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Ghana: Nkrumah’s daughter elected

Posted by African Press International on August 29, 2008

Accra (Ghana) – Ms. Samia Nkrumah, the daughter of the first President of Ghana, was over the weekend elected by the CPP delegates in the Jomoro constituency as the parliamentary candidate for the December polls, sending shivers down the spine of incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP, Hon. Lee Ocran, and ending the widespread speculation that she was considering the option of taking on Hon. Freddie Blay at his Ellembele constituency.

When the First Deputy Speaker of parliament, Hon. Freddie Blay made his infamous Aiyinase declaration, the reaction of the CPP was that if he was found guilty of the act, he would be expelled from the party. Speculations were rife that Samia was going to contest the Ellembele seat, where her father’s hometown is, and end Blay’s dream of retaining the seat. But it was not to be.

Ms. Samia Nkrumah contested against Madam Edna Anglo, an educationist, and had a landslide victory by polling 70 votes as against 7 votes by her competitor. Hon. Lee Ocran, reacting to Samia’s candidature on Citi FM, an Accra based radio station, said ‘I would not be bragging if I say that I have done more for this constituency than what her father did’.

This statement, made by the incumbent MP has enraged the residents of Jomorro constituency, wondering why Hon. Ocran will throw such invectives at the Osagyefo himself, considering his huge stature and rated world wide as the greatest African that ever lived, surpassing even Nelson Mandela.

But it is unlikely that the younger brother of Samia, Mr. Sekou Nkrumah, can avert the coming annihilation of the MP, who has worked tirelessly to keep his constituents happy and known to be vocal in the House of Parliament. Like taboo words, those utterances by Lee Ocran amounted to sacrilege in these parts of the Western region, that is to take Nkrumah’s name in vain.

Indications are that the 64year old NDC strongman had tried in vain to plead with Samia to return to Italy, where she has spent the better part of her adult life. Ocran gave Samia the option of going back to Italy or to Nkroful, her father’s hometown, but not to vie in Jomorro.

As quickly as he said these words against Samia, Lee Ocran was pelted by people who heard those words on air. When The Chronicle contacted him, he had become sober enough. He refused to talk on the issue again, and conceded that Samia is a Ghanaian, and could not be stopped from contesting the elections.


API/source.Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana), by Zam R. Samin

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