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If you are a natural US born citizen, what are you hiding Barack Obama?

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama II

YOU TUBE VIDEO: Listen to it. If true then this is a big shock

By Judah Benjamin, Guest Author

It has been asserted by a number of sources, including Andy Martin, that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii. Philip Bergs Latest Motion to the Court is more explicit since it gives an exact Place of Birth. I must assume that Berg did not simply pluck the Location out of thin air, Mombasa has more than one Hospital, though Coast Provincial General was the best in 1961.

British Birth Certificates have a Standard Format which has been more or less the same since 1837 and they can only be challenged in a British Court. Kenyan Law is explicit and can only be challenged in a Kenyan Court. Indonesian Law is explicit and can only be challenged in an Indonesian Court. Be clear, if Obama was born in Kenya this is not simply a matter for the US Courts, or US Law.

If he was born in Kenya, and his parents were Legally Married [which on the Preponderance of Evidence they were, his father’s first “Marriage” being a Tribal, or Village, Marriage, which was not Legally Recognized] due to the age of his mother he would NOT have been a US Citizen. The Immigration and Nationality Act 1952, 8 U.S.C. 1401. Sec. 301 (g) [Effective November 14, 1986] does not apply, nor does Title III, Immigration and Nationality Act Section 309. [8 U.S.C. 1409].

Unless he has taken the Oath of Allegiance as a Naturalized Citizen since he was 18 years old, and if he was born in Mombasa, Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama II would not be a US Citizen, period. The issue of whether or not he was Natural Born under Article II of the Constitution of the United States would cease to matter and he would need to be Deported as an Illegal Alien.

Impeachment as a Senator would seem not to be necessary since he would never Legally have been one, but Diane Feinstein and the members of the Senate Ethics and Rules Committee would be liable to Impeachment. So would their opposite numbers in the Illinois Senate and the appropriate officials of the Illinois State Supreme Court and Bar, so far as I can see.

If Senator Barack Hussein Obama II was born in The Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7.24 PM on August 4th 1961, or at any other time, he is not a Natural Born Citizen of these United States and he never was. Philip J Berg, Esq, is correct, under the Nationality Act of 1940, as Revised June 1952 and in accord with United States of America vs Cervantes-Nava 281 F 3d 501 (2002) and Drozd vs INS, 155 F 3d 81, 85-88 (2d Circuit 1998) Senator Barack Hussein Obama II would not ever have been a Legal US Citizen at all, unless he was Naturalized.

If he was born in The Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya any Certificate, or Certification of Live Birth, issued for him by the State of Hawaii is a Fraudulent and Illegal Document. At Birth he would have been a UK and Colonies Citizen and in accord with the Kenyan Constitution he would have become a Kenyan Citizen in December 1963. He would not have been a US Citizen.

Alternatively, his UK and Colonies Birth Certificate issued in Mombasa in August 1961 could be a Fraudulent and Illegal Document. The two BCs would need to be compared. By this I mean the Original Vault Copy of the Hawaiian Birth Certificate and not the Amended, Post Adoption, Copy, Legally available to the Senator, assuming he was, as indicated by the Preponderance of Evidence, Adopted by Lolo Soetoro. This case might also need to go through the UK and Kenyan Courts and becomes a Matter of International Law and Controversy.

If Barack Hussein Obama II was born at The Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7:24 PM on August 4th 1961, or at any other time, it is certain that he is not Eligible to hold the Offices of POTUS or VPOTUS and highly probable that he is not Legally entitled to hold the Office of Senator either and that he was not Eligible to be an Illinois State Senator.

In that event the Senate Ethics and Rules Committee, Chair Diane Feinstein, have a problem because they are responsible for the Certification of a Candidates Compliance with Constitutional Requirements, a job they would have conspicuously failed to do. Should he be Elected the poisoned Chalice would pass to Nancy Pelosi because as Speaker of the House she, and the House, have the Responsibility to ensure that the President Elect can Effectively be Sworn In and Legally Assume the Office and Duties of the President.

Be very clear here, if Barack Hussein Obama II was born at The Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7:24 PM on August 4th 1961, or at any other time, Diane Feinsteins Committee have already failed in their Duty, as has every Secretary of State in the Union.

Let me repeat myself, if Barack Hussein Obama II was born in The Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7:24 PM on August 4th 1961, or at any other time, he is not a Natural Born Citizen of these United States and he never was, he is not even a Citizen by Birth. I had assumed ab initio that Obama was born in Hawaii and that his Hawaiian Paperwork was basically on the up and up, I could not conceive that a lie of this magnitude was possible, I thought that the INS would have caught on long since. If he is a US Citizen under these circumstances his Oath of Allegiance must be on Record somewhere. If it isnt he is not a US Citizen.

Hawaii may Legally be able to Issue a Birth Certificate under these circumstances, according to their own Code, but it would breach of International and Federal Law if they have. It would breach Hawaiian Law if the Place of Birth is spurious.

[338-17.8] Certificates for children born out of State. (a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

(b) Proof of legal residency shall be submitted to the director of health in any manner that the director shall deem appropriate. The director of health may also adopt any rules pursuant to chapter 91 that he or she may deem necessary or proper to prevent fraudulent applications for birth certificates and to require any further information or proof of events necessary for completion of a birth certificate.

So by that section he could get a certificate claiming Hawaiian birth even if he was physically born outside the US but the Place of Birth would need to be correctly recorded.

Understand, the Hawaiian Authorities may be able to Issue a Hawaiian Birth Certificate under these circumstances but they cannot make you a US Citizen. A child born in Kenya to and underage US Female and a UK and Colonies Citizen in 1961 was not born a US Citizen under any US Federal Law, under British Law, or International Law. The only way such an Individual could be a US Citizen in terms of the XIVth Amendment, or any Statute, or Code of US Federal Law is by Naturalization.

