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News Flash: Robbery hits Nairobi

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

There has been a spate of robbery in the central business district of Nairobi in the recent past. As usual, we would all blame the police for letting the people down.But it gets worse when the Nairobi Police Chief, Mr Njagi Njue says that this is normal.

Honestly, if robbery is normal, then why have the police to deter crime?

By Odhiambo T Oketch
Komarock Nairobi

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Waki report accuses some Kenyan leaders of funding thugs to kill during last year’s elections but Raila is more interested in solving Zimbabwe’s problems

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

Prevail on Mugabe to share power, Raila tells African Union

By Beuttah Omanga and Isaac Ongiri

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has renewed calls to the African Union to act tough on President Robert Mugabe.

Raila said the AU should compel Mugabe to put in place a coalition government.

“It hurts to see the AU watching helplessly as Mugabe continues to run down Zimbabwe. The AU should act for the sake of Zimbabweans and ensure that Mugabe agrees to share power with the opposition,” said Raila.

Speaking at an International Human Rights conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, Raila said Kenya had its share of electoral problems, but moved within three months to agree on a power sharing deal. “Even if Mugabe was among Zimbabwes freedom fighters, he cannot be allowed to run Zimbabwe the way he wants,” said the PM.

He expressed concern that Zimbabwes Premier designate Morgan Tsvangirai had been denied travel documents to attend a regional summit.

Meanwhile, Raila said he would support better payments for councillors.

A statement from the PMs office discounted media reports that Raila was opposed to pay review for the more than 4,000 civic leaders.

The PMs acting communications director Florence Mugendi said the PMs position on the councillors payments was distorted.

“The PMs position on public sector reforms is that both staff remuneration and their effectiveness must be enhanced,” Mugendi said.



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Kenyans honoured as EAC comes to a close

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

Written By:PPS

A Kenyan student Edith Waringa Kamau of Riara Springs Girls High School Nairobi Wednesday night scooped the 2007 East Africa Community Essay competition at a colourful ceremony in Kampala Uganda as the 7th Extra-Ordinary Summit came to a close.

The summit which was chaired by the current Chairman President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, also presented certificates of excellence and cash awards totaling to 3,250 US dollars to the first three students.

The Kenyan student Edith Waringa Kamau was awarded a cash prize of 1,500 US dollars, while a Tanzanian female student who took the second position was awarded a cash prize of 1000 US dollars, a Ugandan female student who took the third position was awarded a cash prize of 750 US dollar.

Among the fifteen students who had participated in the East African Community Essay competition eleven were girls while four were boys.

Another Kenyan, Justice Benjamin Patrick Kubo was appointed and sworn in as a Judge of the first chamber of the East African court of Justice while Justice James Ogala of Uganda was appointed the appellate Judge of the same Court.

Similarly the Summit also designated Justice Harold Nsekela as Judge President of the appellate division of the East African Court of Justice while at the same time designating Justice Philip Tanui as the Vice President of the same Court.

The Summit further designated Justice John Bisigye as Principal Judge and Justice Stella Arocho Amoke as deputy principal Judge of the lower division.

The swearing in ceremony of Justice Benjamin Kubo was conducted by the East African Court of Justice Registrar Ruhangisa.

The Summit which was attended by President Mwai Kibaki, also endorsed the recommendations presented by the East Africa Council of Ministers whereby the East African Community will now have two deputy secretaries general.

One of the deputies will be in charge of Planning and Infrastructure while the other will be in charge of Productive and social sectors.

The Chairman of the East African summit urged member states to speed up the process of integration and expressed his gratitude in the manner at which the Community’s projects are being handled citing the commencement of the Arusha-Namanga-Athi road construction.

Others present were the host President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Tanzanian President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Second Vice President of Burundi Gabriel Ntisezerana, Secretary General of The EAC Ambassador Juma Mwapachu among other senior officers of the Community.



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Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

<Business Feature By Leo Odera Omolo

Reports appearing in the local media shows that a south African consortium firm, Sheltam is set to lose its position as the lead investor in the Rift Valley Railways concessions and may even be forced to make an early exit .

It says there is heavy pressure from leaders and asset owners Kenya and Uganda to have the regions railways services restored.

