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Kibaki sacking Mwatela: She was defiant and that cost her the Central Bank and the PS job

Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

News privy to API confirm that Mwatela has been sacked! Defying the president causes Mwatela to lose her job in the Central Bank. The PS job she had been given now goes as well. One does not defy the President the way she did by going public and using the media to fight the president’s spokesman who is serving the president as directed.

The reason why Mwatela became big headed is because she has been left to be in the Central Bank for too long and she has been eyeing the Governorship at all times.

Her being ssend packing now is of her own making. (API)

Defiant Mwatela faces the sack


President Mwai Kibaki is likely to sack abrasive Central Bank Deputy Governor Jacinta Mwatela over alleged insubordination, according to a Harambee House official.

The official said the President is furious and is regarding Mrs Mwatelas refusal to move to the ministry of Northern Kenya Development and Arid Areas as insubordination.

The transfer has become murky with Mrs Mwatela, who has a reputation for being honest but headstrong, claiming that she was being moved because she had refused to sanction a corrupt currency printing deal.

On Saturday, the government was also furiously briefing the media against her, accusing her of bringing the operations of the Central Bank to a near-halt by being obstructionist.

The official, who did not want to be named discussing State House matters, said the President was also disappointed that Mrs Mwatela had taken her grievances to the Press.

The official said the President will likely revoke the appointment she never took and the one she now holds. But lawyers, among them Cabinet minister Mutula Kilonzo, said that the government was breaking the law with impunity in moving Mrs Mwatela to the new job as permanent secretary.

On Saturday, the government issued a statement through spokesman Alfred Mutua saying that the deputy governor of the Central Bank does not enjoy security of tenure.

The government wishes to clarify that contrary to some media reports, the position of deputy governor of the Central Bank of Kenya does not enjoy security of tenure, Dr Mutua said in a statement posted on public communications website.

Public service

Dr Mutua said people employed in the public service can be removed or deployed to various offices in the public sector, an indication that the government was keen on transferring Mrs Mwatela.

Mr Kilonzo said as deputy governor, Mrs Mwatela was protected in that position by the law.

She enjoys protection of the law; if she left that office shed be violating the provisions of the Central Bank Act, said Mr Kilonzo. Shes dead right.

The government source said under public service regulations and code of conduct, every civil servant declares readiness to serve anywhere and any part of the country to deliver services to Kenyans.

State House is said to be unhappy with Mrs Mwatelas move to engage Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura who notified her of her appointment as PS in the media.

Once employed as a civil servant you should be ready to serve in any capacity, anywhere in the country. You are not supposed to enter politics or hold press conferences, the source said.

Mr Kilonzo, however, said the deputy governors position is created by law and that Mrs Mwatela had not willingly volunteered to leave nor procedure to remove her followed. Mr Kilonzo likened Mrs Mwatelas situation to the removal of former CBK governor Andrew Mullei.

Central Bank is a very important institution. The position of deputy governor is more important than that of a PS because CBK takes care of the fiscal and monetary well-being of the country, he told the Sunday Nation on the phone.

Security of tenure

Safina party leader Paul Muite said Parliament gave the deputy governors office security of tenure in recognition that there will be conflict between government and CBK in as far as fiscal and monetary matters are concerned.

The law requires that the interpreter looks at the wording and the objective of the law, Mr Muite said.

The CBK Act states about the position of deputy governor thus: There shall be a deputy governor who shall be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the minister and who shall hold office for a term of four years, but shall be eligible for reappointment for one further term.

It adds that the board shall consist of a governor, (who shall be the chairman), a deputy governor (deputy chairman), Finance PS and five other non-executive directors.

The law says the governor, deputy governor and the directors shall be appointed by the President and hold office for four years each but shall be eligible for re-appointment. No governor, deputy governor or director is to hold office for more than two terms.

The President has powers to terminate appointment of a governor, deputy governor or a director who is adjudged bankrupt or enters into a composition or scheme of arrangement with his creditors; is convicted of an offence involving dishonesty or fraud or moral turpitude (extreme immorality) or is adjudged or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind.

The officials could also be dismissed if absent, without the leave of the Board, from three consecutive meetings of the Board or becomes incapable or incompetent of properly performing the functions of his office.

Whereas the President must appoint a tribunal before removing the governor, the Act is quiet on the deputy. On Friday, Mrs Mwatela linked her removal to her refusal to authorise an illegal tender for the printing of new currency.

As the chairman of the CBK tender committee, Mrs Mwatela said she rejected instructions to order printing of new currency notes from De La Rue, arguing it was against procurement laws. The tender could have cost the country an extra Sh2 billion, she said.