Under Common Law no Person can Testify as to their own Place of Birth, this is established Law upheld by stare decisis. Therefore it would be possible, even given the he was born in Kenya, for Obama to claim that he believed a Hawaiian Birth Certificate made him a US Citizen under the XIVth Amendment and that therefore he was acting in Good Faith running for an Office which he was Constitutionally Incapable of Holding. Unfortunately for him, his actions in regard to the Admission of his UK & Colonies and Kenyan Citizenships and his Indonesian Citizenship by Adoption, his frequent apparent Breaches of the Logan Act, his probable breaches of the Hobbs Act, the Hatch Act, USC Title 18 Part One Chapter 63 1346 and the RICO Statute make this Defense wholly Untenable, especially when one considers the fact that he holds a JD from Harvard Law. One may throw in the Misprision Statute for good measure. It is difficult to find any action or statement of Obamas since 1992 that could be used to suggest Good Faith could be used as a Defense in this Case. I am not saying that Obama is Guilty of any of these Felonies or High Misdemeanors, only that his actions and pronouncements are such as to lead to a reasonable suspicion that he may be.

Under INA 349 2. taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof after having attained the age of eighteen years. This is an Expatriating Clause, if you hold Dual Citizenship and do this you void your US Citizenship. Well Obama campaigned actively for Odinga in Kenya and apparently also took some kind of Luo Tribal Loyalty Oath. He may also have joined Odingas party. Of course his Dual Nationality lapsed in 1982 but INA 349 could, perhaps, still apply here, if he was born in Mombasa. It might even be concluded that Obama was providing grounds to restore his Kenyan Citizenship by Prime Ministerial Decree, which is Legal under the Kenyan Constitution. That would certainly look Expatriating to me, but I do not know how a Court would react.

There is indirect reason to believe that this may be true. 2d Session S. RES. 511: Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen.: In the Senate of the United States. was Sponsored by Senator McCaskill and co-sponsored by Senators Leahy, Obama, Coburn, Clinton and Webb. Why? Why were Democratic Senators trying to pass a Resolution making Senator McCain undoubtedly Legally Eligible when this issue had already been cleared up in 2000 and again in 2004? And why did Senators McCaskill and Obama reportedly insert the following Clause?

Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President;

This Clause has no particular relevance to McCain and the following Clause, which it is reported McCaskill and Obama attempted to REMOVE shows that:

; and Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936:

It seems clear that McCaskill and Obama were attempting to create a blanket Resolution covering ALL Foreign Born candidates. Why do that if not to benefit a Foreign Born Democratic Candidate, who did not have a US Military background?

McCain did not need this resolution, Richardson did not need this Resolution, so far as I can see nobody needed this Resolution unless somebody in the race was born outside the USA and was Covering his/her Ass and the only individual in the race that that could apply to was Senator Obama! This in turn would show that the Senator is a liar who has been peddling untruths about his birth for at least 16 years!

Likewise it would explain why Michelle Obama tried trawling the very single mother canard. Were he illegitimate there is precedent and Statute that says if his parents were unmarried at the time of his birth he would have become a Citizen of the USA at Birth under Title III of the Immigration and Nationality Act Section 309. [8 U.S.C. 1409]. However, as Miller v Albright, 523 US 420 (1998) demonstrates there is, and was, a split in the Supreme Court as to whether this Law is in fact Constitutional under the XIVth Amendment. A new case might change the precedent. For now it stands.

I do not insist that any of this is true and to me it makes little difference if it is, I hold him Ineligible anyway and have seen no solid Legal Rebuttal of my view from any source, but if he was born in Kenya he has, and can have, no defense of any description and any Document he has from Hawaii is Fraudulent on several levels. To hold the Office of POTUS one must be a Natural Born United States Citizen, if he was born in Mombasa Obama probably isnt even a United States Citizen much less Natural Born. He would be guilty of Fraud and a list of other offenses and any and all persons who had aided him would be guilty of Misprision, in all probability.


Obama is Indonesian, UPDATE

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Divided Loyalties: Obamas Citizenship Problem, Part 1 by Judah Benjamin (7/25/08)

DISCLAIMER: We are reporting information from a third party, and have no independent collaboration or documentation of such claims. The sole purpose of this inquiry and analysis is to investigate the qualifications of a public figure who is a presidential candidate.


Read the story from the source below!


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It is getting more confusing as we near elections: Obama, where are you really born? Obama Born In Kenya? Reported that His Grandmother Says Yes

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

Does it really matter where he is born? API asks.
We found this story and we find it difficult to get the facts in the correct box. Readers should judge and comment on the importance of theis story, if at all it is. – API Editorial
Filed under Opinion Editorials, Media objectivity, USA foreign policy, US elections, Law and courts – on Monday, October 13, 2008 – By: Yonah, Tamar
Someone is lying. According to Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii asthe Democratic candidate for presidentclaims.His grandmother bragged that her grandson is about to be President of the United States and is so proud because shewas present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room. -This, according to severalnews sites andPennsylvania attorney Philip J. Berg (see video below)who is, surprisingly, a life long democrat himself. Berg is the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and he has an impressive background in his activities as a democrat, but his support for the party seemingly stops when it comes to his trust in Barack Hussein Obama.
Many U.S. voters are suspicious of the Democratic candidate’s past, and Berg filed alawsuit to force Barack Hussein Obama to produce a certified copy of his original birth certificate to prove that he can run for the office of President of the United States.However, he is being fought. The DNC On Sept. 24 filed a motion to dismiss the Berg action. Why? What is there to hide? Why not produce the original birth certificate and be done with all the suspicions against Barack Hussein Obama?
Afew months back, a birth certificateWAS posted on the internet whichshowsthatObama was born in Hawaii. Yetsome say this birth certificate is a forgery and again, his grandmother states that she was present atthe birth, in Kenya.So what is the truth?
Oneexplanation is that Obama’s motherAnn Dunham, flew to Kenya in 1961 with Obama’s father to meethis family.According to some news reports, Ann Dunham, was not accepted well by her husband’s family because she was white:
“Obama’s family did not take to Stanley Ann Dunham Obama very well, because she was white, according to Sarah Obama. Shortly after she arrived in Kenya Stanley Ann decided to return to Hawaii because she later said, she did not like how Muslim men treated their wives in Kenya. However, because she was near term the airline would not let her fly until after the birth of her baby. Obama’s grandmother said the babyBarack Hussein Obama, Jr.was born in Kenya and that shortly after he was born, Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii.”
However, by the time she wanted to leave Kenya,it wasduringthe late stages of herpregnancy.She was not able to board a plane because the airlines wouldn’tallow women so close to birth to fly.It is instead believed, that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya as his grandmother apparently stated. Then, after he was born, his mother returned with him to Hawaii where his birth was REGISTERED on or about August 8th, 1961, in the public records office in Hawaii.
There is also a discrepancy in what hospital Barack Hussein Obama was born in, even if he was born in Hawaii. Reports by his own sister in two separate interviews state that he was born at twodifferenthospitals–Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital–in Honolulu.
The Times Heraldeven reports: “the senator’s grandmother, brother and sister, who live in Kenya, believe they were present during Obama’s birth in the African country.” Here, theTimes Heralduses the word that his family ‘believe’ he was born in Kenya (perhaps to avoid possible law suits by Obama’s Truth Squad?).