A meeting held in Ugandan capital Kampala last week is said to have approved a series of amendments to the concession agreement that open the way for other investors to inject capital into the financially strapped consortium to enable it efficiently run the Rift Valley Railway {RVP}

Sources in both Kampala and Nairobi, that are familiar with the on-going negotiations have revealed that Sheltns entrenched position as the lead investor in the original concession agreement had become an insurmountable obstacle to raising financing from the lenders or other stakeholders

:We asked the government to allow amendments to the agreement because while Sheltam was entrenched as the lead investor ,the status .SO lenders and the other stakeholders were reluctant to inject additional capital if that did not result in a corresponding adjustment to Sheltams status. That is the revision we wanted from the government and we get it , a source who attended the meeting in Kampala last week was quoted extensively by the EASTAFRICAN, a Nairobi most influential weekly as saying.

It was learnt that getting the green light RVR immediately entered into talks with three Ugandan companies to fill the gap left by Sheltams demotion ,even though these latter are completely inexperienced in railways business matters.

And the RVR Chairman Brown Ondego while confirming the new development would not readily divulge any details regarding the identifying or nature of business of the three Ugandan Companies which are the new entrants.

The revision of the contract adjusts the shareholding of both Uganda and Kenya.

According to the original agreement ,10 per cent shares were reserved fro the private sector in each of the partner states which paved the way for more companies to be incorporated

we have agreed with the two governments that the remaining shareholders will raise the required finance under a new arrangement said the RVR Chariman.

The EASTAFRICAN also reported that the Ugandan Ministers for Works and Transport John Nasasira had more than two weeks ago said they had held discussions with private sector players who had shown interest in joining the consortium.

But Mr.Ondego, footnotely acknowledged that the new RVR set up would be dealing with the new firms on a willing-to-know basis since they have the money ,which is the most important issue.

Sheltam the lead investor in the financially ailing consortium running the Kenya-Uganda Railway, was expected to lose its grip on the firm under a new investment plan meant to forestall the cancelation of the contract by the two governments.

The consortium won the bid for private management of the century old railway in 2006,with a brief to run some 900 kilometres of rail line from Kenyas Indian Ocean port of Mombasa, through Nairobi and up the Rift Valley highlands to Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Minority partners in the consortium include Kenyas Prime Fuels (15 per cent ) and Mirambo Holdings of Tanzania (10 per cent) and South African Comazar (10 pr cent) and the CDIO Institute for Africa Development Trust (4per cent)

In October this year ,Toll Holding of Austaralia announced that it was re-entering into the contract replacing the management by RVR.

Mr.Ondego was further quoted as saying that Kenya and Uganda had already instructed RVR to create a special purpose vehicle under which fiancs would be raised.

And last week Ugandas Minister of State for and Transport John Byabagambi was also quoted by the media as saying the two governments ahd already wanted Sheltam out of the consortium because of its financial incapability given that RVR badly needed money to rejuvenate the 100 year-old railway line.

we want one lead investor that is able to raise all the money the Minister said.

The Ugandan Minister disclosed that only about USD10 million had been raised by the concessionsaire . It is understood that the reducing Shelatms influence in the concession was one of the conditions put forward by the Kenya and Uganda governments before they agreed to endorse a USD 206 million investment plan announced by RVR Chairman Mr.Ondego

RVR which recently admitted two shareholders from the region, who accidentally are the same parties the main promoters had shut out over technicalities when the formal contracts were signed, needed to raise some USD 40 million

Mr.Ondego said they were expecting about USD 40 million to be raised by the shareholders . The other USD 54 million can be raised by IPC and KFW.

the chairman admitted that its is not an easy task raising over USD100 million adding that they would wish to raise all the money in a year or less in order to improve their investment reputation in the sector.

In six months time we want to have brought in most of the machinery .We want to increase the number of locomotives to 35. We have been operating with between 20 and 25 locomotives , he said.

The RVR has for some time now been under the pressure from its financiers KFW and IPC and from the Kenya and Uganda governments ,recruit another lead investment after it was established that Sheltam had lost the required financial muscle to rain the railway.

It was further revealed that the two governments of Kenya and Uganda had also failed to reach consensus with the railways investors over Sheltams presence in the past two weeks ,technocrats from the ministries of works and transport ,Finance and Privatization from Kenya and Uganda have met twice in Nairobi and Kampala to pave the way for Sheltams exit.

In the latest meeting held in Kampala last week, the hammer finally fell on the Sheltam.

The two governments have also started a regular two-week assessments of RVR performance As for now we are comfortable with the concessionaire, MinIster Byahagambi said in a brief interview with EASTAFRICAN

Key to the improvement of RVRs image is the newly recruited excecutive chairman Mr.Brown Ondego a well known personality in business and political circle who at one time was the CEO of the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA). He had previously turned around the KPA and set it on the road to becoming a modern and well-managed parastatal in Kenya


reports sourced from the EASTAFRICAN and other agencies.

