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South Sudan missions abroad to enjoy full diplomatic status

Posted by African Press International on August 10, 2008

The Sudan government of national unity has granted the autonomous government of South Sudan the power to operate diplomatic liaison missions abroad who will also enjoy full diplomatic status as their colleagues in the unity government, APA has learnt.

The government of national unity, dominated by the National Congress Party of Omar al-Bashir has so far refused to recognize South Sudan diplomatic missions abroad.

Khartoum had insisted that Sudan would only to be represented by the diplomatic missions under the government of national unity, as South Sudan is not a separate country.

The recognition of the South Sudan diplomatic missions therefore came as a surprise to many people in the country as the government of national unity had vowed never to recognize such missions.

Dr Benjamin Barnaba, Minister of Regional Co-operation in the South Sudan government said that there had been a Memorandum of Understanding between the ministry and the government of national unitys ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a press statement issuedSaturday, Barnaba said that, It had been agreed that the government of South Sudans officers in the liaison offices abroad would now be given standard diplomatic status and privileges, including diplomatic immunity.

Barnaba said the names of the South Sudanese liaison staff will be added to the lists held by Sudanese embassies and they will be afforded equal treatment. They are directed to work hand in hand with Sudans ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel to develop cultural, trade and investment relations.



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