Watch this interesting and important video clip.

I myself, not wanting to believe what I see, did some searching around, and this is what I came up with:

Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at the Kapiolani Medical Center.

and here it says:

Barack Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Centeron 4 August 1961.

So which hospital was it, or was he really born in Kenya? And why is this simple matter so confusing and disturbing? Do the search your self and plug in these key words:

Obama born Queen’s Medical Centerand thenObama born Kapiolani Medical Center in a Google search.You will see he is reported to be born in two diferent hospitals. Amiracle! Maybe he IS the Messiah (grin).

What’s so hard about knowing something so simple as which hospital or country someone was born in? And if it is simple, then why doesn’t Barack Hussein Obama just present the court with his original birth certificate to be analysed and proven? The onus ofproof is on him, not the American public of which he wantstheirtrust in him to be their leader.

So, who is lying?Barack?His grandmother? His sister?Someone is.

p.s. Dr. Jerome Corsi will be on my show today (Sunday) where I will be interviewing him about his recent trip to Kenya to promote his new book, The Obama Nation, and to see if he can find Obama’s birth certificate. Instead, he was arrested, held at gunpoint and deported from Kenya. He’s back in the States now and wants to talk. Listen to the showwhich airs at 9am eastern time.

The opinions and views articulated by the authordo not necessarily reflect those of Israel e News.
API discovered the story on the site quoted below as the source. We want the readers to be the one to judge. We do not sensure.
Published by African Press International – API/source:

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Zimbabwe: Mbeki returns to salvage power sharing deal

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

President Thabo Mbeki was travelling to Zimbabwe Monday on a salvage mission of a shaky power-sharing agreement between President Robert Mugabe and the opposition which he brokered last month.

Former South African Mbekis new mission, supported by both the South African government and the regional trade bloc SADC, came as opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai threatened to pull out of the power-sharing deal after Mugabe handed key ministries to his own party.

The government announced on Friday night that Mugabe had given his Zanu PF party 14 ministries, including defence, home and foreign affairs, justice, local government and information.

The shock move which also meant Mugabe would effectively retain control of the army, police and the rest of the state security apparatus — caught the opposition off-guard, with both factions of the MDC insisting he had jumped the gun.

The allocation of the ministries and all other issues will be discussed in Harare when he meets that countrys political leaders, Mbeki spokesman Mukoni Ratshitanga said.

Addressing supporters at a rally in Harare on Sunday, Tsvangirai said he was ready to walk away from the deal if the situation required.

“If they (Zanu PF) do it that way, we have no right to be part of such an arrangement,” Tsvangirai told a rally of 8,000 supporters.

Tsvangirai, who outpolled Mugabe in a first round presidential vote in March but pulled out of a June run-off because of violence against his supporters, said he was prepared to renegotiate the whole deal if his 84-year-old rival followed through with his stated allocation of ministries.

“The people have suffered. But if it means suffering the more in order for them to get what is at stake, then so be it,” he said.

Zanu PF lost control of parliament for the first time to Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in the March legislative elections.

Zimbabweans hoped the September 15 power-sharing accord — which should see Mugabe remain president while Tsvangirai takes the new post of prime minister — would end months of political turmoil and years of economic ruin.

But efforts to form a government have bogged down by disputes over who will control the key defence, home affairs and finance ministries.

“We had thought that they would be reasonable and equitable in power-sharing,” said Tsvangirai, adding that it was out of the question for Zanu PF officials to have the defence and home affairs portfolios.

Edwin Mushoriwa, spokesman for the breakaway MDC faction led by Arthur Mutambara that also signed the September 15 deal, condemned the cabinet allocation as “hallucination on the part of Zanu PF.”

“That list is what they wish to happen. It was not agreed on. As far as we know, there was no agreement on the allocation of cabinet posts,” he told AFP.

African Union chief Jean Ping, on a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, called on the Zimbabwe’s political rivals to end the squabbling and honour the terms of the power-sharing deal.

“We are making an appeal to the Zimbabwean parties for this accord to be implemented correctly,” Ping said.


API/ (Zimbabwe/South Africa) – October 13, 2008.

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Somalia: “Robin Hood” pirates stealing from the rich

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

Nairobi (Kenya) – What is it that makes pirates different from other brigands; why do dacoits of the sea excite the imagination where the land-bound highwayman invokes fear and loathing? To explain, we cite the curious case of the Pirates of Puntland.

Somalia may be an arid and environmentally challenged country, but its strategic location and long coastline is a major asset. How these improbable pirates came to fulfill the country’s manifest destiny is a long story.

Compared with other Somali inhabited regions, conditions in the semi-autonomous state of Puntland are in many ways exceptional. Large expanses of Puntland are true desert, yielding pasture during short and unpredictable bursts of rain that, in some places, may only appear twice a decade. The maritime plains and low mountain on their fringe are called guban, the burnt land. As in the case of Kenya’s overcrowded Central Province, these conditions pushed the predominantly Majertain clan inhabitants to seek education and employment in the colonial administration.

Large numbers of Majertain migrated south, many settling in cosmopolitan Kismayu after independence. The turbulence erupting in the south forced many of them to undertake the precarious journey back to Puntland. Thousands of these internally displaced persons live in camps on the outskirts of Bossaso, swelling the population of this isolated gubanistan to an estimated 800,000 souls.