About the Author,

Leo Odera Omolo is Kenyan veteran journalist operating in the countrys lakeside city of Kisumu, but do travels a lot Ito Tanzania and Uganda. He can be reached on cellphone Nos 0722-486181 and 0734-509215 for day and night.

His mailbox is P.O.BOX 833, KISUMU, Kenya


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An Obama victory would leave many Third World intellectuals and nationalists either jobless, struggling for relevance, or scurrying back to the drawing boards to explain an America led by a black president. Of course, they will also wish that he met some misfortune at the hands of a red-neck.

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

Africans to whom Obamas victory would be bad news

Still, the majority think he will be assassinated in the first few days in office, because America is simply too racist a society and is not ready for a black president.

ByCharles Onyango ObboPostedWednesday, October 222008

At the start of August, with the Democratic Party convention a month away, I could only find a sprinkling of Africans who thought Illinois Senator Barack Obama was going to beat Senator Hillary Clinton in the race to be the partys presidential candidate.

However, none of these few Africans gave him a chance in the race for the American presidency against Republican Senator John McCain.

It was only a month ago that a few African voices on the various lists and chatrooms on the Internet began to express confidence in an Obama victory.

Still, the majority think he will be assassinated in the first few days in office, because America is simply too racist a society and is not ready for a black president.

Now with national polls showing Obama up on McCain by anything between 10 and 14 points, the ranks of the believers are growing.

The fat lady has not sung, so Obama doesnt have this election in the bag yet, despite all the glowing polls. In fact the fat lady is only getting on to the stage, but it would be perfectly reasonable for Obamas Kenyan relatives in Kogelo to order new suits and dresses now in preparation for a big victory celebration after November 4 in America.

Obamas victory would be history-making enough in the USA, but it might even have far-reaching effects in Africa and the Third World in ways that we are not fully prepared for.

There are whole activist, anti-globalisation, and NGO industries in many parts of the world built around agitating against the inequities and imperial transgressions of America. A major drive of this anti-Americanism is the USAs moral culpability on the question of racism.

There are many racist societies in the world, but America is seen as the one that most benefited from it through slavery, and is the modern democracy that has the worst record of tackling racism.

For example, India, that still has a caste system, could elect Kocherill Raman Narayanan, as its first untouchable president in 1997, but America, where racial segregation was outlawed as early as 1856, is still considered unlikely to elect a person of colour as president more than 150 years later.

The most America is expected to do is to have fictional black presidents as in the addictive TV series, 24, not in real life.

But even then, the first black president in the series, David Palmer (a convincing role played by Dennis Haysbert) loses office and is assassinated by white conspirators.

His younger brother Wayne Palmer (an extremely flat performance by D.B. Woodside), is also finished off in a plot by his white vice-president.

This evil white hand striking down a promising black, Hispanic, or Asian prospect is a central part of the narrative of the evil American empire.

Take it away and more than 50 years of scholarship and political mobilisation in many countries will fall apart.

If Obama is elected president, thousands of public intellectuals, radical professors and social activists, and nationalist politicians and journalists will be plunged into crisis.

Now they will have to explain how it is possible that a black person could be elected in this profoundly racist country.

This, in a situation where Obamas nomination has already unsettled many because part of this international narrative about America, also considers the Democrats hypocritical liberals.

They are happy to posture as being against racism and for minorities, as long as these people are mostly serving as sidekicks. Thus black people can sit at the high table with white liberals, but not at the head of it.

Again, this is best illustrated in the TV series, West Wing, in the very liberal Democratic President Josiah Bartlets White House, with marginal black characters like presidential assistant Charlie Young.

And when Hillary Clinton and, especially, her husband, the man once referred to as the first black president seemed to play the race card against Obama, the cynics were vindicated.

Ironically, the Republicans, although more openly racist, do better. It took George Bush, not Clinton, to appoint a Gen Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as Americas foreign affairs ministers.

The best election result for the radical international non-American intellectual order, therefore, is for Obama to lose.

That would make sense, because it would confirm the dominant orthodoxy that America is racist; and/or that it has a very corrupt political system that allows the Republican-linked Establishment to steal elections.

An Obama victory would leave many Third World intellectuals and nationalists either jobless, struggling for relevance, or scurrying back to the drawing boards to explain an America led by a black president. Of course, they will also wish that he met some misfortune at the hands of a red-neck.

