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Ivorian PM appeals to demobilized combatants for calm

Posted by African Press International on August 29, 2008

The Prime Minister of Cote dIvoire, Guillaume Soro, through his spokesperson, the Tourism and Craft Industry minister Sidiki Konate, called on the demobilized combatants for “dialogue and appeasement.

“As the president of the republic is out of the country, it is the Prime Minister who is acting on his behalf. Thats why he cannot be in Bouake, but he will come and speak to the people of Bouake,” Konate said during a mass meeting intended to support the actions of Prime Minister Soro.

“He gave us two messages. We all know how much the role of the population is important in the struggle of the New Forces (FN-former rebel group). The FN rests on four important pillars,” he revealed.

“The first one is its army, its soldiers. The second is its political and administrative wing. The third one is no doubt you, the population. Finally the fourth one is the FN general secretary,” the FN spokesperson said during this ceremony.

The problems were presented, Sidiki Konate continued, “we certainly deplore the drifts that happened, but we had time to talk to the youth, Corporal Diaby and his comrades. We are convinced that if they were to do the same thing again, there are remarks they will not make. “

Some demobilized troops, demanding their demobilization allowance of CFA 5 million each, organised a violent protest in Bouake last week.



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