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Posted by African Press International on November 30, 2008

API has now found a new permanent home. ALL API activities are expected to be carried out on the new site by the begining of the new year. API will operate the two sites for now and until the end of the year so as to avoid any activity disruption.

API is very thankful to WordPress who advised us today onelaborate ways to move our https://africanpress.wordpress.comto without loosing any of our articles and all the comments that posters have on the site. It means we will simply change the address but remain using some of WordPress’ templates.’

We will be independent and can do things our own way without having enemies report us to anyone.

WordPress has been good to us as they are good to other WordPress users and we appreciate their guidance.

Before we accomplish our plans to move the site, we will continue on this site as usual, but our readers will be allowwed limited hours daily to post their comments.

The question of the time to release the tape must be left to the MBOs to decide and we know, according to the contract that they will not let the American people down. They know when the impact will be great because one of the MBOs is American and knows the American audience well.

We realise through the advice given by many readers yesterday that the large number of people who send in emails are against the release of the tape. They make us believe that we will be opening wounds that has started to heal.

API has spoken to the MBOs today and came to an agreement to proceed despite the fact that there are more against the release than those for its release.

The MBOs have agreed to reschedule the airing date and will get back to us as soon as possible. Immediately we receive ffeedback from them, we will publish the schedules on the site here and the new site.

API will now stop discussing the tape and Imam document until we get feedback from the MBOs.

API is also scheduling interviews with interested TV and Radio stations that have already taken contact with the MBOs. For the safety of API all interviews will be done through a telephone conference calls.

Any requests therefore by readers to have API comment on the tape and the Imam document will be met with silence.

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