And to imagine that this crisis wouldnt have happened if a Kenyan student called Barack Obama hadnt gone to the US on scholarship, become a deadbeat dad, and left his son behind in America to be raised by his mother!



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Raila was in a reconciliatory mood as he censured Rift Valley MPS over MAU FOREST planned eviction of illegal settlers

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

<Environmental News By Leo Odera Omolo In Kericho Town

KENYA’S Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga early this week re-visited the volatile Mau Forest Complex in a move which the local political pundits termed as reconciliatory aimed at winning back to the fold his disgruntled ODM’s supporters in the South Rift region.

The pundits believes that the trip was meant for thanks giving and a pay-back gesture to the ODM party followers who had defied vehement opposition mounted against the ODM during the recently concluded two key by-elections in Bomet and Sotik parliamentary constituencies and voted overwhelmingly for the party’s candidates.

The latest trip by Raila Odinga to the contentious Mau Forest issue came in the wake of the mounting discontent among the 15,000 or so illegal settlers as the October deadline and ultimatum issued by the government for the eviction is only two weeks away.

The PM, however, censured politicians in the region not to play politics with the life-saving Mau Forest issue.

But, Raila Odinga, this time around sounded reconciliatory rather than his usual bullis style of handling issues and tough talking. Perhaps, this was a fence mending with the residents of the Kipsigis region, and a community, which voted to the ODM on one to one basis during last year’s general election.

The Kipsigis, a sub-tribe of the larger Kalenjin ethnic groups gave the ODM close to 1.3 million votes, the largest concentration of voting unit in the entire Rift Valley Province.. It gave the ODM nine{9} MPs. Eight out of these were directly elected by the electorates in the rural Kipsigis. One MP Zakayo K Cheruiyot won a landslide majority votes in a diaspora constituency of Kuresoi in the newly created Molo district.

The eight include Magerere Langat {Kipkellion}, Benjamin Langat {Ainamoi}, Charles K Keter{Belgut}, DR Julius KONES {konoin}, Franklin Bett {Buret}, Isaac Ruto {Chepalungu}, Donald Kiprono Kipkalia KonesBomet} and Lorna Laboso{Sotik}.

Kones and Ms Laboso perished in an aircraft incident on June 10 in Narok district as the two were being flown to Kericho in a specially charted plane. The accident, which also claimed the lives of Kones bodyguard and the plane’s pilot occurred while the two were heading for a series of ODM public campaign rallies in Ainamoi and Kilgoris in the neighbouring Trans-Mara district..

The consequent by-election which followed the death of the two former MPs saw the ODM candidates Mrs Beatrice Kones, the widow of the late Kones winning her late husband’s seat comfortably, while Dr. Joyce Laboso successfully defended and retained her junior sister’s seat in Sotik. But the two victories did not come in a silver platter, but was fought hard and won. A little known United Democratic Party {UDM} gave the ODM a run for its money as the resident openly revolted against the ODM over two contentious major issues Non-appointment of sufficient numbers of their MPs in the coalition cabinet

And the planned evictions of thousands of squatters from Mau Forest Complex, which is the only surviving water tower in the Eastern African region.

Raila told the residents that the government will provide them with an alternative land to Mau settlers and that the government was only waiting for a report to be compiled by a taskforce appointed by him a couple of weeks ago to thoroughly audit the detailed account of the issues involved in the planned eviction before re-settlement commence.

But the Rift Valley politicians, particularly the local MPs have rubbished the taskforce, arguing that its composition does not reflect it as being of proper representation of the Kipsigis community’s interests.

But the Prime Minister, however, placed the blames and the doorsteps of the previous KANU and Narc regimes for the Mau Forest problems , saying that powerful individuals had sold pieces of land plots to unsuspecting buyers, who were totally ignorant about the legal issues surrounding the transactions

Raila said if the Mau Forest was not saved in time, the nearby Lake Nakuru would dry up in the next eight years, adding that efforts should be made to save the forest because it is the source of lakes and rivers. Scientific reports say Lake Nakuru will be the first to dry up among the many other lakes, which are presently covered and protected by the Mau Forest water tower.

The prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister for Lands, James Aggrey Orengo,the Minister for Water Development Madame Charity Kaluki Ngilu, the Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner Hassan Noor and several top government officials,

Raila described those opposed to the planned eviction of settlers as hecklers and inciters saying the government will only deal with stakeholders on the ground. They keep on barking and yet they are not staying here, he retorted angrily.

