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The Michelle Obama story sparks outcry in the US – The Americans demand that API makes public the Audio recording

Posted by African Press International on October 16, 2008

The reaction to the following storyShocking development: Mrs Obama decides enough is enough: My husband was born in Hawaii and adopted by his step father, does that make him unpatriotic; she asks, on a direct telephone toAPI., necessitates that we inform our readers on the following:

1. API had a telephone call from Mrs Obama after consultations with Nairobi. We will avail all the details and what transpired so that all interested parties may understand that the story is not fake.

2. API has no interest in the outcome of the US elections and we do not partner with any group in the promotion of any candidate for the presidency.

3. Our recordings will be released when we are satisfied it is not intended to be misused in any way or for any gains by an group.

Today, API received thousands of emails and replied to some from different people who wanted to know more about the story and others who wanted to get the audio recording emailed. However, we were shocked to learn that the emails replied by us were published on different blogs – made public. Our replies to the emails were not intended for publication.

Although we are not hiding anything, we would like to release all the information in the right way in order to avoid misunderstandings that may put us into problems with the Obama’s. We do not want to land into legal disputes with anyone.

The Obama campaign spokesperson(s) should not be quick to dismis the story as false. They should wait until they get all the facts on the table before making any conclussions. They should not think they control all calls Mrs Obama makes.

The timing of the interview should not be faulted on us. It was Mrs Obama who contacted us after someone took the initiative from Nairobi to connect API and her.

API requests allreaders to be patient. They will get all the facts very soon, now that we have realised the importance of the story to them.

By Chief Editor Korir

African Press International – API


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