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API has temporarily withdrawn most of the articles published between 15th Oct and 17th Nov. All these will be republished after removal of negative comments and links

Posted by African Press International on November 22, 2008

API has gone through all articles published between the 15th of October and the 17th of November when the Michelle Obama story broke out, and realised that there were some inappropriate comments that passed through our moderation system because of a lot of work caused by the story making it almost impossible to go through the many comments that come in at the same time.

Due this factor, API has taken a decision to pull out temporarily all the articles with such comments and will delete all comments before releasing back the articles.

Any future comments will be well scrutinised and the period allowed each day for posters will be between 3 to 5 hours well monitored in order to block any bad worded comments passing through.

Most of the articles pulled out are on the Michelle Obama tape, the Imam document on Mr Obama and other sensitive stories touching on the American elections. These articles will be brought back in a few days time after all comments have been deleted. API’s enemies and jealous people had included bad links in their comments and some of them send in comments with abusive words. All these are now being deleted and our site will get back its good repute that it had before the Michelle Obama story broke out and the comments that followed thereafter.

API will welcome posters again from tomorrow Sunday afternoon Norwegian time because deleting of the earlier bad comments has gone quicker that expected.

Chief Editor Korir


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