She said CBK had signed another contract with De La Rue back in 2005 to print new generation currency notes and made a down-payment of $25 million for no reason.

The 2005 contract was cancelled due to alleged lack of storage space but the $25 million was not returned. Mrs Mwatela, the wife of Education assistant minister Calist Mwatela, has worked at the CBK since 1977.

Additional reporting by David Okwembah


Published by African Press International – API/ Source.


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Agreeing to work together for the benefit of the citizens: Zimbabwe rivals sign landmark power-sharing deal

Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe


The deal followed weeks of tense negotiations to end a deep political crisis compounded by the veteran leader’s disputed and unopposed re-election in a widely condemned vote in June. Under the agreement, Tsvangirai will become prime minister.

“This agreement sees the return of hope to all our lives,” Tsvangirai said after the signing ceremony.

Zimbabweans hope the agreement will be a first step in helping to rescue the once prosperous nation from economic collapse.

Inflation has rocketed to over 11 million percent and millions have fled to neighbouring southern African countries.

Cheers greeted the signing of the deal at a Harare hotel by Mugabe, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara, who leads a breakaway faction of the main opposition party.

The three smiling Zimbabwean leaders exchanged copies of the agreement and shook hands in front of South African President Thabo Mbeki, who brokered the deal, and other African leaders.

Mugabe, 84, made clear he would not tone down his attacks on Western countries such as former colonial power Britain. he accuses them of supporting the opposition to drive him from power.

“African problems must be solved by Africans…the problem we have had is a problem that has been created by former colonial powers,” Mugabe said after the signing ceremony as Tsvangirai looked uncomfortable.

Western countries watchful

Western countries are still keen to see how the deal works in practice but the European Union said on Monday it stood ready to bring aid to Zimbabwe if the new government took measures to restore democracy and the rule of law.

Under the deal agreed last week, Tsvangirai will become prime minister and chair a council of ministers supervising the cabinet. Mugabe, who has ruled since independence from Britain in 1980, will remain president and head the cabinet.

The deal is expected to split control of the powerful security forces that have been key backers of Mugabe.

The president, a former guerrilla commander, is likely to keep command of Zimbabwe’s strong army, but the MDC wants to run the police force. Mugabe’s ZANU-PF will have 15 cabinet seats, Tsvangirai’s MDC 13 and a splinter MDC faction three seats.

Analysts say the power-sharing deal is shaky and will require former enemies to put aside their differences and work closely to overcome scepticism, especially from Western powers whose financial support will be vital for recovery.

“The EU is ready notably to adopt a series of measures of economic support and help to a transition government that took measures to restore democracy and rule of law in Zimbabwe, notably by organising transparent and pluralistic elections,” EU foreign ministers said in a joint statement.

ZANU-PF and MDC negotiators met early on Monday to allocate the 31 ministries. Names of the ministers are likely to be announced later in the week, a government official said.

There would also be a national security council, replacing a joint operations command of security service chiefs. The opposition says they were instrumental in organising a violent campaign that intimidated the opposition into standing down for the second round presidential election, allowing Mugabe to return to power.



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Raila decrees circumscision in Nyanza – Kenya

Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

Circumcision to be voluntary, says PM

Written By:PMPS

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said the Luo community would adopt medical male circumcision if scientific evidence proved it could help reduce the spread of HIV/Aids.

The Prime Minister said if adopted on 22nd September 2008, the rite would be voluntary and told the community that culture was a facet of life that must continue to grow.

“The community’s circumcision rite involved the removal of teeth but this is now outdated”, the PM told the large crowd.

He was speaking to hundreds of local residents when he attended the Nyakach Cultural and Development Day at Apondo Kasae Primary School on Friday.

The PM who toured various stalls decorated mainly with an assortment of development cultural artifacts urged the crowd to endorse the new constitution which he said was now a priority and would be a major way to spearhead the country’s developmental goals.

He said although residents of Nyakach had initially resisted the Sondu-Miriu Hydro-electric project, its benefits were already being felt and that this would be expanded to rural electrification, irrigation and fish farming.

“Every home in Nyakach must get electricity which is produced locally”.

The PM said Ken-Gen has agreed to mine water worth Kshs 100 million for irrigation in the area.

The PM who was accompanied by MPs Magwanga, James Rege, Ayiecho Olweny, Fred Outa, among others gave a detailed history of the origin of the community and told the meeting that it recognized only one ker (leader) of the community Riaga Ogalo.