Bossaso’s port, a larger version of Lamu’s main jetty, is the engine of the Puntland economy and competes successfully with the modern facilities in Berbera. Yemeni-style wedding cake high-rises are sprouting along the oceanfront.

Security is at best tenuous. A mid-day shootout at a petrol station caused a traffic jam while I was there, and armed youth manning mobile roadblocks routinely collect cash and mobile phones after 8pm. Wahabi fundamentalists now control most of Bossaso’s mosques, while the persistence of Eastleigh-style nightlife provides a counterpoint.

The rise of Bossaso’s role as the headquarters of the piracy sector is consistent with these trends. Puntland’s long coastline borders Africa’s richest fishing grounds but Somalia’s marine fishery has declined to less than 10 per cent of the tonnage recorded before the governance meltdown.

When Kenya’s Environment Minister, Francis Lotodo, finally chased away the foreign trawlers that used to light up the coastal horizon at night in 1997, the poachers moved north to the waters off Puntland. The shimmering offshore lights induced impoverished entrepreneurs to join the illicit food chain. Unlike the occasional reports of small freighters (usually transporting famine relief) coming under attack while at dock, it follows this activity went unreported at the time.

The growth of the pirate industry followed the usual curve, and began to spike in 2006. Capital investment enabled the maritime mooryan to range over 200 kilometres offshore; a captured vessel was converted into a mother ship and the self-proclaimed Central Somalia Coast Guard began to justify their designation as pirates proper.

Details of the operation have circulated in the press of late: 60 ships captured, $30 million in ransom, the TFG’s laissez faire stance, a money trail leading from the pirates’ cove in Eyl to Garowe, Nairobi, and Canada; and imputed links to Al Shabaab militias.

The Pirates of Puntland are social bandits in the tradition of Robin Hood, not buccaneers. They steal from the rich and share the cash with extremely poor communities. If the investors claim the lion’s share according to local custom, their spokesman, Ali Sugulle, reports that the syndicate also funds local community development projects. These “Jalle Rogers” deviate from the universal pirate code and return the cargo intact along with the ransomed crew.

Like most of the reportage emerging out of stateless Somalia, the pirate phenomenon raises unanswered questions. The lack of response on the international level — US, EU, regional governments — is an anomaly. Why seek a UN security council resolution? Bush did not seek approval to shell the mountains behind Eyl when intelligence reported Hassan Dahir Aweis to be in the vicinity.

Why should the US intervene directly after Russia sent a warships, especially right after facing off with Putin over Georgia? This in turn leads to the events in Ukraine and the enmity between the Orange faction and Mother Russia, raising the question, “Are these Ukrainian tanks or are they Russian tanks on an Ukrainian freighter? What if it was a Chinese shipment?”

These and other factors contradict the claims that pirate money is funding jihadi insurgents. Who is Al Shabaab anyway? Al Shabaab militias began popping up everywhere after the demise of the notorious Aden Hashi “Airo.” Insurgency will stay in fashion until the Ethiopians depart.

Of course, the government of the day in Kenya once again finds itself caught in a dodgy position; why does Kenya, or the GOSS (government of Southern Sudan), need obsolete war machines like fuel-guzzling tanks anyway?

Looking at the big picture, the Pirates of Puntland have been extracting taxes from a neglectful international system. It is wholly consistent for the excess-prone Somalis to ruin a good thing by pushing the envelope. It follows that, by the end of the day, the surcharges and premiums charged by shippers and insurers will trump by far the cash collected by the pirates. Imagine that.


API/Source.The East African (Kenya), by Paul Goldsmith- October 13, 2008.

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Somalia: Clashes at Red Sea between soldiers and pirates

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

Mogadishu (Somalia) – Fighting erupted Sunday between a group of pirates holding a Somali ship and soldiers loyal to Somalia’s semiautonomous state of Puntland between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, according to eyewitnesses.

One resident, who refused to identify himself, told Shabelle that the pirates are still in control of the ship and its member crew.

According to reports from Puntland, Saturday’s clashes erupted after soldiers led by a senior Puntland police commanders attacked pirates but they failed to seize the ship from the pirates.

One soldier and one pirate were killed while two others were injured in the fighting.

Attempts to reach Puntland police officials by telephone failed.

In recent weeks, some Puntland soldiers have arrived in Eyl to join forces with pirates, who have collected millions of dollars in ransom payments.

Puntland President Adde Muse recently told soldiers that the government cannot pay their salaries, a development insiders say has helped fuel the number of soldiers joining piracy.


API/Source.Shabelle Media Network (Somalia)- October 13, 2008.

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Rwanda: Great Lakes Conference condemns DR Congo conflict

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

Kigali (Rwanda) – The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) has come out to strongly condemn the deteriorating security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, terming it a major setback to the regional peace process.

A statement from the ICGLR Secretariat says that the renewed fighting in the Eastern part of the DRC in North Kivu Province between the National Congress for Peoples Defense (CNDP) and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) has aggravated the fragile situation in the Eastern Part of the Country.

According to the statement, this has undermined the various regional and international initiatives aimed at searching for a durable solution to protracted problems of instability posed by the continued presence of armed groups in Eastern DRC.

The ICGLR firmly condemns the renewed violence, which has caused massive displacement of innocent civilian populations and created a fresh humanitarian crisis, says Amb. Liberata Mulamula, the ICGLR Executive Secretary.

The body made up of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the DRC among other states has also raised concerns over the continued recruitment of child soldiers by armed groups in the DRC as well as increased acts of rape of women and young girls perpetrated by the rebels.

The ICGRL has also called upon states which signed the LActe dEngagement in January 2008 during the Goma Peace Conference to show commitment and act fast towards eliminating conflict and also support the AMANI regional framework on peace which looks for viable solutions towards conflict resolution in the Great Lakes Region.

In a related development, the ICGLR has also condemned the renewed activities of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group led by Joseph Kony, which has reportedly attacked the Oriental Province and parts of Southern Sudan, killing scores of people and kidnapping 19 others, at a time when peace was thought to be returning in Northern Uganda and a peace agreement in the offing. Recent reports show that Kony has resumed attacks on civilians from their northern DRC haven of Garamba, making thousands flee their homes.

