

Six Degrees of Separation at Work?

Don’t jump to conclusions, I hear you say? What took the government so long to jump, is my reply! Those whispers coming from out of Chicago about their so-called political machine rose to a roar and, still, those sounds did not seem to be loud enough to signal that something was rotten in Chicago and it needed to be cleaned out.

There is where the braggadocio’s aren’t too shy about pumping their chests and talking about who they can make or break, or not, according to their whims despite what the people of Chicago express their will to be at the polls.

Dropped down in the center of this political mess in a short time after hitting Chicago, only to rise to the level of the leader of the party now, Barack Obama rose like a rocket and his feet hardly hit the ground, he was flying so high across terra firma. But, I still want to know how that was possible in America without connections. And, although so many of Obama’s connections have been found to be questionable at best, somehow many in the mainstream media and from out of the Congress, itself, have surrounded him to anoint him and send him forth as representative of the free world.

This wheeler-dealer man, Obama, slipped and slid all across this nation and the world and not one big wig publicly bothered to insist that he reveal his origin or his means of getting around to his diverse political and social destinations and followed through.

Who is Barack Obama and what does he stand for? We have heard those questions raised even to the United States Supreme Court; and, yet, no definitive response has been heard to answer those questions. Now, you might also ask why and how in the world would I try to connect Obama to the breaking story about his Governor in this morning’s news that, along with his chief of staff, they were both arrested on charges of federal corruption. And, along the way, today, the name of Obama associate, Resko, was invoked. He is now serving time in a Chicago jail.

It goes without saying that Obama has been widely touted as being the leader of his democratic party since he broke all records to be hailed as the first black president of the United States following the Presidential General Election on November 4, 2008. And, even before then, right after the primary campaign when he became the presumptive democratic nominee, he took immediate action to move the offices of that entire DNC political organization to his own home state of Chicago. With clout like that, I don’t believe there is not much about that place that Obama does not know!

He comes and goes and makes things happen, as it hath pleased him. And, where he goes nobody knows. But we do know that he keeps his cell phone to his ear and he has refused to give up his telephone upon request of the Secret service. Oh mercy! I hope they don’t get those wires crossed. But, I’m almost certain they won’t tell until and unless? It’s almost like a prelude to America having to experience the Nixonian “Saturday Night Massacre” all over again. But we shall see.

Just who will fill the United States Senate seat of the (gag) President-elect Barack Obama to replace him in the hallowed halls of Congress? How much money do you have? Come on, boys and girls, pony up because the ante is going up. Step up!! Political offices for sale to the highest bidder. Forget about the Constitution. Forget about the Rule of Law. Forget about professional ethics. That’s just for public show, anyhow. Well??

Even though the feds don’t want the American people to leap to conclusions about a possible Obama connection to the Illinois governor’s possible downfall, in light of the current revelations surrounding the governor, we’ve got to wonder if Obama paid for either of his Senatorial seats and, even, the Office of President? We’re going to be proactive if nobody else has gotten there yet! It is worth mulling over.

Better now than never. It appears that our government is not sleeping, after all. And, if anybody in America wishes to return to the days of Watergate and Clintonistas, then have at it, because God Himself will pull the covers back every time and prove that you were neither paranoid nor delusional nor had snapped your lid when you stood up and said, “Oh look, the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.” And, no longer will they pipe up and say, “Thou dost protest too much. Off with their heads.”

Perhaps! But when the sunlight shines on all of those dark-of-night, back room shenanigans, and there is no more room for any of those small creatures to hide when they thought they were larger than life, then it just might be that Americans won’t have to stand by and watch as our political process is being taken over by either men or women who wine and dine on the dollars that were relegated to be expended on behalf of the people that they were put in office to protect and defend instead of to break and bend.

I don’t know about you, but I am past tired of watching as local, state, and national political offices are being treated like property to be passed down generation after generation to waiting sons and daughters and in-laws of “name brand” politicians. How much money is too much money? No wonder America is broke. Well, she may be broke but she is not broken.

And, with today’s arrests of Chicago’s governor and his chief of staff, we can breathe a sigh of relief. For, even in the midst of Americans fighting worldwide war on terror, faltering and failing corporations and banks, failing schools, promotion of abortions at will, perversion lifestyles sanctioned by the government, and corruption coming from the statehouses all across this country — just to name a few death-dealing blows to our traditions, values, morals, mores, and spiritual welfare — we have hope of Godly recovery for our nativeland, America.

Take heart Americans, America is not for sale. And, as my elderly friend has said for years, “You might get by but you won’t get away.”

And, you’d think politicians would get a hint by now! Oh well?! Stay tuned.

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Seychelles turns to private sector for tourism management

Posted by African Press International on December 9, 2008

The Seychelles government has decided to restructure the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) and allow the private sector to play a more important role in the tourism industry in the islands.

At a meeting with stakeholders of the tourism industry in Victoria on Monday, Finance Minister Danny Faure daclared that the STB will in the future have only seven members from the 16 members who presently sit on the board.

Four of the members, out of which two will be vice-chairpersons, will come from the private sector, Faure added.

The minister also indicated that the state is establishing a new Tourism Marketing Fund with a budget of $US 1.5 million and that the fund will have a chairman also from the private sector.

He stated that the government has taken stock of past mistakes and is trying to move forward on a better footing.

Also Faure declared that the government will play its role as a facilitator and catalyst for the tourism industry which is now considered as the worlds greatest industry.

