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Interfering in Kenya affairs even before Obama takes over the US presidency: Why is the US ambassador demanding changes in the Kenya police force

Posted by African Press International on November 16, 2008

Ambassador becomes a bully. What gives him the right? Canthe Kenyan ambassador to Washington demand changes in the US Police? Or is Obama’s extended rule starting even before he has been inagurated, that is if it will happen? The Electoral College may decide to change their mind and refuse Obama.

US ambassador calls for reforms in the police force.

Written By:Daniel Waitere

Caption: US ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger.

US ambassador Michael Ranneberger has called for sweeping reforms in the police force as recommended in the Waki report.

The ambassador says, the police force which was heavily criticized over its handling of the post election violence should review its tactics and create a modern code of conduct to stem cases of police brutality and abuse of human rights.

The police force was heavily indicted for it’s handling of the post election violence as cases of excessive force, extra judicial killings and rape of innocent civilians was leveled against the security agents.

The Waki commission probing into the violence recommended reforms in the police force aimed at injecting professionalism and respect for human rights as they undertake their duties and now the US ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger has joined in demanding that the government initiates the major reforms.

The ambassador said the reforms are long overdue but thanked internal security minister George Saitoti for forming the police oversight board to address cases of police harassment adding that those found guilty must be punished.

He said the US is ready to support the reform process to assist the Kenyan security forces to improve their capacity to fight crime.

Ranneberger made the remarks while presiding over the 4th graduation ceremony for the Kenya institute of studies for criminal justice.

The US was among 25 diplomatic missions in the country which yesterday urged politicians to implement recommendations of the Waki report to end impunity.



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