We re-affirm our determination to work closely with all national, regional and international players in the search for a sustainable solution to the problem of instability in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, concludes the statement.


API/Source.The New Times (Rwanda) – October 13, 2008.

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Congo-Kinshasa: Are Rwanda and DRC setting the stage for war?

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

Nairobi (Kenya) – Is Rwanda about to invade the Democratic Republic of Congo? That was the big question last week as tension and military activity continued to build up rapidly in eastern Congo.

It is clear that relations between Kigali and Kinshasa are worsening by the day, with the two parties trading accusations and the rhetoric between leaders of the neighbouring countries becoming more strident by the day.

Alarm bells were ringing loudly last week when Congo’s representative to the United Nations, Ateku Ineka, claimed that DRC authorities had seen concentrations of Rwandan troops gathering at the border. This was promptly denied by President Paul Kagame’s envoy to the Great Lakes region, Richard Sezibera, who described the claims by Ateku as “ridiculous.”

The developments were taking place against the backdrop of intense military activity by a rejuvenated Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda. On Wednesday, troops loyal to his Congress Nationale pour le Defense de Peuple overran a military camp in Rumangabo, causing heavy damage. Clearly, eastern Congo is on the brink of a major humanitarian catastrophe.

Although Kigali insists it has nothing to do with the escalation of military activity around Goma, it was noteworthy that the country had in the wake of the attack on Rumangabo engaged in a new diplomatic and propaganda offensive whose aim was to give tacit justification to Nkunda’s activities during the week.

On Tuesday, Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Rosemary Museminali told a meeting of Kigali-based diplomats of an alliance between DRC forces and remnants of Ex-FAR (the Rwanda army of the late president Juvenal Habyarimana) and Interahamwe militiamen who spearheaded the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Meanwhile, newspapers in Kigali, quoting anonymous sources, gave details of the Rumangabo attack, suggesting that elements within Nkunda’s frontline troops and intelligence were indeed in touch with Kigali. Reports claimed that following the attacks, DRC commanders had fled Rumangabo to link up with the Ex-FAR and Interahamwe forces under the command of Lt Col Ndinzimihingo in Rutare.

Reports from Kigali gleefully detailed how Nkunda’s forces had vanquished their opponents — and, more curiously, gave out details of the arms and ammunition Nkunda had acquired from the Rumangabo attacks. According to the reports, hhis forces captured four Katyusha rocket launchers, an assortment of anti-aircraft guns, motor launchers and vehicles.

On the face of it, the details of the air power that Nkunda’s forces were being reported to have suddenly acquired did not have much significance. But officials of the UN peacekeeping force in the DRC (Monuc) told The EastAfrican that they interpreted it as a coded message: A tacit warning to them that Nkunda had acquired the capability to fend off even Monuc. Apparently, Monuc soldiers working around Goma have recently been receiving leaflets warning them that Nkunda has the capability of shooting down armoured helicopters.

Although Monuc has not spoken about it openly, sources said the matter had caused much consternation and the leader of the UN forces, Alan Doss, recently visited New York to make the case for superior equipment for his troops.

Whichever way one looks at it, Nkunda’s new successes have put him in a situation where he is now able to receive military support from third parties and disguise it as equipment he captured from raids on DRC battalions.

In an interview with The EastAfrican, Francois Grignon, Africa programme director of the International Crisis Group, who has been following the DRC conflict for years, dismissed the fears expressed by Kigali, arguing that Rwanda is not under any threat and that the alliance between the DRC forces and the Rwanda rebels is a marriage of convenience to deal with Nkunda.

Still, observers argue that while Nkunda is capable of maintaining the region he controls, he neither has the will nor the military capability to overturn the government in Kinshasa, as he recently bragged. At best, he is seen as a nuisance, despite claiming that his forces are protecting the province’s ethnic Tutsi population from attacks by the Rwandan insurgent armed group, the FDLR.His advantage, though, is that his forces are familiar with the terrain and have emerged victorious whenever attacked by Kinshasa.

Yet, unlike 1999, there has been no cause for rebellion and Nkunda has had a hard time convincing the world that he is actually protecting the Tutsi population in Congo. Experts on Congo like Mr Grignon believe that the regulation of mining in South and North Kivu provinces will be key to stabilising the country. Rebel groups in the DRC have been using the minerals to finance their war activities. Unlike other areas in the Congo where multinational companies are involved, the mining in South and Eastern Kivu is controlled by small operators, who in some cases sell their products to multinational companies.

It is still a matter of conjecture whether the multinational companies are directly financing the rebellion in eastern Congo in order to have unfettered access to the mineral resources. However, the success of Congo’s reconstruction hinges on Kivu province, where the root causes of the conflict — including unequal access to land and unfair sharing of revenues from natural resource exploitation — persist.


API/The East African (Nairobi) – October 13, 2008.

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Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

A new comment on the post #11213 “Do not forget the past as we go to US elections soon! Odinga and Obama both Luo: “We are Taliban” ” is waiting for your approval

Author : rosettasister

Well, many of us here in the states have been shouting this to anyone who would listen for a while now.

We believed then and believe now that Obama exhibited poor judgment when he campaigned for Odinga.

This really made me angry as he was running on the theme that indeed he was the wise one exhibiting superior judgment.

Not true!

Anyway, here’s the latest.

Apparently, Corsi has fallen ill.

Corsi falls ill after Kenya caper

WND senior staff writer Jerry Corsi

Red Alert temporarily postponed until authors recovery from traumatic abduction

Posted: October 13, 2008
10:51 am Eastern

Jerome Corsi, WND senior staff reporter and editor of Red Alert has fallen ill after he was forced to endure detention at the hands of armed Kenyan immigration authorities.

WND founder and editor Joseph Farah said Corsi has arrived at his home in the United States and is now under care of a physician because he is very sick.

Corsi is still recovering from his traumatic abduction at the hands of Kenya security officials who halted his planned press conference in Nairobi and denied him and his party food for an entire day before allowing them to depart for London, Farah said.

