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Obama’s muslim roots may route him off the White House Lane

Posted by African Press International on August 10, 2008

Obama and his supporters are dead scared of this. They want the route to lead to the White House, but with his Muslim link from his father’s side, he may loose to get the top seat, many observers now say.

But why are Americans so scared to have a Muslim President? This may be seen as discriminatory if they do not vote Obama in simply because of his background. (API)

Obamas African link is as real or illusory as the Muslim connection

Otuma Ongalo

Ever since Barack Obama became a sensation in US politics, many individuals and nations have claimed links with him. Some of the relations border on absurdity, but it is the Muslim link that has been fought back with ferocity despite not being too farfetched.

The people of Ireland say OBama is one of them. They trace his ancestry to a shoemaker known as Fulmuth Kearney. The Scottish say Obama descended from William I of Scotland, who reigned from 1165 to 1214.

A Scottish scholar, Prof Ian McNeil, claims he spotted Obamas potential in 1980s at Harvard. He allegedly told his wife that his student would be Americas first black president.

Brazil, the country with the worlds largest population of African descendants, regards Obama as one of its own. Brazilians also cite a 1928 book The Black President which predicted a US election matching a black, a feminist and a conservative candidate (but in 2228).

The sleepy Japanese Western fishing city lays claim to Obama since it bears his name (or does he bear its name?). Baracks birthday, August 4, is Chopsticks Day in the city.

Indonesia says Obama is its son. This is the country where Obama was raised initially after his mother got married to Lolo Soetoro.

He will find himself at home in Malaysia since his half-sister, Maya Soetoros husband Konrad Ng, who was born in Canada, has his roots there and is also of Chinese ancestry.

The Obama link claim is endless. Even the high and mighty are associated with him. He is the 11th cousin to US Vice-President Dick Cheney through one Mareen Duval, a 17th Century French immigrant.

Americas President George Bush is not left out either. He is Obamas 11th cousin: they share the same great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.

His rival in the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, has the Obama link too. He is a distant cousin of Brad Pitt and Hillary is related to Pitts girlfriend, Angelina Jolie!

It has not been deemed necessary for Obama to ward off these claims imagined, ludicrous, associated or real the way the Muslim link has been dismissed.

“Obama never prayed in a mosque. He has never been a Muslim, was never raised a Muslim and is a committed Christian.” This website statement was issued during Democratic Party nomination campaigns.

Of course, an Islamic link is too devastating for anyone aspiring to ascend to top politics in America. The western media have repeatedly portrayed Islam as the religion of global terrorism.

But even with the presidential ambition at stake, Obamas past Islamic connection cannot be deleted from his unique multicultural history. His maternal grandfather was a Muslim, and so was his father, who later died an atheist. He may not have been a practising Muslim but this link makes him a Muslim just like his African or Kenyan link, although he has never been African or Kenyan.

Name Hussein is a taboo

Muslims believe anyone born to a line of Muslim males is a born Muslim, even if he is a non-practising one. It is the same belief with the Jews, but I doubt if Obama would be fervently fighting the Jewish link had it been part of his history.

His middle name, Hussein, is not only a taboo in American politics, but the media have also taken the cue worldwide.

Is Obama trying to hide a critical part of his history to clinch the White House ticket or is a history being imposed on him to deny him the White House dream?



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