“News in English” won’t be updated any longer, following Aftenposten’s decision to shut down the service in a cost-cutting move. The thousands of stories we’ve written over the years, however, can still be found in Aftenposten’s archive.

To find them, you can simply go to the box in the upper right-hand corner of this page, just to the left of the one marked “SK.” That means “search in Norwegian. Tap in a search word (preferably in English, be it “moose,” “prime minister” or whatever), click on “SK” and see what happens. You can also search under proper names, like “Mette-Marit,” scroll through all the Norwegian stories, and click on those that should come up in English.

You can also go to Aftenposten’s Norwegian front page and use the same boxes in the upper right-hand corner there.

If you’d still like to look at Aftenposten’s webcams, they can be found.

Our heartfelt thanks
We’d also like to thank our readers for all the e-mails of appreciation and good wishes that have arrived during the past two weeks. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response, from all over the world and not least from non-Norwegian readers here in Norway who say they have relied on us to bring them some local news and help demystify the country where they now live. Many of you have written that we helped explain Norway, that we provided a link to the land of their ancestors, or that we simply offered some entertaining stories from far away.

It’s been impossible to answer all the mail, but it has cheered us greatly, and reminded us once again that it’s you, the readers, who have made this all worthwhile. We will miss you, too.

“Med vennlig hilsen,” as the locals would say,