The situation developed last Tuesday just as Corsi, who had been in Kenya for several days, was preparing for a morning news conference to announce the results of his investigation about Barack Obamas controversial ties in the African nation. The investigation also targeted Raila Odinga, a Kenyan political leader who has claimed he is Obamas first cousin.

Corsi was approached by immigration officials and taken to their office under the guard of soldiers with automatic weapons. Corsi made a quick contact with Farah, but then Kenyan authorities confiscated his passport and cell phone and held him as if he were suspected of a crime.

Under guard for most of the day, it wasnt until many hours later when Corsi and his traveling partner and publicist, Tim Bueler, were taken to the airport for their scheduled flight and Corsis cell phone was returned. He then was able to dispatch to WND a report on his captivity.

We were detained and lied to all day, Corsi described in his urgent report to WND. The immigration officer at the hotel 15 minutes before the press conference this morning said we only needed to come to the immigration headquarters downtown for a few minutes and that we would be back to the hotel for the press conference with only a few minutes delay.

That wasnt what happened.

We got brought to immigration headquarters by what turned out to be about a dozen immigration officers plus military armed with automatic rifles, he reported. Tim got placed in the back of the vehicle and was surrounded by the armed military. I was in the front between the driver and the top immigration officer who first identified himself at the hotel.

A resident of Kenya said bribes totaling thousands of dollars were paid to various officials during the day-long standoff between Corsi and Kenyan immigration authorities. While authorities originally claimed the mens entry cards had been lost and that Corsi and Bueler had to be at the airport to help investigate what happened, a report from Kenya Broadcasting Corp. admitted it was politics, not the contrived paperwork reason, for which Corsi was detained.

The Kenyan authorities later took him to his departure flight and made it clear he was not welcome to return.

Dont ever come back. See you in hell, Corsi reported an unidentified official told him as the author of the No. 1 best-selling book The Obama Nation was delivered to a flight departing from Nairobi to London. He is now in the United States.

This weeks edition of Red Alert has been temporarily postponed so Corsi may recover from his illness. The newest edition will be posted as soon as his condition improves.

More Barack Obama Raila Odinga articles published at African Press International:


Nyanza people kept children out of schools and even workplaces were not spared when Kenyas disputed past poll results went on air. Who defiedregretted after beatings and forced to return home. asNO Raila NO peace spread.

But when Agwambo gave his word upon Bondo visit let go to school our children and every one must go work to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in Nyanza the word was a command to Luo Nyanza and children were in schools.

Raila extended his supreme wings to Western region when they endorsed him their elder during Vice President Musalia Mudavadis homecoming ceremony which he was the chief guest. Having admired the Luo man from Bondo, the Kikuyu also made him elder of Agikuyu. I dont want to audience with Coast and Rift-valley where he has won majority hearts.

Railas madness has taken a worry when a man at Kondele was beaten for wrapping beef in a paper with Railas picture

Jerome Corsi Barack Obama Raila Odinga


Published by African Press Internationnal – API/ Source: Rosettasister’sBlog

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Taking on the economic colapse: Obama details his ‘economic rescue plan’

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

(CNN) — Sen. Barack Obama on Monday detailed what his campaign called a four-part “economic rescue plan” for the middle class.

Sen. Barack Obama unveiled his rescue plan for the middle class.

Sen. Barack Obama unveiled his rescue plan for the middle class.

“I’m proposing a number of steps that we should take immediately to stabilize our financial system, provide relief to families and communities, and help struggling homeowners,” Obama said at a campaign event in Toledo, Ohio. “It’s a plan that begins with one word that’s on everyone’s mind, and it’s easy to spell: J-O-B-S.”

Obama’s plan comes as aides to Sen. John McCain said their candidate would likely wait to lay out any further plans until the Treasury issues a report or recommendations on what to do with the bailout.

McCain has already unveiled a plan to buy $300 billion in troubled mortgages and renegotiate the terms directly with homeowners. On Friday, he endorsed the idea of suspending the current requirement that seniors start drawing down their IRAs and 401(k)s once they reach age 70.

Obama on Monday proposed a temporary tax credit for firms that create new jobs in the United States over the next two years, and penalty-free withdrawals from IRAs and 401(k)s in 2008 and 2009.

The Democratic candidate called for new legislation that would give families the option of withdrawing as much as 15 percent of their retirement savings — up to a maximum of $10,000 — without facing a tax penalty this year or next. He also called for a temporary lifting of taxes on unemployment insurance benefits.

The Illinois senator also proposed a 90-day foreclosure moratorium for homeowners acting in good faith, and a new effort to address the growing credit crisis at the state and local level.

Under the Obama plan, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury would provide much the same kind of backing to state and municipal governments as the recent federal bailout did to the commercial credit market.

“We can’t wait to help workers and families and communities who are struggling right now — who don’t know if their job or their retirement will be there tomorrow; who don’t know if next week’s paycheck will cover this month’s bills,” Obama said. “We need to pass an economic rescue plan for the middle-class … and we need to do it right now.”

The McCain campaign said Obama’s economic rescue plan was a political move that would not provide solutions.

“It is clear that the economy is hurting, that Americans need across-the-board tax relief, and yet Barack Obama has proven unwilling to break with the left-wing of his party and stand up for the American taxpayer,” spokesman Tucker Bounds said. Fact check: Obama’s tax plan and small businesses

“Interestingly, Barack Obama called [for] a moratorium on foreclosures, which is a policy he had previously labeled ‘disastrous’ when it was proposed by a political opponent. Proving yet again that Barack Obama’s positions on the issues are tied to elections, not solutions for the American people,” he said.

During the primaries, Obama criticized Sen. Hillary Clinton’s plan, which, unlike his, included a freeze on interest rates.

Earlier Monday, McCain delivered a speech that a senior aide predicted would “begin a turnaround for the campaign.”

On the new tone, the aide said the campaign decided to go “back to basics” with McCain on what he can offer.

McCain told voters Monday that they should elect him because “what America needs in this hour is a fighter.”

“I will fight to take America in a new direction from my first day in office until my last. I’m not afraid of the fight, I’m ready for it,” McCain said at a rally in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Video Watch what’s going on in battleground Virginia

“Let me give you the state of the race today and some straight talk. We have 22 days to go. We’re 6 points down. The national media has written us off,” McCain said to a sea of boos.