The PM had earlier told Nyakach leaders that issues regarding the formation of a district should be deferred to allow them to concentrate on development, once again reiterated that teachers and members of the judiciary must sign performance contracts.

He said serious action would be taken against students who burnt schools.

The ODM MPs earlier said the grand opposition was misplaced and would be defeated in Parliament since the backbenchers were already doing a good job to check the Government.

The PM toured stalls where Luo traditional foods were displayed alongside an array of other cultural regalia.

The colorful ceremony attended by locals dressed in varied traditional gear who also lined up numerous cultural dances and songs with local schools performing verses, reading poems and reciting choral presentations.

One of the objectives of the festival was to find ways in which the community can use its rich cultural heritage to foster development in the region, which has been neglected for over forty years.

Residents began attending the show as early as 8.00 a.m.

This was the sixth such event and is likely to replicated all over the province.

The PM also toured the Sondu Miriu Base Camp where he was conducted round by the managing Director Eddy Njoroge.



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Mbeki to travels to Zimbabwe, Sudan on Monday

Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

President Thabo Mbeki will be in Zimbabwe on Monday to witness the signing of a power-sharing agreement and later fly to Sudan where he will be briefed by Omar El Bashir on the peace and security issues in the country.

Foreign affairs department spokesman, Ronnie Mamoepa said the South African government has noted that while the signing ceremony in Zimbabwe was cause for celebrations, “we remain all too aware that this historic milestone constitutes but the end of the beginning. Africa has once more demonstrated its capacity to solve its problems.”

Mamoepa said once in Sudan, Mbeki would consult with political leadership in both the North and South, including the vice president (and president of South Sudan) Salva Kiir.

South Africa is the current chair of the African Unions post-conflict and reconstruction of the Sudan and Mbekis visit would be an opportunity to assess progress made on this front.



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Somali insurgents kill AU peacekeeper, injure 2

Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

An African Union peacekeeper was killed and two others wounded in Mogadishu on Sunday, when their convoy came under attack by unknown gunmen, Officials have confirmed.

Some of the injured are Ugandan during the attack which lasted “a very short time, the African Union spokesman Bridgye Bahuku said without mentioning the deceaseds nationality.

The routine convoy came under attack by small arms from a rooftop of civilian buildings along the road between KM4 and the airport, close to the UNDP compound, Bridgye Bahuku explained.

He said the attackers managed to escape “because our troops reacted very professionally by not firing back at the civilian housing.

Eight peace-keepers have been killed and several wounded in Mogadishu since the African Uniion mission was deployed in Somalia about a year and half ago.



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Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

Mozambiques President Armando Guebuza will on Monday attend Zimbabwes signing ceremomy of a power-sharing deal of an all inclusive Government of National Unity involving Zanu-PF and the two oppositon formations of the Movement for Democratic Change, sources said Sunday.

Guebuza is among several African leaders that have been invited to witness the historic signing ceremony following an agreement on Thursday between President Robert Mugabe and the opposition leaders.

The historic pact heralds a fresh era of massive economic growth and stability following almost a decade of economic meltdown due to a political impasse and sanctions imposed on Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF.

Zimbabweans are desperate for an end to a crisis that has destroyed the economy, saddling the once-prosperous country with the worlds highest rate of hyper-inflation and sending millions of refugees into neighbouring countries.



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A family tragedy – A true story that sends a chill down the spine

Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

When a suitors sweetest moment turned sour

By Vincent Bartoo

When Mark Kipyego Sugut, 32, sent his relatives to represent him in dowry negotiations, nothing had prepared him for tragedy.

Sugut asked his mother, Milka Chesumei, to lead an engagement party of nine to Mihu, Bungoma District, to seek fiance, Diana Khairas hand in marriage.

Sugut, who is from a humble family, stayed home, as the dowry costs would have been higher if he was present during the negotiations.

“According to the customs of my fiances Tachoni community, I would have been compelled to give more in dowry if I was there,” he said.

The customs, however, allow relatives to represent the suitor.

Mr Mark Sugut with his relatives at his mothers grave.


It was Tuesday, September 2, when Suguts mother, his brother, Daniel Kogo and his wife, Rosebella, and two sisters, Salina Tuwei and Rael Chepkemoi, prepared for the big day. They were joined by Suguts five neighbours whose assistance Sugut had sought to help the family in the dowry negotiations.

“Since we did not have money to hire a vehicle, we escorted them to the main Eldoret-Webuye highway to board a bus to Bungoma,” said Sugut.

Sugut and his younger sister, Hellen Rotich, stayed home praying for good news of fruitful negotiations between the two families.

