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African Taekwondo Union boss hails African participation

Posted by African Press International on August 23, 2008

The chairman of the African Taekwondo Union, General Fouly of Egypt on Friday expressed his pride over the performance of African taekwondo athletes in the Beijing Olympics.

“I am very proud of the African taekwondo athletes that comprise twelve representatives to the Beijing Olympics. Long ago, we did not have this large number of athletes”, he said.

Besides the number of athletes, we must also acknowledge the shooters good performance over the years, especially in these Olympics, he added.

He attributed this performance to the good organization of federations, as well as the involvement of all bodies for the advancement of taekwondo in Africa, and the good championship level that Africa hosts.

“Our athletes honoured us even if there has been not any medal yet after three days of competition. We must be patient and wait for the end of the competition which is set for Saturday,” he said.

“Despite this, African taekwondo has made enormous progress,” General Fouly said.



One Response to “African Taekwondo Union boss hails African participation”

  1. Hie there. Would you plz let us knw where there is taekwondo tournament where we can go and participate to qualify for the London 2012 Olympic Games? said

    2012 London Olympic Games qualification


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