Political pundits and observers alike, were quick in saying that the PM appeared to be out to smoothen the way for the planned resettlement of the residents of the Mau Forest Complex, which the UN’s scientists says is an important water catchment area.

Mr Odinga’s tour came in the wake of the reported resistance by the local communities insisting that they don’t have anywhere to go to, and that they should be compensated

Before vacating their land for an alternative new settlement areas.

Raila’s tour was the second trip to the Mau Forest that has caused serious splits and divisions among the Rift Valley politicians, and which had wrecked havoc within the ODM party’s unity. There is undeniable fact that the ODM was rapidly losing the support of the Kiopsigis region, where it had enjoyed a new fanatic backing, especially during the last year’s general elections.

The ODM’s losing trend was evidenced during the two parliamentary by-elections held last month in Bomet and Sotik parliamentary electoral constituencies. The ODM candidates carried the day, but only managed to squeezed narrow victories with the upsurge of the UDM hot in its heels.

UDM candidates who include Brigadier{rtd} Alexander Sitienei {Sotik} and Joseph Koech { Bomet} garnered sufficient votes to give their party a respected position, though the ODM aspirants won. But with their majority drastically reduced an unlike last year when the party’s candidates tamed their opponent in what appeared to be a one way traffic in some constituencies.

The Mau Forest Complex issue has become a thorn in the flesh of the coalition government headed by President Mwai Kibaki. It also surfaced during the two by-elections that saw the ODM’s Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto breaking ranks and openly defying their party to campaign for their rivals in the much rejuvenated UDM.

The UDM party was recently registered a fresh with the retired former Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. John Koech as the new party leader and a Mr Francis Kamwaro being the party’s Secretary-General.

Despite the threats of possible revolt and pull out of the ODM by the South Rift MPs, Raila stuck to his guns and maintained that settlement of thousands of families in the forest was illegal and even went as far as claiming that some of those who are very vocal.

Politicians vehemently opposed to the planned eviction were the beneficiaries of the illegal land allocation in the area.

The conservation projects intend to force thousands of settlers out of the 400,000 hectare Mau Complex, which is the source of water supply to the 12 rivers including Nzoia, Nyando, Yala, Mara, Miriu and other smaller streams.

The Kenya government through partnership with development partners has promised to mobilize resources to restore the Mau Complex and establish and at the same time establish a court to prosecute those involved in the wanton destruction of forest .

Mau Forest is reputed to be the only remaining continuous forest cover still standing ion the African continent..Without it lakes, Nakuru, Naivasha, Baringo, Natron in Tanzania and Turkana would dry up,

The forest provide support to tourism and wide diversity of wildlife that inhabit the Maasai Maran National Game Reserve, LAKE Nakuru’s flamingos and other potential areas.

Economists argue, however, that the biggest percentage of Kenya’s economy, tea, dairy, horticulture, large and small scale farming, are intricately interwined with the Mau ecosystem.


About the Author,

Leo Odera Omolo, is a veteran Kenyan journalist-cum-author operating in the lakeside City of Kisumu, but travels a lot into Uganda and Tanzinia

He may be reached on cellphones Nos 0722-486181 or 0734-509215 Day and night.

His mailbox is P.O. Box 833, Kisumu in the Republic of kenya.

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When Mr. Hale called Mr. Berg, he asked if he would represent him in getting tapes from API. Mr. Berg could not enter into an agreement with Mr. Hale, because he was already the Attorney of Representation for African Press International (API).

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

Author : MommaERadioRebels

Dear Chief Editor Korir,

I was asked to verify that the Law Offices of Phillip J. Berg, Esquire has never represented Ed Hale in any way. When Mr. Hale called Mr. Berg, he asked if he would represent him in getting tapes from API. Mr Berg tried to make the call for Ed, but never talked to anyone at API, as he was told to call back, then realized that he was speaking to African Press International.

When he hung up he never called back, nor did he speak to Ed Hale again, for he realized that API and African Press International was one and the same. Mr. Berg could not enter into an agreement with Mr. Hale, because he was already the Attorney of Representation for African Press International (API). As I am sure you all know, that when an Attorney agrees to represent you, they furnish you with a letter of Representation and/or an agreement signed by both parties.

The reason Mr. Berg’s office asked me to verify this, is because I have been involved with this from day one. I know for a fact that Mr. Berg does NOT represent, has NEVER represented and will NEVER represent Mr. Hale in any shape, form or fashion, which means NO WAY, NO HOW!!!