“I communicated with them on their mobile phones, to find out if they had arrived well and on time,” says Sugut.

The engagement party arrived safely at Mihu and got down to the business of the day.

We have a wife

“I called again at about 2pm and my mother told me they were concluding the talks,” he says.

He went on: “At 5pm, I called again and my mother was so overjoyed. She told me they had found a wife for me. I was so happy.”

Because it was late, Suguts in-laws asked two of their family members to escort the engagement party back home.

“When they got to Webuye, they called me to say there were no buses heading to Eldoret as it was late,” says Sugut.

But the 11 members of the engagement party caught the eye of a matatu crew, which offered to transport them although they had concluded the days business.

They boarded the vehicle and called Sugut to say they had been lucky to get a matatu.

“They asked us to meet them at a junction on the Webuye-Eldoret highway since they would arrive around 8pm,” says Sugut.

Sugut and his sister, Hellen, waited in vain for the party and at 8pm, they got apprehensive and decided to call.

After making frantic calls without response, Sugut started suspecting something was amiss.

“I informed families of the neighbours who had accompanied my family,” he said.

They would, however, receive a chilling telephone call from a Good Samaritan who broke the distressing news that the engagement party had been involved in a serious accident.

voice of the caller

“I was shocked. My knees weakened and I almost collapsed,” says a distraught Sugut who pauses as if hearing the voice of the caller being replayed.

Accompanied by his uncles, Sugut hitched a ride to the accident spot.

“I did not know what to expect. I was anxious and at the same time afraid of what lay ahead,” he said.

But on arrival, Sugut and his uncles were met with the devastating reality that only his sister, Rael, had survived the accident.

The accident occurred near Kaburengu trading centre, a few kilometres from Webuye town.

Bungoma OCPD Maurice Matano blamed a stalled tractor, which had been abandoned on the road, for the accident.

The public transport vehicle Suguts relatives were travelling in, tried to avoid hitting the stationery tractor before it collided head on with an oncoming matatu.

With tears filling his eyes, Sugut painfully says he is yet to come to terms with the tragedy that befell him on a day he was supposed to be celebrating.

The driver of the tractor, the OCPD said, did not put any sign on the road to warn other motorists of a stalled vehicle ahead.

Matano also said the two matatus involved in the accident could have been over speeding judging from the mangled wreckage of the vehicles.

He said five men and eight women died on the spot. Two other victims, a man and a woman, died as doctors at the Webuye hospital attended to them.

With tears filling his eyes, Sugut painfully says he is yet to come to terms with the tragedy that befell him on a day he was supposed to be celebrating.

“I have lost my mother who was the sole bread winner of the family. My brother and his wife who perished have also left orphans,” he said.

Fresh grave

Sugut also said that following the tragedy; his fiance went into shock and was rushed to Lugulu Mission Hospital in Bungoma.

“It has been a trying time for me, making arrangements to bury those who perished and at the same time taking care of those in hospital,” he says.

The family, however, is grateful for the assistance by Mosop MP David Koech and Nandi North DC Fredrick Ndambuki, who came to their aid.

“The two organised a harambee that raised Sh400,000 and provided us with transport and food for the mourners,” Sugut says.

Staring at his mothers fresh grave, he adds: “Without their support, we would not have been able to foot the funeral expenses.”



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Circumscision becomes a thorny political issue and may infringe human rights

