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Laura writes, Here is what I know about Barack Obama

Posted by African Press International on September 17, 2008

Here’s What I Know

Barack Obama’s paternal grandfather converted from Christianity to Islam while schooling in England and changed his given Kenyan Luo tribal name to Hussein Onyango Obama. Barack Obama’s father married his first Kenyan wife and fathered four children. They were never divorced. Obama Sr. moved to Hawaii for university schooling and although he was still married to his Kenyan wife, he fathered the son of Ann Dunham, Barack Hussein Obama II. Barack Obama Jr attended an Indonesian Islamic school from age 6 to 10 where he recited Islamic prayer and was taught how to read by using the Koran.

Barack Obama’s father is from the Luo tribe, the same Kenyan tribe as Raila Odinga, the current Prime Minister of Kenya. Odinga was appointed to office due to a violent uprising after unfounded accusations of corruption in the Presidential election in December 2007. There is some evidence the slaying of 1500 Kenyan Christians (who supported incumbent President Mwai Kibaki) was sanctioned by Odinga himself. While it does not appear Senator Obama is a blood relative of PM Odinga, Senator Obama’s campaign association with Odinga should not be viewed as a positive element to his campaign for US President.

Barack Obama gained access to the US Senate seat for Illinois due to the release of sealed divorce documents of his Republican opposer Jack Ryan. Mr Ryan withdrew from the race to fill the senate seat previously occupied by two term Republican Peter Fitzgerald when the divorce documents revealed Mr Ryan had a sexual addiction that led to the divorce. For several months, Mr Obama ran for senator unopposed and worked to persuade Republican voters to elect him to office. Senator Obama was elected by 70% majority to the US Senate where he has served a scant 3 years.

Although America was star-struck by Senator Obama’s dynamic speech delivery early in the race for President, the winds of “change” have swept in and Americans are becoming educated about this man who appeared out of nowhere to claim the Democratic nomination for President.

For those who will hear, be warned this man is not who is presented to be. He is a charlatan and a puppet, but for what purpose has yet to be seen.


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