For his part, the chairman of the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHTA), Louis DOffay, praised the decision of the government and noted that it will be the private sector that will assume the responsibility to ensure the success of the countrys main industry and main source of revenue.


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Nigerian Vice President on official visit to South Africa

Posted by African Press International on December 9, 2008

Nigerias Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan, on Tuesday began his second of the three-day visit to South Africa during which he will hold bilateral talks with counterpart, Baleka Mbete.

According to a statement here, said the discussions would focus on the activities commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Bi-National Commission (BNC) between Nigeria and South Africa.

The last session of the BNC took place in Abuja in May this year and it was followed by the signing of agreements on tourism and cooperation between the two countries.

Nigeria and South Africa have also expressed the intention to set up the Nigeria-South Africa Presidential Advisory Committee on Investment to fast-track investment flow between them.


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Mugabe seems to have big friends with money – Chinese will keep him in power

Posted by African Press International on December 9, 2008

China considering humanitarian aid for Zimbabwe

China said Tuesday it was considering sending food and other aid to Zimbabwe, but would not seek to mediate in the political chaos that has plunged the African country into a worsening humanitarian crisis.

Associated Press Writer

BEIJING China said Tuesday it was considering sending food and other aid to Zimbabwe, but would not seek to mediate in the political chaos that has plunged the African country into a worsening humanitarian crisis.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman urged Zimbabwe’s politicians to form a power-sharing government, but did not repeat calls from world leaders, including U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, for President Robert Mugabe to step down.

“China sincerely wishes the relevant parties in Zimbabwe to proceed with the interests of the nation and their people to form a solidarity government at an early date,” spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regularly scheduled news conference.

Liu said China said provision of “emergency humanitarian assistance, including food assistance” to Zimbabwe was under discussion, but did not say when Beijing would make a decision.

China would “try our best to send these materials to the hands of the Zimbabwe people,” Liu said.

Beijing has a rapidly growing presence in Africa, with trade between the two reaching $55.5 billion in 2006, up more than fivefold from 2000. China has been criticized by Western governments and interest groups for supporting corrupt regimes on the continent, including those in Zimbabwe and Sudan, which has been wracked by years of bloody civil war.

Once one of Africa’s most prosperous nations, Zimbabwe has seen its economy almost completely collapse under Mugabe. Elections held last March were widely denounced for murderous attacks on the opposition, and Mugabe reluctantly joined a power-sharing government designed by international mediators. But negotiations on the distribution of Cabinet positions have deadlocked.

At least a quarter of Zimbabwe’s population has fled the country and many of those who remain are surviving on leaves and roots. Hundreds have died in a cholera outbreak, with thousands of deaths likely going unreported due to the collapse of the health system.


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Posted by African Press International on December 9, 2008

Reports Leo Odera Omolo

The three Chgief Executive Officers of the three African major trade blocs will be meeting in the Swaziland capital, Mbabane on December 12 to work out the roadmap for establishing a single Free Trade Area.

Establishing a common Free Trade Area was one of the key decisions reached by the tripartite Summit of the East African Community{EAC}, the Southern African Development Community{SADC} and the Common Market for East and Southern Africa{COMESA}, which was held in the Ugandan capita, Kampala in October this year.

He planned merger is expected to lead to the attainment of an African Economic Community with a population of over 527 million people and a combined GDP of USD 624 billion.

The tripartite summit resolved that the three region al economic communities should immediately start working towards a merger into single regional Economic CommunityWith the objective of fast tracking the attainment of the much larger trading bloc. Among the first steps taken to fast track integration was an order to the three regionalsecretariats to develop a roadmap within six months to the establishment of a Free Trade Areathat will facilitate the movement of business persons across the regions.

According to the 26 heads of states who met in Kampala, the Free Trade Area will pave the way for a single Customs Union thereby ending import taxes on goods originating from member states and non-tariff barriers to trade within the bigger region.

A Special Tripartite Council of Ministers was directed to meet within 12 months to consider the study report on the roadmap towards the Free Trade Area and determine the timeframe within which that should happen.

The Swaziland meeting this week, is the second since the Kampala tripartite meeting.

The first such a meeting was held in Nairobi in November. It discussed how best to implement

and to set up the Free Trade Area


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Raila the PM on coalition with the Foreign Minister Watengula

Posted by African Press International on December 9, 2008

Wetangula differs with PM on sending troops to Zimbabwe

Written By:Doreen Apollos

Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula hasMonday differed with prime minister Raila Odinga on calls to have the African Union (AU) send troops to Zimbabwe to restore the worrying situation in the country.

The Minister stated that the African Union has no mandate or capacity to send troops to the troubled country.

Troops, he said , can only be sent in a situation where there is rebellion in a country and can only be effected by willing states and not the AU.

This followsSunday’s call by the Prime MinisterRaila Odinga petitioning the African Union to summon an urgent Heads of States summit to authorize the deployment of AU troops to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis.

However Wentagula claims that it was unconstitutional and incapable for the African Union to send troops to Zimbabwe.

And while AU sending troops there is not an option, the Minister observed imposing sanctions on the country would not be a solution either.

The Minister however urged the African Union to come up with a concrete solution that would address the crisis in Zimbabwe to emancipate the suffering innocent citizens in that country.

This comes amid calls by the European Union for President Robert Mugabe to step down after 28 years of rule, bedeviled with food shortages while diseases epidemic have worsened, creating a humanitarian crisis.

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