Posted by African Press International on September 15, 2008

Inaddition to financial support to Council Chairman Elder Riaga Ogallo and Leader Migosi Tobias Odongo ofTel. 254 722 925 064 and 254 728 635 612 respectively, and to objectively address these concerns effectively, lets extend to add Chris Owalla, Patrick Ochieng, Odhiambo of Komarocks, Robert Alai of 011 254 726 034 530 to attend as well – so Civil Society is broadly represented at the Consultative meeting for Circumcision in Kisumu. People, the list is open..
Kindly contact them independently and donate any amount you may wish so the diasporah are represented in proxy.
Thanks People,
I love you all.
Judy Miriga
To call for a consultative meeting for circumcision discussion was not necessary just too much for Luos, a slap on the face. Leaders should not stoop too low. This is how leaders loose trust and faith with their supporters.
I wish this effort and the available funds would be translated to fighting hunger campaignto reduce and eradicate state of abject poverty in the midst of Nyanzan community. Start small packaging industries for dried fruits and snacks, honey, vegetables, water and other minerals for overseas export market where there is a ready market for natural organic non toxic foods with an openingfor hugesupplyto meet surgingdemands. This will provide an immediate job creationfor the jobless members of the community in a short period of time.
e.g. Leaders too, especially the MPs should mobilize and utilize the readily available Constituency Development Fundsto organize District project programs for job creation
and project implementation as a start-up pilot scheme to improve lives of their constituents, and develop stimulative structures for investments to boost economic future prospects.
Political Leadersshould form Official Working Team elected from District Level.This does not need central Governmentsintervention.There is no time to waste in petty unproductive and unwarranted costly meetings like that of the Consultative Meeting for Circumcision of Luos.
Old Fashioned or Not, Luo men have kept themselves whole over the years -a state which in decades havemade woman feelsatisfied and complete in their partnership with their male counterparts. We dont wantto create situation avenue for homosexualism and lesbianism by destroying the perfect linkage bond and commitment of Gods purpose for creation between a man and a woman in the lasting institution of marriage. Lets focus on a much bigger picture of Peoples-Driven Demands.
With the coming call, we suspect witch hunting, we see a situation where Nyanza People are going to be Up-For-Grubs in a chase hunt with Power Agents messengers.Could there be a deal (some of us dont know) of some sort of lucrative business of selling the blood of Nyanza Communityor possible human organs? Good People,Dont be fooled and Dont let that happen. This call is provocative.If the meeting must take place, let people attend and may the leaders of Nyanza as a whole divertcourse and utilize the called meeting to boost for their advantages as well as those of their electorates. Let it be a win win situation forum people.that which will generate peaceful happy dialogue to evade conflict and confrontation -a conducive environment for the target messenger. Its tricky, dont give in
to mouse trap.
I love you all.
Judy Miriga
NB: Please see the attachments here under, they may through some more lights and concerns.
National News

PM acts on thorny cut issue
Updated on: Sunday, September 14, 2008
Story by: By FREDRICK ODIERO and

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has announced a major consultative forum in Nyanza to deliberate on the controversial male circumcision that has been recommended by experts as a means of reducing HIV infection. The meeting in two weeks time in Kisumu to discuss the controversial male circumcision in Luo Nyanza will involve all the stakeholders. Raila said the meeting will be attended by the Council of Elders, youths and medical experts to deliberate on the issue.
He said the medical experts will present the scientific evidence that a male circumcised is less prone to attracting HIV/Aids. He said the issue has been blown out of proportion for no apparent reason noting that the meeting will come up with a way forward. Speaking in Nyakach Constituency during their cultural festival, Raila however said the exercise is voluntary and nobody will be forced to face the cut. He said people who are forcing others to go for the cut will be arrested.
Raila told the Luo community that culture is not static but dynamic and urged the community to retain good culture but discard detrimental ones. Meanwhile, the PM has reiterated that teachers must sign performance contracts for effectiveness. Raila said teachers are just like other workers in the country who have signed the performance contact. He said teachers will not be intimidated and urged them to embrace performance contracting.
He said promotion of teachers will be pegged on their performance. Speaking in Nyakach during a cultural festival, Raila warned students violence in schools. He urged teachers to dialogue with students to prevent cases of unrest that have rocked most schools in the country of late. Meanwhile, Raila was yesterday asked to allow democracy to prevail in the Orange Democratic Movement by letting the pro-Grand Coalition Opposition government by crusaders champion their cause.
A section of leaders from Kisii led by Dr Rashid Minyonga told party Members of Parliament championing for the formation of the opposition in Parliament not to be cowed by Railas stand because many Kenyans were behind them. Dr Minyonga said the days of party dictatorship were long gone. He urged Raila to support democracy because he, too, made his career in the opposition benches.
Speaking to reporters in Kisii town, Dr Minyonga said opposition in Parliament was crucial for the sake of checks and balances and anybody out to oppose this would be treated as an enemy of the common man. Dr Minyonga who contested the South Mugirango Parliamentary seat but lost to Omingo Magara accused those opposed to the formation of opposition in Parliament of trying to take the country back to the era of one party state in the process reverse the democratic gains made so far. Meanwhile, Dr Minyonga has dismissed those criticizing Constitutional and Justice Minister Martha Karua over her declaration that she would seek the Presidency in 2012 He defended Karua saying that she was within her democratic right to declare her candidature for the top seat in the next election.
Meanwhile all luos living in diaspora or at homeland who are oppose to
this barbaric and disrespectful political policy and would like to support
the campaign against LUO FORESKIN CHOPPING can reach the office of Luo
Counsel of Elders at 254 722 925 064 or reach the youth leader Migosi
Odongo at 254 728 635 612

Published by African Press International – api

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