CNN’s most recent poll of polls shows Obama leading McCain by 8 percentage points, 50 to 42 percent.

“Sen. Obama is measuring the drapes, and planning with Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and Sen. [Harry] Reid to raise taxes, increase spending, take away your right to vote by secret ballot in labor elections, and concede defeat in Iraq. … But they forgot to let you decide. My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them,” he said.

Obama’s campaign dismissed the Arizona senator’s remarks as a “political speech about where he is in the polls.” Video Watch where the election stands

“Less than 12 hours after his campaign announced that Sen. McCain would finally have some new ideas on the economy, he decided that it was more important to give a new political speech about where he is in the polls,” said Obama-Biden communications director Dan Pfeiffer.

McCain advisers downplayed weekend reports that the Arizona senator would be unveiling several economic proposals over the final three weeks of the campaign, saying it was likely he would lay out one or two new ideas, but not the swarm that had been rumored.


They also downplayed a Sunday suggestion by McCain surrogate Lindsey Graham that a new economic plan rollout might focus on plans to cut taxes on capital gains and dividends, saying that the South Carolina senator had good ideas but that they had not yet been approved by the campaign.

CNN’s national poll of polls consists of six surveys: ABC/Washington Post (October 8-11), Fox News/Opinion Dynamics (October 8-9), Newsweek (October 8-9), Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby (October 10-12), Gallup (October 10-12) and Diageo/Hotline (October 10-12). It does not have a sampling error.

CNN’s Dana Bash and Rebecca Sinderbrand contributed to this report.



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Do not be fooled that you have won a huge prize and that you have to pay a fee to receive your win! It is a scam.

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: Greetings from the Ecowas Company
To Francia
Thank you for contacting us in search for advice.
This is scam. They want to steal from you. Be carefull and make no payments at all. You must warn others also.
Yours sincerely
Chief Editor
African Press International – API
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 2:28 PM
Subject: Fw: Greetings from the Ecowas Company
good day.i want to know if this is reallytrue?they send that mail to me.thats why i forward to you.thanks you.i need some of dimocracy.— On Mon, 10/13/08, Ecowas Pay Out Department <> wrote:

From: Ecowas Pay Out Department <>
Subject: Greetings from the Ecowas Company
Date: Monday, October 13, 2008, 8:03 AM

Greetings from the Ecowas Company
Your mail was receive here in this office in which the content of the mail was well noted here in this office. Note that delivery can not take place with payment not being made to the account department of the any of the courier company in charge of the delivery to your home address. Therefore note that deduction can not be made out from your winnings funds due to the fact  that your parcel have not been insured which the amount for the insurance is 200 DOLLARS So therefore you are advice to proceed with the payment for the delivery processing.
Note that if you do not comply with the terms you are advice that you stand the chance of loosing your wining funds. So if i were in you sheos i will try every thing in my power to make up the delivery charges.
Lastly Do note that delivery can not be completed without payment not being made to the courier company for insurance of your parcel
Treat very urgently as we also remind you that your parcel is ready.
Your responds is been awaited.
Dr. Tude Adewale
Tel: +234-8050-71-7216

On Sun, 10/12/08, Alahji Usma Uamaru Mohamedh <> wrote:

From: Alahji Usma Uamaru Mohamedh <>
Subject: Greetings To You From The Ecowas Company****Delivery Options??‏
Date: Sunday, October 12, 2008, 7:57 AM


101 Yakubu Gowon Cresent
&n bsp; Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Valuable Beneficiary
Congratulation, a cheque has been issued in your name and we have concluded the processing of all documents that will facilitate the clearance of the cheque in your Bank. This documents includes the following:
These documents have been securely sealed and packed for security reasons which makes it impossible for anyone to view it until its been delivered to you.
Find below our delivery options which you are required to choose the one that is most convinient to you.
DHL UK  Home
Cost of delivery
Mailing: $40.00
FedEx     Express  Logo
Cost of delivery
Mailing: $35.00

Cost of delivery
All three options are 48hours delivery.

Due to the diplomatic content of your parcel, it will be illegal to ship it without being insured as it will violate the federal delivery rules governing diplomatic parcel delivery. This means payment for the insurance fee must be made before shipment to avoid risk. This is because of some bad experience we had in the past. We can not afford to re-issue your cheque if anything goes wrong. In this case payment for the insurance fee is absolutely compulsory, while the mailing fee should be paid to any of the above listed delivery company you choose at the point of delivery.
Note: that your prize is protected by a hardcover insurance policy, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the money before remittance. This means that the above insurance charges cannot be deducted from the prize and hence must be provided by you before yourparcel is shipped. This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the international gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD july 1996 by the constitutional assembly.This is to protect receipients and to avoid misappropriation of funds
Send your response to indicate your option within the next 24hrs,
Your responds is been awaited.
Dr. Tude Adewale
Tel: +234-8050-71-7216


We warn our readers to be carefull and treat letters like the one above with total fear and not make any payment at all.

If any reader out there has such letters, please forward them so that we publish and that may help people so that they do not fall prey to this scammers.


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There was no coup in Mauritania, rights activist says

Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

The chairman of the rights group Observatoire international des droits de lhomme, Toure Moustafa, said on Sunday that there was no coup in Mauritania as the people decided to change president.

Moustafa hinted at the 6 August coup which overthrew former Mauritanian President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi.

We were told that human rights were demeaned here, that there was a coup in Mauritania but we have realised that was wrong, there was no coup in Mauritania, Mustafa told the media after meeting Gen. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President of the ruling High State Council.

When there are coups, people die in the fighting but there was none of this here, he stressed, adding that the institutions are running normally and there is no political prisoner.

Therefore, we call on the international community and the African Union (AU) to come here and ask the Mauritanian people, Mustafa added, in presence of his secretary general, Eli Hallassou.

Out of the 95 MPs, there are 73 that support the incumbent president. It is merely a decision of the Mauritanian people that no longer trusted the former president, he said.

I think we are satisfied with our visit to Mauritania where everybody goes serenely about their business and where human rights are fully upheld, he concluded.

