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Letter from an Obama Supporter to API

Posted by African Press International on November 16, 2008

Original Message —–

From: Badge Hoofman
To:AfricanPress International
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2008 8:53 AM
Subject: Good morning, API


It’s almost 9:00am over there

in “Norway.” So you’d better

get your derrire out of bed

and shuffle over to the


We’re waiting for you. Waiting

for you to scribble out a post.

Or maybe your “counsel” has

one prepared for you.

Your “people” are waiting,


If you don’t let them post,

they won’t stay. They are

already finding happy homes

on other blogs. And there

interests are turning away

from you API. Their

talking about things that

matter, API. Not your

foolish, fraudulent scam,


So you better think of

something quick.
You better explain why you

have scrubbed your site clean,

deleting all the articles —

save a couple — dealing with

the “TAPES.” What happened

to the posts about the Imam,

API? (Are you so woefully

ignorant, that you aren’t

aware of the Internet


I know you are still reading

API. Because you can’t

NOT read this.
So what are you going to tell

them? Maybe that the Imam

ate the document along with

the tapes — and then you ate

the Imam? Is that what you

are going to tell them?

Or are you going to tell them,

“Please be patient as I am

entering a most important

meeting with counsel to

prepare a preliminary


I think the “API Night

Montitor” pretty much

destroyed that avenue with his

endless mockery of your

“Notice of Announcement ”

post, didn’t he??

They were laughing at you,

API — they were all

laughing at you. And then

they realized they were also

laughing at themselves. And

they kept laughing. Because

the Joke that is API is fully


Peace be upon you, my

Badge (Barack Obama


—– Original Message —–

From: Badger Hoofman
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2008 8:56 AM
Subject: Don’t forget!!!

Tell Dianna, Hope and Stacy:

“The Monkey is in the


You don’t even have to tell them I said it.

Just ask them what it means, they’ll know!




This are some among the emails received by API from those campaining against API with intent to stop the truth from coming out.

They are also happy if we refuse readers to post because they are afraid of the growing API.

Our good Readers should read and understand what is going on now, and should know that we are here to stay with you.

API Sunday Editorial staff

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