Momma-E &amp; The Radio Rebels

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Being a Latin American I am treated by the African American community as a fellow minority and I hear and get included in conversations where the main topic is that Obama is black and has a black agenda and will fight for black issues and help black communities.

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

Author : Americanized Citizen
I came to this wonderful country as a child, became a citizen when I turned 18 and believe that if you don’t vote you are part of the problem. I have also been a strong Democrat supporter for the last 22 years. I find myself terrified that the average American voter does not want to do the slightest research on their presidential candidates and wants to be “fed” the answers as to who to vote for. If Obama gets elected, it will be by all these new voters who apparently were to ignorant to vote before, did not care and are now voting because he’s black. Being a Latin American I am treated by the African American community as a fellow minority and I hear and get included in conversations where the main topic is that Obama is black and has a black agenda and will fight for black issues and help black communities.

And, although I don’t really believe those statements 100%, I have a problem with the reverse racism because I know that a white group of people talking about a white
candidate could never get away with this conversation without being called racists. So why is it allowed? Because, Obama is being voted in by the masses of poor black people who “think” he will help them by redistributing the wealth. I have news for these people. Obama is only out to help himself, and is not now or has ever been poor. Voting for a man just because he is black is prejudice and shame on this country that in the attempt to be politically correct we are afraid to call “foul” on this type of reverse prejudice! Having been born in a another country and being an American Citizen, I see things from a different prospective.

The President cannot have ties to other counties as Obama clearly does. What if Kenya did something against the United States? Would Obama react accordingly or attempt ignore it? His alliances terrify me.

Because, I don’t feel he can have all these ties to all these Muslim people and fight against them if he had to. And even if he claims not to be Muslim himself, can you say it about his family, childhood friends, teachers, the people who have influenced him? Would he declare war or sanctions against a county where his cousins live? Where he attended school? Where his childhood memories are? (I couldn’t raise arms against the country I was born in. I am human.)

It is not correct that these questions can be asked of a presidential candidate and have not been addressed. Because in our attempt to be politically correct we have actually endangered this country. It is okay to wonder the motives of Muslims and Arabs… They attacked us! What doesn’t make sense is that Arabs attacked us and people want to make one our president. (Or is he going to deny he is Arab also?) Just like it’s okay to worry about all these crazy American citizens moving to the woods with an arsenal of weapons and making their own laws because they have attacked us! America, please realize that one of the reasons this country is so great is because as American citizens we are spoiled. Most of the terrorist acts carried out in the USA are by our own home grown lunatics. This will not be the case if Obama gets elected… And who knows for how long we will pay for the consequences.

Again, I am not a supporter of voting for a president on the “fear” campaign as Bush was elected. But things are so screwed up and people want a change so bad that they are willing to ignore so much is wrong with Obama. He is not the black candidate everyone thinks. It is not about color or race… it’s about allegiance. Hell, I would vote for Condoleezza Rice before Obama. At least she has foreign affairs experience. McCain if anything is a great American hero. I have no doubt he would defend this country with his last ounce of strength and sacrifice it all (Oh wait… he already has). My vote is not only against Obama but also in support of am honorable man. Please vote for someone who’s allegiance can not be questioned because I don’t want my sons fighting a war against the Arabs(who hate us) on American soil. God Bless America!

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The Obama tapes SAGA: The truth will never be uncovered through insult, ridicule, sarcasm or anger.

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

Author : Montana4truth

The editor of this web site is credible. He has been tempted by anger, by money, by threats and by verbal abuse and responded to each and every situation with decorum and professionalism. I suggest that some contributors to this blog behave in a like manner. The truth will never be uncovered through insult, ridicule, sarcasm or anger. Let respect and faith be your guiding light.

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One guy got a long sentence to a federal prison shortly after Bush went into office in 2001 by simply making a joke about a burnng Bush. Ed Hale has said much worse than that about Obama.

Posted by African Press International on October 24, 2008

Author : Linda Starr


Mr Korir,

I hope I spelled your name correctly, ignore Ed Hale. Phil Berg is a reputable person. Don’t worry, Ed Hale clearly violated any tentative agreement you may have considered entering when he tried to profit off the tapes by selling them behind your back.

Ed Hale is a bald faced liar. He is throwing a drama queen temper tantrum. Ignore him in future. The FBI and Secret Service will wipe up the floor with this nutcase. One guy got a long sentence to a federal prison shortly after Bush went into office in 2001 by simply making a joke about a burnng Bush. Ed Hale has said MUCH WORSE than that about Obama. I hope the feds are monitoring this site go pay a visit to Eddie and show him what’s it’s all about.

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