For his part, M. Hallassou felt that “human rights also cover the respect to sovereignty, the respect to the institutions, meaning at least, to let Mauritanians settle their internal problems.

He opposed an internationalisation of what is prevailing in Mauritania, calling for the liberty of Mauritanian people to determine their future.

This is one of the basic components of human rights on freedom and sovereignty, independence and autonomy,” the Secretary General of the Observatoire international des droits de lhomme said.


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Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008

Chadian President Idriss Dby Itno, has appointed his nephew, General Abderahim Bahar Itno, as the new Army Chief of Staff to replace General Adoum Gabgalia Guelmin, to whom he was deputy.

Abderahim Bahar seems to be a “free electron” in the Itno family as he has the reputation of his propensity to challenge his uncle President.

He is seen as a “going to war” character who took part in all fronts to save the regime of his uncle, but whenever it was the case, he was undermined by the attacks from the rebellion.

The Deputy new boss of the Chadian army, General Danio Ndokedi, born in the Southern oil-rich zone, is also regarded as one of the greatest military strategist in the country.

He is also highly respected in the hierarchy of the great Chadian army.

Easily recognized by his bald head, General Ndokdi was the right-hand man of the former Defence Minister General Nouri, who is presently a member of the rebellion.

For more than two years, General Ndokdi suffered from health problems that often kept him in bed.



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Posted by African Press International on October 14, 2008


DESPITE Raila in power as Prime minister in the coalition government, Nyanza people who he rule as king hardly forgive the Jomo Kenyatta and retired President Daniel Arap Mois regime.

They blame the two KANU regimes for retarded development of Kisumu and Nyanza region because of their opposition stand. They were marginalized and most buildings were built by the British administration.

The birth of opposition in Nyanza, started in 1969 after independence. Jaramogi Oginga was Vice President and Kenyatta was in Kisumu to open the Provincial General Hospital Russia at Kondele. After the President had officiated the PGHs phase 1 that was complete, the presidential motorcade headed to the Central Business District CBD where Oginga engaged Kenyatta in a heated argument at the Kisumu Boys round about.

Police Commissioner Ben Gethi, fired in the air and police, presidential escorts drew their guns and gun shots took command of the scene killing at random any body they came across. Many people were killed, maimed and the lucky were crippled to live with bullet scars that they were not born with.

Jaramogi was then kept under house arrest at his Milimani home.

As Nyanza struggled to heal the Kenyatta massacre, they got another misfortune in 1975 when labour minister Tom Mboya was assassinated outside a Nairobi pharmacy. Mboyas death was again linked to Kenyatta and associated with his Organization of African Union (OAU) meeting which he had attended in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

After Kenyattas death in 1978, Raila felt the way to save Kenya from bad leadership and loot of countries wealth by the few, was by changed of governance from the top.

At 27, he tried to topple Moi by using the Kenya Air force but the uprising was not promising. He got arrested, detained for 9 years as the gap between Nyanza and government widened.

As a result, Oginga related business the molasses plant, that was under construction was halted and police deployed to provide 24 hours security, 2nd phase of PGH was not even started, provincial administration offices and police station remained in ruins ,even roads and schools were not in development talks for decades.

The battle for freedom, Nyanza development and country for the interest of common citizen started a fresh in 1990 when Raila was let of the hook. He shortly escaped to Norway when he sensed danger, returned in 1991 to join the Forum for Restoration of Democracy (FORD) and contested Langata seat which he worn by land slide in 1992 Polls.

The assassination of Robert Ouko whose mutilated body was retrieved at Got Alila Koru, a gave a thick stain to KANU regime and clotted Luo Nyanza who responded by burning of government vehicles. Kisumu was turned to a no go zone when armed youth threw stone at police who hit back with teargas in running battles that rocks the CBD.

This annexed Raila a feather to be prominent and powerful in Nyanza after the death of Jaramogi in 1994.

Luos speak in solidarity on Railas decision and no one dares to oppose him in the region. Anyone interested in aspiring as an MP in Luo Nyanza is sure of victory with his blessings irrespective of race or tribe. Those who have tried him like Asian businessman Shakil Shabir former Kisumu Mayor and MP for Kisumu Town East, former Kisumu Town West MP Ken Nyagudi from Gem, Siaya are good examples.

But dare criticize or oppose him in Nyanza, that marks the start of your political end. The people will never vote for you for talking ill of their Messiah,’Agwambo’,wuod nyalego,the many names he is called . Land Minister James Orengo, former Rarieda MP Raphael Tuju, Public Service Minister Dalmas Otieno and Public Health Anyang Nyongo give good tales.

Since the 1982 attempted coup, age has crossed Raila with crisis and has changed power acquiring tact from in by gun to democratic. This was evidence in 2001 when NDP-KANU deal brought the first coalition and Raila was made Road Minister, the relationship that mark the start of development in Nyanza.

In the process, Maseno became a University, Central Bank-Kisumu Started operating, a new Provincial Commissioners plaza was started, Oginga family related business the molasses plant that was halted was under renovation, Kisumus bus park’s modificationto an international standard began and Kisumu acquired a city states to be the 3rd largest city in Kenya.

Another Railas democratic move is evidenced in ODM-PNU. With this coalition government, Kisumus modern police plaza is under way to replace the British built Police station. CDF was disbursed to grassroots to improve or build new hospitals, markets and schools. Without forgetting the expansion of Kisumu Airport to international standard and other service delivery to citizens countrywide.

Nyanza people kept children out of schools and even workplaces were not spared when Kenyas disputed past poll results went on air. Who defiedregretted after beatings and forced to return home. asNO Raila NO peace spread.

But when Agwambo gave his word upon Bondo visit let go to school our children and every one must go work to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in Nyanza the word was a command to Luo Nyanza and children were in schools.

Raila extended his supreme wings to Western region when they endorsed him their elder during Vice President Musalia Mudavadi’s homecoming ceremony which he was the chief guest. Having admired the Luo man from Bondo, the Kikuyu also made him elder of Agikuyu. I dont want to audience with Coast and Rift-valley where he has won majority hearts.

Railas madness has taken a worry when a man at Kondele was beaten for wrapping beef in a paper with Railas picture


BOX 9117,


CELL-+254 720 76447


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