By David Dimba
I must let the world know, as a matter of surprise, that assassin or people with ulterior motives broke into my house in Satellite last Friday night, in fact after 2.30 am Saturday and ransacked the households including documents and left with only my small loaded Kodak still camera and my military cap which I bought in a military shop in Milwaukee, USA.
After alerting the neighbours, a number of theories were advanced, ranging from people who might have been on a mission to take away my life but never found me indoor, to those who wanted to snatch away any manuscripts that I may have been working on following the media interview which revealed that I was working on a book titled Honesty is the Worst Policy in Politics in order to see the content.
They also made away with my small radio set, leaving behind other valuable items worth a thiefs appetite like a Mountain bike for my children which was hanging on the wall, a wall clock and other valuable households thieves would not leave behind.
I did not go back to the house that evening as I went with a friend to his house in Eastlands and spent there. The following morning I went to the city centre from Eastlands and embarked on my usual days businesses in Nairobi but left for the house a bit early only to find that my door padlock was not hanging there and the door was shut but unlocked.
I got in, put on the light, though slightly shocked, and prayed as I usually do before settling down. Clearly, there was no serious evidence of theft but when a few seconds later I could not see my radio, I realised a few things could be missing.
I reported the matter to the local Satellite Police Station ( OB:42/10/8/08) and it might generate public interest somehow. However, I am not terrified at all.I believe the Lord is my shield and defender and in Him there is justice and favour.I live under the shadow of His mercy.
I hereby, I appeal to well wishes to come to my aid to finish writing this book which contents are mainly what I learnt from the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.
I am however determined that I will not die without putting up the thoughts that the late doyen of opposition inserted in me to the Kenyans and the world to know who this man was and what was his vision for Kenya before his death
The late Jaramogi legacy must be told, I was there when he had his last breathe under our longtime physicians Dr Odhiambo Olel. I remeber the last words of Dr Olel, Jakobuya Jaduong owewa
Once again appeal to Ya-Rachuonyo agog Luo to come to my support, I must not suffer in the hands of other communities as if I do not have any inheritage: AKWAYO YA KARACHUONYO MAN E DALA KA GI DIASPORA OYIE OKONYA AN E DHO ONDIEGI. JOTHURWA AN NE ACHIWA RA NE JARAMOGI NIKECH PINY, TO BENDE BER MONDO ASANDRA TO YAWA NITIERE. MOGIK KA ONEGA TO UNGEYO GIMA OMIYO.
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